Cena vs. Nexus

Since the feud seems to now be over with the “burial” of Wade Barrett at TLC, are there any thoughts overall on the feud as a whole?


  1. Bill Lesnar says:

    Bill lesnar has said most of what he has said in the TLC section. Cena was always going to come out on top, as the face finally beating the heel. Barrett came out better than J.B.L after he fueded with cena (2005) thats for sure. Cena will turn at Mania.

    As for what happens next.

    Bill lesnar can see Cena doing what HHH did in 2006 before the rumble, floating around not doing much, beating guys here and there, main eventing a raw in a tag match. Bill lesnar sees the same for Barrett, maybe a mini fued with gabriel or someone that should be face sooner or later. Possibly Truth (Bill lesnar hopes not), maybe a us title match at the rumble vs Bryan, whilst Bryan waits for Punk to return. If they go up 1st ala HBK vs Edge from a few years back, they can still enter the rumble.

    Bill lesnar sees this as a rumble card.

    Tag Titles, Santino & koslov vs ?????
    IC title, Zeke vs Swagger
    Miz vs Jomo
    Edge vs Delrio
    Divas match.

    So BilL lesnar really sees both guys floating around not doing much ( like Orton at the start of the year aswell. Barrett wont get depushed thats for sure.

    The fued delivered great moments, great matches, great promos, segments,Cathphrases etc. it was a success, big time. It was new, fresh and had never really been done before (it was way different to J.B.L vs HBK)

    Cean did his job, he put over the young star, gave him air time to use and gave him experience. Barrett has now worked with the top 2 guys in the business (who can say that?), and that must do wonders for his confidence. this is how you put a young guy into the ME, you pair him up with your biggest baby face and let the magic happen.

    As for the Cena Side of things, Bill lesnar thinks it worked. it let others chase the title for starters.

    The Fued gets an a, in Bill lesnars book. BilL lesnar can only wonder how it would have played out had it not been restricted by PG.

  2. Theo says:

    I enjoyed the Cena/Nexus feud and it definitely was the right ending at TLC. Cena got his revenge and took out every member of the Nexus just like he promised. Now onto what is next for the two. Cena doesn’t really have to jump into any feuds right now as the Royal Rumble is approaching and it is pretty likely that Cena will be in the Rumble match. As for Barrett and Nexus, who knows? Possibly tease a potential breakup with Otunga trying to create a schism. Maybe we see a split into two with Otunga heading one and Barrett the other. This could culminate with a Barrett/Otunga match at Mania. However it puts into question as to why they took out Taker. Maybe those questions will be answered soon.

  3. klunderbunker says:

    Hopefully it splinters up like the NWO should have. Minus the whole having 50 people in it though.

  4. Joe says:

    How would you handle the other members of Nexus

  5. klunderbunker says:

    “How would you handle the other members of Nexus”

    I would think you could easily slip some of them into the midcard. Tarver has no place there. Otunga could find something I think. Slater and Gabriel as a tag team. Sheffield easily has a place there, as does Barrett.

  6. Stormtrooper says:

    I see Nexus going 1 of 3 ways (yes, time for a Stormtrooper Numbered Post of Awesome).

    1. They start a breakup or a split with Barret and Otunga leading (as pretty much everyone said). I see this as the most logical, if only because all 5 were laid out by 1 man in 1 night. I know Cena is Superman and all, but 5 guys being dismantled by 1 person in 1 night will have a hard time being taken seriously again (unless they start becoming a midcard stable, which might be another good idea).

    2. They move to Smackdown, where they can start the whole (returning) Undertaker thing. There is unresolved issues there, unless they are answered by my 3rd idea.

    3. The person who orchestrated Nexus is revealed (after they got embarrassed, the “boss” reveals and re-energizes the group). That person is Triple H, who explains that he created Nexus to take out those who threaten his status of being the top guy in the company (Cena, Taker, Orton, and Vince so that he can run the company). This could lead to Taker coming back eventually (maybe even on RAW), and a Taker/HHH Mania match, or even Taker/Barrett.

    I would love to see Triple H come back for one last Heel run, and since there are very few Main Event Heels (Barrett, Miz, Sheamus), Trips coming back as one would make sense. And I don’t think it eliminates Barrett from the Title Scene. Barrett can still chase the Title here, because I can see Triple H go after the 2 super-top-guys (Cena/Taker), trying to surpass their legacies. Cena is this era’s Hogan, a level Trips would be logically be jealous of; while Taker is one of the most revered superstars of all time, causing more animosity.

  7. Bill Lesnar says:

    Bill lesnar cant see a future for any of the nexus baring Cena to be honest. Bill lesnar cant see them rebounding on raw thats for sure, given the way thye have been treated. Bill lesnar knows that Barrett is the guy Vince wanted to push, and the others were just there to back him up, when needed, and if he got injured…Otunga was there to cover. From the start these guys didnt have the personality in ring or out of the ring, and as singles guys noone gave a shit about them. Its Obvious Barrett will leave them, stuff will happen in the coming weeks, with more guys siding with Otunga, and at the rumble itslef Barrett will prob eliminate Otunga. As for Skip, Bill lesnar sadly thinks he will get the future endeavored slip when he returns.

