NXT – December 28, 2010

Date: December 28, 2010
Location: Blue Cross Arena, Rochester, New York
Commentators: Todd Grisham, Josh Matthews

It’s week four and after last week’s rather disappointing show (which granted may have been due to there being three straight hours and NXT was the final one) this needs to be a bit better.  The first elimination is next week which should help things along a bit.  Show is starting now so let’s get to it.

Johnny Curtis vs. Dolph Ziggler


Ah good I was thinking he was fighting Novak again.  Truth is back after being in rather bad health recently.  Dolph pounds him down in the corner.  He has DZ on his tights now.  Curtis tries to speed things up but runs into an elbow.  Novak is getting too close to Vickie for Dolph’s tastes.

Curtis fights back for a bit but runs into a neckbreaker.  They’re talking about the runtime of the show as it’s apparent that not a lot of people care about this show, including the announcers.  Curtis hits a discus lariat to put down Ziggler and a backdrop has the champion in trouble.  He goes for his guillotine legdrop which would have missed by two feet even if Ziggler hadn’t rolled out of the way.  Zig Zag ends this at 4:45.

Rating: C-. Not bad with Ziggler looking like he was rarely in trouble.  They need to have a rookie win here eventually or these matches are rather pointless.  Of course Curtis can’t beat Ziggler yet.  We know that, so do we really need a match to tell us that again?  I’m not sure I get the logic here.

Ad for the Heenan DVD which might break my streak of not buying WWE releases.

Derrick Bateman vs. Conor O’Brien


Hey it’s Rat Boy!  My stream went out for a bit before the beginning of this so I’m not entirely sure on the time.  Kofi is here in Bryan’s place as he’s at the house show scheduled for the same night as this broadcast.  Granted no one but all of five people watch this show anyway so it’s not like it matters.  Bateman controls for the most part here.  Swinging neckbreaker gets a very long two.

Grisham picks Saxton to win the competition.  And never mind as a full nelson slam ends this with O’Brien getting the win after about 1:40 that I could see.  Not enough to grade and I didn’t see all of it anyway.

DiBiase and Maryse are talking about something involving spending $20,000 in one store.  Brodus says that DiBiase is everything Brodus wants to be.  The argument continues as we go to what passes for a commercial here.

Time for the Power of the Punch challenge which I think you remember.  You hit the bag and high score wins.  This is for two points and if you break the all time NXT record that Alex Riley set you get an extra point.  Bateman gets 750 to start.  Curtis hits 814 and the record is 819 apparently.  Saxton hits 629 or something like that.

O’Brien says he’s going to knock a hole in it like Swiss cheese.  I hate this guy and he gets the lowest score so far.  Novak does a bit better and hits 720.  Ziggler rips into him a bit.  Clay is up next and this could be hilarious.  Fans are WAY into him actually.  There must be something to the technique here as he gets under 640, giving Curtis the two immunity points.

Byron Saxton vs. Ted DiBiase


DiBiase outmaneuvers him to start and then the opposite happens immediately thereafter.  Saxton and Clay are the best two out there with Bateman being third.  After that though, the rest are all just there and that’s the issue with this season.  Even those three aren’t guys I’d be particularly interested in seeing in WWE.  Beautiful dropkick by DIBiase gets two.

Chinlock goes on and Grisham says this might be a tap out.  Saxton fights out of it and gets a sunset flip for a very close two.  They head to the floor with Saxton on his own out there now.  Brodus teases running through him, Masters says don’t do it, Clay does it anyway for the DQ at 6:45.  Post match DiBiase yells at Clay and has Maryse slap him.  Nothing from Clay though.

Rating: C-. Again not a bad match, but the ending to it left a good bit to be desired.  I do not care about most of these guys for the most part and it seems that most of the other people I’ve heard from don’t either.  Not a bad match like I said, but still nothing worth sitting through at all.

Raw Recap which is about Cena vs. Punk/Nexus which is interesting but doesn’t feel huge like it’s supposed to I don’t think.

Truth tells Curtis that the amount of wins doesn’t matter.  Curtis says that if Truth had been there for him he could have won.  Truth: “And if a frog had wings he wouldn’t hit his butt every time he hopped.”  Curtis: “I don’t know what that means.”  Truth: “Neither do I.”  Ok then.

Talent show is up next.  I sweat if O’Brien’s thing is about rats or cheese…..

Curtis and Bateman are the only ones that can earn immunity.  Bateman is going to go first with poetry and it’s a haiku called Cheap Pop.  “Boy does it feel great, here in the Empire State, Rochester, New York”, end Derrick Bateman’s talent.

Curtis is going to dance and oh sweet goodness he has a streamer.  Grisham wants to know if we’re watching LOGO TV.  If you’re unfamiliar, LOGO is a network devoted to homosexual themed shows and movies.  Vince isn’t listening to this at all is he?

Saxton is going to read a fairy tale.  Striker: “That’s appropriate.”  Matthews goes on a rant that I’m not entirely sure if we’re supposed to hear.  The story runs down Clay and talks about apple cider.  Do you people get what I go through for you all???

O’Brien tells some absolutely awful jokes.

Before Novak goes, Striker wants to know if we can just have Clay destroy everyone and be done with this.

Novak’s talent: looking good.  He basically does a photo shoot with a chair.  I’m trying to picture Race or Flair or the Funks showing up during this.

Clay is going to make anyone from the back look Hood Cool.  And it’s Michael Cole.  Cole talks about how awful this city and show is, and somehow this is BY FAR the most interesting part of the show.  He goes on random rants about vinegar and mascots and Kaval while Clay says random words in the background.  Curtis wins if you’re interested.  After the contest Brodus is like screw this and beats everyone up to end it.

Overall Rating: D-. WOW.  This actually might have been the biggest waste of an hour I have ever spent in my life.  First and foremost, the wrestling is not bad.  I want to make that very clear.  That being said, this is so pathetically uninteresting that it’s not even funny.  They’ll find some way to make sure Brodus, BY FAR the most interesting and best guy out there, doesn’t win so that Curtis can be a “star” while no one cares about him at all.

I haven’t been this uninterested in a show in I don’t know how long.  O’Brien, Novak, Curtis and arguable Bateman could not be more boring if their finishing move was watching paint dry long enough that the other guy died of old age first and they win by forfeit.  Is this supposed to be entertaining?  I get that it’s supposed to be bad, but dang dude, give me SOMETHING to like about it.  Clay helps, but if he’s gone I don’t know if I can sit through this again.  Fine from a technical standpoint, but boring beyond belief in execution.



Dolph Ziggler b. Johnny Curtis – Zig Zag

Conor O’Brien b. Derrick Bateman – Full Nelson Slam

Johnny Curtis won the Power of the Punch Challenge

Byron Saxton b. Ted DiBiase via DQ when Brodus Clay interfered

Johnny Curtis won the Talent Contest

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