Heroes of Wrestling: Worst Show Ever? Yeah I Think So.

Heroes of Wrestling
Date: October 10, 1999
Location: Casino Magic, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi
Attendance: 2,300
Commentators: Randy Rosenbloom, Dutch Mantel

Back in the late 90s, some lunkhead decided to try to use a bunch of old wrestlers for a legends/reunion thing and this is the result. This was somehow supposed to be the first of four shows. Basically, we have big names from the 80s and that’s about it. The main event was supposed to be King Kong Bundy vs. Yokozuna.

Yoko passed away a year after this so you know how well he was health wise. Other than that, this is the infamous Jake Roberts promo show, so let’s get to this and get it over with. This is widely regarded as the worst PPV ever, somehow getting 26,000 buys at 19.95 each, meaning that this show made half a million dollars. Let that be a lesson to you kids. Here we go.

Just to really show the 80s feel of this we start with a montage before we get to the commentators, one of whom was supposed to be Gordon Solie but luckily for him he got sick and couldn’t make it. Randy has no idea what he’s talking about. We go backstage to see Bundy who says he’s the best super heavyweight of all time and Yoko shows up to argue. We get a pull apart and we hear Bundy shout that he’s prettier.

The intro actually lists Gordon Solie as host, even though we’ve met the announcers and he’s not one of them. This is dedicated to Gorilla Monsoon, who passed away just four days before this aired. The voiceover guy says this could be the most powerful storm the Gulf Coast has ever seen. I’ve got nothing for that one.

We get a second highlight package for no apparent reason. There’s actually a decent crowd there which isn’t bad. Had this been even passable, this could be considered a success. We run over the card which looks passable. On paper, this could have been ok, but it would have been put straight to DVD today and it would have worked much better.

The thing is, this was the late 90s and a lot of these people hadn’t been on television in years so they would have been way out of shape. Having this be guys from the mid 90s would have been light years better, but they had a decent idea I guess.

Samoan Swat Team vs. Marty Jannetty/Tommy Rogers

So we have a Rocker and a Fantastic. This should be…yeah. The set and ring look decent too. The Swat Team are more commonly known as Tama from the Islanders and Samu from the Headshrinkers. Rikishi was the original member but he had a career at this point. Their manager talks for no apparent reason and talks about the faces being heroes.

I think he’s trying to be Jim Cornette or something like that, although we’re never told his name.. Note: there are children in the audience. That will come into play later. He goes on and on and even messes up the name of the town we’re in. Marty is known as the Rocker Marty Jannetty and his partner is Fantastic Tommy Rogers. Clever if nothing else. They have pictures of them before they come out and you can see Shawn Michaels’ legs in Marty’s picture. Well ok then.

They get Rogers’ old partner’s name wrong, calling him Jackie Fulton instead of Bobby. That’s Dutch Mantel, the wrestler, that said that mind you. Note: we’re 12 minutes into this show and both teams aren’t even in the ring yet. OH MAN Marty is wasted. You can see it in his eyes that he’s just gone.

Marty is in fairly decent shape actually. Tama is freaking FAT. He used to be awesome in the ring but I don’t think that’s going to happen here. The announcers are arguing about the first amendment or something like that. Apparently Dutch can tell that Marty looks tired from “years and years of experience in the ring”. I’m not even touching that one.

A dropkick is referred to as a leg kick by Randy which isn’t corrected at all. Mantel is worthless too. We’re still waiting on anything of note to actually happen but nothing has yet. Hey we get an actual wrestling move from Marty! It’s an armdrag which is called a throw by Randy. Tama, a savage mind you, offers a handshake.

This is just idiotic. Marty comes in without a tag and the referee just lets him stay. We’re on the chinlock inside of three minutes as I think Marty needs a shot. Marty has mastered the art of throwing his arm in the air as he’s managed to do it 4 times now. GOOD NIGHT Tama is a huge man. This is just mindless.

The heels take over with a kick to the back. Mantel says they know what each other is doing all the time. I do too. I know because I’m watching them do it. This is so stupid and bad I’m having trouble coming up with insults and jokes for it. And I made fun of the Doomsday Cage Match! If Dutch Mantel doesn’t freaking SHUT UP ABOUT HOW GREAT HE IS I’m going to freak.

I’m trying this whole capitalizing random words to keep myself interested here. We’re about 8 minutes in and Rodgers, the better wrestler, has been legal all of 20 seconds. Jannetty takes a horrible chair shot on the floor which is called unethical. Jannetty is wearing shorts by the way instead of tights.

Tama misses a Vader Bomb and finally Rogers comes in with another flying leg kick. He rams the Samoans’ heads together and naturally gets a double headbutt for his troubles. Marty jumps over the top rope with a plancha while Samu hits a TKO (seriously??? He has him in position for a SAMOAN drop and uses a TKO. Wow.

They call it a Samoan drop anyway mind you) on Tommy for the pin. Dutch says they can put that on their resumes forever now. Yes, because WILD SAMOANS HAVE RESUMES.

