Tribute to the Troops 2010

Tribute to the Troops 2010
Date: December 22, 2010
Location: Fort Hood, Killeen, Texas
Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler

It’s the annual tradition and in this case it’s the two hour version rather than the one hour one that was shown on Saturday.  In other words, I know half of the show but not the rest of it, which I’ll throw in if I can.  There isn’t much to say about it but so far it’s the best one they’ve done.  Let’s get to it.

Expect a lot of “so and so says thanks to the troops” and “so and so performs” tonight.

We open with a clip of President Obama thanking the troops for what they’re doing.  He doesn’t actually mention WWE but the idea is there I guess.

We get a quick set of shots of WWE being there for the troops for years.

Battle Royal


Mark Henry, John Morrison, Ezekiel Jackson, Sheamus, Daniel Bryan, Chris Masters, Cody Rhodes, Vladimir Kozlov, Santino Marella, Michael McGillicutty, Husky Harris, Justin Gabriel, David Otunga, Heath Slater, Chavo Guerrero


The commentary is different here as they’re referencing TLC having already happened which hadn’t happened when this first aired.  This wasn’t on the first show.  They’re getting some big names in there at least.  Fifteen guys in there if you don’t want to count.  Everyone surrounds Nexus and the beating is on.  They’re all run off but not over the top rope so I guess they’re still in?

Sheamus puts out Masters but can’t get rid of Bryan.  Nexus is chilling out maxing relaxing all cool and all watching some wrestling out by the ring.  Chavo dumps Jackson which surprises me a bit so the ring is kind of empty without Nexus in there.  Cobra to everyone and it works on them all, cleaning the ring.  And then he goes after Sheamus like an idiot.

Sheamus and Henry have a standoff but HERE THEY COME!  I haven’t gotten to write that in a long time.  Everyone is still down from the Cobra of all things.  The tag champions go out as Nexus is cleaning house.  Chavo and Cody are out, leaving Morrison, Bryan, Sheamus and Henry against the black and yellow dudes.  They charge with Sheamus chilling in the corner.

Bryan beats up the Wendy’s chick/dude but everyone else has it 2-1.  Gabriel vs. Bryan makes the IWC orgasm just a bit but Bryan gets rid of Gabriel.  Sheamus kicks Bryan’s head off though and dumps him with ease.  Harris takes down Sheamus and the beatdown is on.  There goes Otunga as Morrison is doing most of the fighting.  Sheamus and Morrison start fighting but Morrison is finally put out by Nexus.

And then Henry awakens, throwing Slater over to leave him, McGillicutty, Harris and Sheamus.  Henry beats the tar out of the Nexus guys and throws out Hennig’s son.  There goes IRS’ son as well, leaving us with Henry vs. Sheamus.  The very white guy beats down Henry for a bit until the POWER OF TEXAS wakes Henry up.  In a very impressive display of strength, Henry gorilla presses Sheamus over the top with relative ease.  That was scary.

Rating: B-. Battle royals are really hard to grade but this one definitely was good stuff.  Nexus trying to be all sneaky fit really well and having the hometown guy winning was a good thing to do here.  It’s not like it changes anything so I can’t complain here at all.  Better battle royal than most for sure.

Taylor Swift loves the troops.

The Bellas love the troops and are very hot.

Diddy Dirty Money performs I’ll Be Missing You.

After a break, Miss USA is introducing the next match.

Kofi Kingston/Big Show vs. Jack Swagger/Dolph Ziggler


No Vickie this time.  This was on the first show.  Dolph vs. Show to start us off here.  Show stands on his ribs and I think the champion is about to cry.  Kofi in now and he and Ziggler do their usual good stuff.  King talks about the morale people and gets in a Craig Pittman line: beatings will continue until morale improves.

After Swagger interferes a bit, Kofi gets a SLICK counter of the Fameasser into a powerbomb.  Semi-hot tag to Show who gets a sidekick to take down Swagger.  He cleans house and Ziggler is thrown into the air.  Kofi gets a cross body to put both he and Ziggler on the floor.  The chokeslam to Swagger ends this totally clean.

Rating: C. This was fine.  It wasn’t anywhere close to the regular tag matches they’ve been having on Smackdown lately but that’s not the point.  This was about giving the fans a quick thrill and having Show out there winning is always good as he’s freaking huge which is a treat for the fans.  Nothing great, but this was fine.

