NXT – January 18, 2011 – Ricardo Rodriguez In Action!

Date: January 18, 2011
Location: BOK Center, Tulsa, Oklahoma
Commentators: Todd Grisham, Josh Matthews

It’s elimination week and it’s breaking loose in Tulsa!  Sorry I always wanted to say that.  No I didn’t actually but it sounded good and I have nothing to fill in this introduction with.  I’d assume Rat Boy goes home tonight because Brodus is awesome, Bateman got a segment on Raw last night, Saxton is kind of funny and the company has decided that this Johnny Curtis guy is awesome or something because he’s as bland as anyone has been in decades so he’s THE guy this season.  Anyway let’s get to it.

Sadly enough I had to look on Wiki for the names of everyone in this season.  That’s how unmemorable they’ve been.

We recap the season so far which isn’t anything special.  Somehow the double date from last week is the highlight I think.  We also see Novak getting sent home.  I’ve been watching and reviewing the first season of this show recently, and this isn’t holding up to put it mildly.

Striker brings out the rookies as is his custom.  My boredom is sinking in slowly this week.  As is my anger due to a bad connection to watch this show.  Since it’s finally elimination week, WE NEED TO HAVE ANOTHER CHALLENGE!  Sweet goodness just throw the guys out already!  Bateman is the only one with points and the winner gets four points, meaning that the lead he has IS TOTALLY POINTLESS.  Yeah I’m in a bad mood tonight if you can’t tell.

This is How Well Do You Know Your Pro.  A question is asked and you have to match it up.  The first is “When I first saw my rookie, I thought he was “blank””.  Curtis thinks Truth said impressive but he said cool.  Saxton thinks Dolph said….hang on we have to wait for the booing for Dolph’s name.  Saxton says tan, Dolph says Carlton from Fresh Prince!  Ok that made me feel better.

Bryan gets a pop for his answer.  Bateman says Bryan thought of Tulsa, Oklahoma…AND HE’S RIGHT???  Only on this season.  O’Brian says strange, Alberto says raw.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME???  He’s said the same thing THE ENTIRE SHOW and now he changes it up?  Wow I want his bludgeoned.  Striker says he’d see Rat Boy at the hotel that night.  O…..k then.  Brodus says large, DiBiase says out of shape.  One point for Bateman and everyone else loses.

Next question is what other profession would you have after wrestling/if you weren’t in wrestling.  Saxton says singer, Ziggler says anchor for Lifetime.  Bateman says Steve Blackman…AND HE’S RIGHT AGAIN!  Ok this is getting funny.  O’Brian says circus worker, Alberto says his employee.  Nice job of keeping character there.  Brodus and DiBiase both say bodyguard.  Curtis is forgotten and I laugh a lot.  Curtis says commentator, Truth says actor/dancer.  It’s 2 for Bateman, 1 for Clay, 0 for everyone else.

Topic three is biggest area of improvement.  Brodus and DiBiase agree on listening.  O’Brian says listening, Del Rio says looks.  Bateman says chicks and America and they’re 3-3.  This is cracking me up for some reason.  Dolph thinks it’s rigged.  Striker: YOU THINK?  Saxton says being more like Dolph, Ziggler says more Dream Journal entries.  Curtis says getting noticed, Truth says confidence.  Bateman is Immune and I need to breathe from laughing at that.  It was stupid but that was the point.

Byron Saxton vs. Chris Masters


We get a clip of Masters and Saxton talking earlier in the day.  Masters says he didn’t teach him everything he knew.  Ziggler is in a hat which is a weird look for him.  If he ever goes insane and bails it can be used as a talking point on a DVD that buries him.  Masters overpowers him to start as you would expect.  Ziggler gets in Masters’ face to give Saxton the advantage.

Saxton gets a jawbreaker of some kind for two.  Saxton gets some basic offense in and Ziggler shouts in “STAY DOWN MASTERS BECAUSE YOU REALLY SUCK!”  I don’t know if it’s my low expectations for this show but it’s cracking me up tonight.  Masters gets a shot to break the momentum and here he comes (to save the day!  Save the day!)  Saxton is being all aggressive here but charges one too many times and the Masterlock ends it at 4:40.  Ziggler shakes the ropes like the Warrior, furthering my theory.