Rating: F+. Instead of calling every match average at first, it starts at an D instead and can move up. Dutch Mantel’s commentary keeps us at nearly failing on average so there we are. This was just a train wreck if there ever has been one. Seriously, Rogers is the only one with any talent that he’s capable of using out there and he was in there the least amount of time. That makes sense here though.

We get a clip of Sherri and George freaking Steele of all people walking off arm in arm. They’re sleeping together apparently. Sherri runs from him in an interview later on. This is just stupid.

Greg Valentine vs. George Steele

Valentine says he’s the son of the legend Johnny Valentine. Isn’t this supposed to be a legends show where Greg is the legend? He says he’ll leave with Sherri tonight whether she likes it or not. So he’s admitted he’s going to kidnap her and you could imply rape off of that but we’ll let it go.

Sherri comes out with George. Neither have music mind you. George looks exactly like he did over 20 years before this, as does Valentine. Valentine hits the floor and goes after Sherri with Randy saying he’s doing a bit of stalking, which he does while in essence in a pair of blue briefs. Can we get this guy arrested please? George eats a turnbuckle as somehow this is supposed to be serious.

He bites Greg’s arm and he’s hurt apparently. Sherri looks like she fell out of an ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down. Apparently it’s a disqualification if Animal fights with a shirt on. Naturally Hammer jumps him while he’s taking it off and he can’t see. George’s shirt is over his head yet we’re going on anyway. Since he can’t see, Sherri beats on him also. Shouldn’t he be disqualified already?

He’s sitting in the corner with a shirt half on and half off while Valentine beats on him. He gets it off but doesn’t know Sherri beat on him. George pulls out a foreign object and gets a shot in with it before handing it to Sherri. Dutch says that Randy knows how women are but takes it back because Randy has never had a woman. I want to slap them with a cordless phone. See, even the stupid jokes don’t work.

Sherri of course hands the object to Valentine, which despite her kicking Steele earlier, this STUNS, yes STUNS I say, the announcers. Dutch takes his headset off to talk to Sherri. Why am I bothering with this? Oh yeah. ALL OF YOUR MORONS SAID I SHOULD DO THIS. You all owe me BIG TIME.

They fight over the object which the referee has no problem with. A foreign object is fine but a shirt isn’t fine. And then Sherri hits him in the head with a chair so Valentine can get the pin. Again, the referee is fine with this and the heels leave together. Can’t say I blame them. I’d want to get out of there too.

Oh and Steele eats a lifeless object full of artificial material that makes it bigger and it takes like Styrofoam. Now, am I talking about Sherri or a turnbuckle? George throws chairs in the ring for no apparent reason. Hammer comes back for no apparent reason and hits him with a chair that does nothing. So Valentine hitting him with one doesn’t even make him flinch but Sherri’s shot knocks him out for a pin. This is making me want to watch someone watch grass grow.

Rating: F-. It was a comedy match and a bad one. I saw maybe three wrestling moves in here and all of them sucked. Seriously, who thought Steele and Sherri were good ideas here? We have a heel turn on a one off show. That makes sense.

They talk of a rematch to let Steele get his girl back. Yeah I’ve got nothing.

Julio Fantastico says that he’s great and will beat 2 Cold Scorpio.

2 Cold Scorpio vs. Julio Fantastico

Julio is more commonly known as Julio Dinero in case you’ve heard of him in ECW or old school TNA. Scorpio I’m sure you’ve heard of. If not, imagine a Godfather/Luchador combination. Yeah he was a weird one. Why is Julio on this show again? I have no idea either but whatever.

Why do these two and two tag teams have music but Steele and Valentine didn’t? Oh I guess it’s because they sucked. Scorpio is carrying a replica WCW Title belt. I know that because I see it, not because it’s mentioned or anything like that. This match might have potential to be something close to decent. Can’t you hear my enthusiasm in this show?

Lou Albano comes out for commentary for absolutely no apparent reason. I think he just wandered in here and needed a place to sit down. Albano, having no apparent power or anything, has the authority to give both announcers raises. You know, for the one night show, they’re getting raises for next week.

Albano babbles a lot but if you listen to him, he seems like he knows his stuff. Of course he does, but it’s so much rambling it’s hard to say. Can we just let him talk all night? He’s FAR more entertaining and interesting to listen to. He’s not bragging the whole time and he’s actually offering some insight and says that it’s a dropkick instead of a flying leg kick.

He then offers this and I had to listen at least three times to get all this. He says this about Randy: he’s a nice guy but he looks like he’s got the brain of a dehydrated baby if they put him in a pigeon pack and had him fly backwards. Ladies and gentlemen, this man was responsible for what became Wrestlemania. Apparently Lou looks like a pitbull in heat next to Dinero. This is making the show, hands down.

The match is very sloppy as Scorpio is having to carry this, but that’s the best choice I guess. There’s some decent stuff in there though but it’s just sloppy. We see Scorpio holding the ropes and pulling back for something but we go to a shot of Dinero and just see him being crashed on. Nice one guys. Scorpio’s hair is braided by the way.

Dinero isn’t bad at all actually and it was this match that got him a job with ECW of all things. In other words, Heyman or someone under him actually watched this and scouted talent from it. What does that tell you? Dinero takes a nice backdrop over the railing onto the floor.