Trace Adkins performs.

R-Truth vs. Ted DiBiase


Not on the first show.  Truth jumps him to start as this is looking one sided so far.  This is probably Truth’s last TV appearance for a long while given his recent health issues.  Both guys go down off a double clothesline as I think this is going to go fast.  Maryse gets on the apron, Eve pulls her down, Dream Street is countered, Axe Kick ends it.  This was nothing.

Bella Twins/Natalya/Kelly Kelly vs. Alicia Fox/Melina/Laycool


Not on the first show either.  Yep the evil ones are definitely hotter.  They’re all in Santa outfits of course.  Alicia vs. a Bella starts us off and Cole thinks it’s Nikki.  Since Cole is a very stupid man we’ll call her Brie.  Melina is working as a heel here to play up the whole turn on Raw two days ago.  Kelly comes in and we get the headscissors to show off the underwear under her skirt.  She beats the tar out of Michelle before Layla saves.  Everyone gets in until Kelly hits K2 to beat Michelle.  Another nothing match.

The cast of 30 Rock loves the troops.

Back from a break we see Sherri Sheppard throwing shirts and DVDs out to the troops earlier along with Horny.

George W. Bush thanks the troops.

Diddy Dirty Money performs Coming Home which makes sense at least.  The chorus of that is actually pretty awesome.

Lindsay Vonn (Olympic skier) loves the troops.

We get an arm wrestling contest between the commander of the base who is rather wrinkly and he gets…..Kane.  Oh dear.  The commander whose name is Grimsley gives Kane a chance to back out.  Grimsley gets an advantage early on but here comes Kane.  The soldiers are of course behind their boss.  Edge’s music hits and the distraction lets the General get the win.  Nicely done.  Spear puts Kane on the floor and Edge shakes the General’s hand.  Not on the original show.

Earlier today Cedric the Entertainer came out and did a short routine.  It looked like they clipped a bit of it so maybe it was longer.  That would make some more sense.

Jimmy Fallon loves the troops.  He tells some horrible jokes until Miz pops up behind him and slams him to a big pop.  Funny stuff.

Adkins performs Whup a Man.  There’s a line in there that says something about you should whip a man if he cusses out a kid.  After the song his 9 year old daughter comes out and it’s supposed to be a big emotional moment.  Bit contradictory there isn’t it?  The second of each performances were on the Saturday show.

The military chief of staff says basic stuff.

John Cena/Rey Mysterio/Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio/Wade Barrett/The Miz


Del Rio has the whole car thing here.  This was on the Saturday show too.  ERUPTION for Cena.  Before we go to break, the cast of the Today Show loves the troops.  Miz vs. Cena to start which I have a feeling might be Wrestlemania.  Off the Barrett and Orton and you can feel the interesting part of the show dying away almost instantly with those two fighting.  Orton gets the elevated DDT to take over but can’t get the RKO.

Rey comes in and things speed up as he hits a Seated Senton to Miz for two.  Riley hooks Rey’s foot though and here come the evildoers as we take a break.  Back with Barrett hitting a backbreaker on Rey for two.  Off to Alberto who tries a sunset flip and gets kicked in the head.  Again, that always works if you just give it a try.  Rey reverses a top rope suplex and gets a top rope cross body.

Hot tag to Cena and Alberto no puede ver Cena.  Everything falls apart and Orton gets the Angle Slam to Miz.  Riley pulls him out before the RKO can hit.  Barrett takes a backbreaker and it’s 1238 time to Alberto and Barrett.  FU to Del Rio and RKO to Barrett with Del Rio getting pinned to end this.

Rating: C. This was what it was.  There’s nothing special about it at all and there isn’t supposed to be.  As King says, this is about putting smiles on the faces of the troops.  There was nothing special here but there wasn’t supposed to be.  The ending was IDENTICAL to the ending of the 2008 show which was kind of cool.  Nothing terrible at all and it did its job.

Overall Rating: A. This was by far the best of these shows ever as it felt like a combination of a USO show and the Tribute to the Troops.  It was fun and the two hours flew by to say the least.  The wrestling isn’t the point here but it certainly worked.  Very fun show to say the least and it definitely did its job very well.  Very good show to cap off a very good week for WWE.

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