NXT: February 8, 2011 – How Does That Johnny Curtis Taste In Your Throat?

Date: February 8, 2011
Location: Resch Center, Green Bay, Wisconsin
Commentators: Josh Matthews, Todd Grisham

It’s elimination night I believe which is probably a good thing.  I wish it was Curtis that was gone but he’s the chosen one so it’ll probably be Bateman or Saxton.  Anyway, this should be decent enough as the show has gotten a lot better recently.  I like them being in the Super Bowl town because it gives us a nice mini-theme tonight possibly.  Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of the season so far which has been a lot better after the first two went out.

Striker is on the stage and we’re doing the joust thing called Rock-Em Sock-Em this week.  First match is Bateman vs. Curtis.  Bateman is in the final.  Winner gets two immunity points by the way.  Brodus pulls a Michael Tarver and goes after Saxton so it’s a DQ.  Bateman vs. Saxton is the final.  There’s a controversial finish but Saxton wins.  To be fair it’s very close.  Naturally we have to do it one more time.  Surprisingly enough the rematch announcement gets a pop.  Saxton wins again to get two points.  That gives Curtis 3, Bateman and Saxton 2 and Clay 0.

We recap the Talk the Talk Challenge from last week including the Turd Ferguson chant.

Derrick Bateman vs. Byron Saxton


No intro here as we end the package and it’s off to the match.  Bateman works on the arm and gets a nice kick to the back to take over.  Apparently Ricardo is the official new pro for Del Rio.  Please tell me that it would be Alberto getting the shot and not Ricardo.  Saxton takes over as we talk about the Dazed and Confused shirt that Ziggler is wearing.

Bateman fights back and gets a dropkick in the corner and a clothesline for two.  Josh says whoever loses here is gone.  Saxton gets a small package for two.  Bateman grabs a modified LeBell Lock (closer to a Crossface) to get the win at 4:30.

Rating: D+. Well it was ok but that’s about it.  This is one of those matches that was just kind of there.  I don’t like using that rating but that really is the best way to put it.  One great thing here though was we saw a coach teaching his pro something and having it come into play to end the match.  We never see that but this time it worked fine.  This wasn’t anything special but it wasn’t horrible.

Time for another challenge worth 3 points (Curtis 3, Bateman and Saxton 2 and Clay 0).  This time we’re going to more or less play the Price is Right.  Various people are going to model things and the rookies have to guess the retail price.  My goodness they’ve turned their show into a commercial!  First up is the 50 Greatest Superstars of All Time DVD presented by AJ from last season.  The DVD is 34.95???  SWEET GOODNESS that’s insane!  Brodus is closest.

Naomi is up next and presents WWE Kids Magazine.  By presents I mean holds up and smiles if you’re wondering.  Clay is closest with $1.  Oh ok you can’t go over.  That makes sense.  AJ is back again with a foam World Heavyweight Championship.  Saxton gets it right on the nose at $19.99.

Bateman says he said the same thing which he didn’t.  This is rather stupid if you didn’t get it but it’s surprisingly entertaining.  Naomi has the History of the WWE Book.  Clay wins with 23 dollars.  Saxton went just over with 23.95.  Ziggler (I think): “That’s the first time Saxton has ever been over!”

Clay and Curtis are tied for immunity.  My what luck that they have a match later.

Video about the Road to Wrestlemania going through the Elimination Chamber.

Truth is with Curtis in the back and they talk about the accusations of Truth saying Curtis has a big head behind his back.  Truth’s leg seems to be fine after the attack last night.

Brodus Clay vs. Johnny Curtis


This is the main event.  Apparently Josh thinks he gets to decide who gets immunity.  The superstars make fun of Truth not knowing the right town last night.  Curtis hammers away to start to control.  Clay takes over with a fireman’s carry into a hot shot.  Nice overhead suplex gets two for Clay.  The match drags badly so the Turd chant gets going again.  Ziggler eggs it on and continues to be one of the funniest parts of this show.

Dolph leaves and Brodus hammers away.  Curtis gets a slingshot legdrop to the back of Clay’s neck for two.  Dolph is back and Grisham hits on Maryse who is at the top of the stage now.  Top rope dropkick gets no cover as Clay is in the ropes.  Brodus gets a shot to the throat using the ropes and a powerslam ends it at 6:22.  The announcers called it a bulldog slam because they’re not very intelligent.

Rating: C-. This was a little better, but there are only so many times that these four guys can fight each other.  The match was ok but the level of interest is just completely gone.  Clay is cool, Curtis isn’t interesting, Clay is better than everyone else in the competition.  That’s the end of the stuff we can learn here but it’s what we keep seeing.

2-21-11 promo again with the grave line from last night.

Clay and Curtis get 20 seconds to say why they should get immunity.  Curtis says it’s because the Packers Rule.  Curtis says the Steelers should have won.  Why?  They scored less points.  Naturally Curtis wins the live crowd approval and gets immunity.  Dang it I hate this show.  He just got beat clean so let’s give him the advantage.  Saxton is out and can’t talk due to tears.  Ah ok there it is.

Saxton says that it’s ok and everyone makes mistakes.  He’ll forgive them though and will be back.  Ziggler goes off on him in a great rant to make Saxton mad.  Masters tells Saxton to punch him.  Instead he points at Ziggler to end the show.

Overall Rating: D. I wasn’t impressed tonight.  The immunity thing is a joke because it’s clear that Curtis was either the weakest or second weakest.  He lost to Clay and STILL gets immunity?  That makes less than no sense but something tells me he’ll manage to win this thing anyway because he’s what WWE has decided we want to see despite no one caring about him.  Bad show this week mainly due to the booking at the end.


Byron Saxton won the Rock-Em Sock-Em Challenge

Derrick Bateman b. Byron Saxton – LeBell Lock

Brodus Clay won the WWEshop.com Challenge

Brodus Clay b. Johnny Curtis – Powerslam

Byron Saxton was eliminated in 4th place

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  1. WWTNA says:

    This show is still on? Thought it ended by now. Anyways, WWE is using Johnny Curtis the same way WWE used Kaitlyn. It makes no sense to have NXT now because we already know whose gonna win!!!