Rating: C-. This was more or less nothing but Saxton looked pretty good for the most part.  It wasn’t a good match for the most part as it was really basic but Masters continues to be pretty good like he has since this recent push of his.  Saxton needed a match like this as he looked decent in it actually.

Brodus comes into DiBiase’s locker room and goes off on him about costing him so much stuff.  DiBiase says shut up and listen.  Brodus says he will and leaves.  Maryse says something in French to tick DiBiase off.

Ted DiBiase/Brodus Clay vs. Derrick Bateman/Daniel Bryan


Maryse has been texting all night.  I doubt that’ll mean much but whatever.  Josh says neither Bateman or Bryan has ever won a match on NXT.  Is that true?  I can’t think of a win for Bryan off the top of my head.  I think the winner here is pretty clear.  Oh wait this is a tag match!  Ok that makes more sense now.  Todd: What would the tag team championships look like around Bateman and Bryan’s waists?  Josh: They would look like two belts around their waists.  Nice line.

Bryan plays Ricky Morton for a bit here as both guys get two.  We talk about the Rumble almost non-stop here and Josh says he’ll make his prediction next week.  Todd says that’ll get them a good rating.  Are they competing with reruns of the Dirt Sheet?  Josh points out there are no ratings and Todd has nothing.  Nerve hold by Clay and Dolph grabs a mic and shouts TAP OUT!

Brodus gets the Tongan Death Grip but DiBiase tags himself in.  Bryan manages to get the tag and Bateman cleans some rooms.  DiBiase gets Bateman down and wants to tag out.  Clay is like screw you dude and drops to the floor.  Naturally Bateman gets a rollup on DiBiase for the pin at 4:35

Rating: C-. Bit better here but not much either way.  I think the ending was pretty clear here and the eventual clash between Brodus and DiBiase is coming which is a good thing.  Either way, not terrible here but it was predictable nothing great at all.  Bateman needed a win though so that’s taken care of.

O’Brian finds some cheese on the floor and eats it.  And there’s a trail of it too.  Oh sweet goodness I hate this guy.  At the end is Ricardo with some kind of spray.  Alberto comes in and is very ticked off.  He apparently has match making power and makes Ricardo vs. O’Brian tonight.  It was rat spray.  This is really happening people.

Raw ReBound talks about a shift in power.  Wait a minute.  Punk hurt Cena, Cena talked, Nexus beat down Cena again.  When did the power shift away from Nexus and Punk?

Curtis is nervous and Truth says relax.  Pointless doesn’t begin to describe this.

Ricardo Rodriguez vs. Conor O’Brian


Ricardo is in a bath robe and trips getting into the ring.  He does his own entrance which is kind of funny.  Ricardo is in big black trunks and is a little chubby.  Ladies and gentlemen we are in a comedy match.  It’s weird to see O’Brian being the best wrestler in a match.  Buckle is pulled off and it’s all O’Brian.

You know that rat spray going into his eyes seems to be agreeing with him.  O’Brian goes into the buckle head first, Rodriguez gets a “splash” and pins him at 1:45.  Sweet mercy I have seen it all now.  You know except for Trish Stratus catching trains that fall out of orangutan’s kneecaps when they’re stealing apples from a Persian fruit vender on Mars but I think you get the point.  No rating due to the time.

Elimination time and Striker has to repeat some stuff due to technical difficulties.  I’d assume they couldn’t hear him in the arena because we could.  Bateman is immune and says Saxton should be gone.  Rat Boy is gone!!!  Thank goodness.  He tries to say goodbye but Ricardo cuts him off.  The Rat Boy chases him off.  Conor comes back and says they all suck.  He crawls under the ring for no apparent reason.

Overall Rating: C. Ok, this show is awful.  But if you lower your expectations by about 1000 notches, you’ll find some hilarious moments in this.  The Bateman/Bryan stuff is great, Brodus is cool and RAT BOY IS GONE!!!  The final four are definitely the best of the bunch so this could get ok now.  It’s still weak, but they’re clearly having a good time with it and it’s a great way to see the guys just joking around and having fun, which you don’t often see.  Bad show from a technical standpoint, fun show if you don’t think, like at all.

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