    Bill lesnar thinks Vince can blamed in someways, for being too afraid of letting Cena being totally Vulnerable.

    But really, all these rookies baring Wade were never going to make it baring Wade. Crowd just doesnt give a shit about gabriel whether as a face or heel, and he is just to poor on the mic, he will be back in fcw in no time. Otunga, as Bill lesnar said had a role to further the character of Wade, and be there as the emergency if Wade got injured and to create tension in the nexus. The only reason, that Bill lesnar can see Vince keeping him around is his celeb status. Husky will from a tag team with his bro, and heath and Migillicutty have no future in this business what so ever.

    Make no mistake about, Bill Lesnar just said that the nexus is finished. Wade wasnt buried, but the others clearly were for various reasons. Otunga may be given an exist storyline but the others will just fade into obscurity. Bill lesnar justs aid Shit happens

  8. Numbers says:

    Vince will jump on Otunga for the celebrity links. I hope Slater and Gabriel have a future as they would be a boon to the tag division.

    Hennig Jr should have a future but maybe he needs more experience.

    Nexus was a great idea and I hope WWE learn to take risks like this in the future.

  9. Bill Lesnar says:

    Bill lesnar just said what do you see in Migillicutty?, Bill lesnar sees absolutely nothing in the guy.Hes a disgrace to the Hennig name. How can he be the son of such an amazing wrestler?

    look at this


    Bill lesnar just said hes the worst and most overacted guy to step in the squared circle for as long as Bil Lesnar can remember.

  10. Bill Lesnar says:

    Bill Lesnar just said this is really random, but hilarious


    KB, or others…thoughts?

  11. WWTNA says:

    KB, what do you expect to happen with Nexus? because TBH, they looked weak by Wade Barrett getting beat by John Cena.

  12. klunderbunker says:

    “KB, what do you expect to happen with Nexus? because TBH, they looked weak by Wade Barrett getting beat by John Cena.”

    They’ll probably start dying as they should. They’ve run their course and the story was starting to dry up a bit. Cena, their main adversary, defeated them. There’s no point to them being dominant now so they’ll slowly decline until they split, just as they should.

  13. WWTNA says:

    Well so much for Cena turning heel. lol People thought that Cena was going to turn heel at TLC by beating Wade Barrett and taking over Nexus which could’ve been a good idea but could you really picture WWWE turning there biggest heel Wade Barrett to a face let alone tweener?

  14. klunderbunker says:

    People need to let this Cena heel turn thing go. The people screaming for it will bitch about it when it happens anyway.

  15. FalKon says:

    There is no bones about it, this was the best feud of 2010 for the WWE. They took several basically unknown names from their feeder territory and pitted them against John Cena, the company’s biggest star… and they got over as big time heels. More importantly, most of the members stepped up their game and have pulled off their half of the bargain quite well. Look at the names the Nexus has produced:

    * Wade Barrett – Future World Champion (big time heel)
    * Daniel Bryan – Current U.S. Champion (best pure wrestler the company has)

    Skip Sheffield, Husky Harris, David Otunga, Justin Gabriel, Heath Slater… all have bright futures in the WWE because they have one specific talent that stands out other than their association from Nexus. Sheffield’s a beast, Otunga has celebrity status, Gabriel has excellent ring-work to be a mid-carder for life at the least and Harris/Slater are all-rounders.

    As for the rest/former members of the Nexus, I could possibly see something in store for the E, but unless they are stricken for talent I don’t know whether they’d be a good addition to the roster. Darren Young is useless, unless you get Percy Watson and create the South Beach Party Boys on the main roster for the tag team division. Tarver’s got mic skills but needs serious in-ring work. McGullicutty/Hennig has got the look of a wrestler and has skills in-ring… but please, give him the Kofi treatment and keep him away from a microphone. Out of three I mentioned here, he has the most chance of succeeding, but I’d probably send these three men to FCW for training on how not to suck at their areas of crapertise.

    Apart from talents, this whole adventure has taken over RAW’s scene to the point where the WWE championship was deemed as the second best thing on the show (unless Nexus/Cena was involved, of course). The only thing holding it up was that a white hot Randy Orton was involved and the Miz/Sheamus keeping him busy. People have been interested from the get go and really wanted the Nexus to die. At the TLC PPV, it happened and everyone enjoyed John Cena (a man usually hated) coming out on top. Whilst the fired angle could have dragged on a little longer, the entire angle from start to now (hopefully finish) was great. All that is left for the Nexus is to either:

    * Answer all unanswered questions such as “who is the higher power?” and “why the attack on Undertaker?” Since we haven’t, as casual fans, heard of these stories for a while they can always ignore they ever happened. Either way, after this… they need to do the second point.

    * Slowly disband then be drafted away from each other at different points on the card.

    I can see Wade Barrett’s future on SmackDown!, considering he hasn’t stepped a foot on the blue brand (as to what I remember) and has the chance to establish himself as a singles competitor with no help. I couldn’t tell you where any of the other guys could go, as both shows are suitable options. That, and I don’t care where they end up really.

  16. klunderbunker says:

    I’d love to see him on Smackdown instead of Raw. He could use a change of scenery since Nexus hasn’t had much influence there at all.