They fight into the crowd and we can’t see crap because of the lighting and an annoying kid in a 49ers jersey. And the announcers point out that they don’t know what’s going on. Nice one guys. The referee sees a low blow and is fine with it of course. Dutch: we have a 2 count. The referee counted two. THANKS FOR THAT.

Albano gets on Randy for the leg kick thing again which is kind of amusing I guess. This needs to end like NOW. Dinero shoves the referee into the ropes to crotch Scorpio and that’s fine too.

Scorpio hits Trouble in Paradise which Dinero was going down from before it hit but whatever and a 2nd rope Tumbleweed (Harlem Hangover) hits then he goes up for a moonsault where he twists into another leg drop. He misses by a foot and a half, but that’s decent here.

Rating: D-. By FAR the best mach so far. This got something close to entertaining if you can believe that. The sloppiness just freaking kills it though as Scorpio just can’t do anything at all without botching it at all. There was something close to a decent match here though so that’s better than nothing.

Albano is the new commissioner and he makes a brief acceptance speech on the headset which the fans can’t hear. Brilliant guys, brilliant.

We have 5 matches to go. I can’t take this.

We go to the back for another Bundy interview. He says that he’s going to beat Yoko. I’ll give them points for trying to build to a main event if nothing else.

Bushwackers vs. Nikolai Volkoff/Iron Sheik

I’m calling them the Bushwackers as they’re Luke and Butch, formerly the Bushwackers. There’s some guy with Volkoff but he’s another guy that is imitating a better manager. I’m just not sure who he’s imitating. We get the USA chant going, despite the faces being from New Zealand but this isn’t the smartest crowd in the world.

The manager is dressed up in a Russian military uniform. Oh dear. He speaks English with a so bad it’s funny but the show is so bad it’s not funny accent if that makes sense. Oh and Volkoff is now an Olympian also. We get the Russian National Anthem of course and the Persian clubs which are as old school as possible.

The clubs become Iranian all of a sudden and we’re three minutes into this. Sheik needs to humble someone. It would be more entertaining. We hear about Hogan and Backlund for no reason at all but whatever. That’s my word for this show: whatever. We’re at about 5 minutes of build for this disaster. I guess Bushwackers is a copyrighted term.

Somehow they look better than anyone else. Luke licked my face once. Can we get the tape of the Bushwackers on Family Matters instead of me having to watch this atrocity? Apparently they’ve won tag titles in 26 countries. Well ok then. The heels jump them early to start to further establish that they’re EVIL. Dutch explains the term short end of the stick which has some kind of scale according to him. Please, just take me now.

Sheik gets on the mic and says if they keep chanting USA then he’ll leave. You know what comes next. The announcers argue about cutting each other off. I hate this show quite a bit. They’re really trying to get this whole they’re Heroes thing embedded in. Can we just watch Heroes instead? Just the first season though as it’s by far the best. Sheik is wearing shorts also.

The kicks they’re throwing aren’t even close at all. How much are these guys being paid? I guarantee you it’s too much. After a “slam” Nikolai covers Luke and Butch comes in for the save. He doesn’t need to though as Nikolai reacts to the saving shot before it hits so there we are again.

The camel clutch, which made British Bulldog tap inside of 5 seconds in 1986 is on for 15 seconds before Butch saves. At least I think he saved as we cut to a shot of the manager so for all I know Butch just did the Charleston for awhile and Sheik didn’t like his movement and showed him what to do. Who knows though?

I do however know that the manager raised his right arm. You can hear individual lines from the fans by the way. And I mean individual conversations, not just random screams. ANOTHER foreign object misses and Luke pins Sheik with the fastest count this side of Nick Patrick gets the three. The heels almost fight afterwards but they hug it out.

Rating: G+. That’s below an F-. This was stupid and bad. I think it was a comedy match but I couldn’t tell. They did manage to name the heel team The Iron Curtain though which I can’t believe no one got that before. We’re half done with this and I want to cry. Or die, either one. Getting humbled wouldn’t be bad either. When the Bushwackers are the best workers in there, that’s not saying a lot at all.

They plug a site with memorabilia from this show on it for the second time tonight. I can live with that since they were really just trying to break even here.

Tully Blanchard says nothing as Stan Lane hits him and dumps him into the trunk of the limo. He doesn’t shut it though, making the limo rental completely pointless. We get another promo from Tully where he says this was supposed to be fun and he doesn’t need to do this anymore.

He goes into a promo on Lane which is actually good. The first half could totally be put into an ad about how much this show sucked. Blanchard can definitely still talk. This was actually really good. It’s complete nonsense, but it’s very well delivered and actually got me buying the match. Tully really is awesome and that’s the first time I’ve ever said that I think.

Tully Blanchard vs. Stan Lane

So Blanchard, a career heel, is the face here while one of the Fabulous Ones, a career face team, is the heel? (Yes I know that he was a heel for a lot of his career). Lane pulls a Kennedy and does his own intro. He says he works for ESPN which is true. He once covered a boating race for them, I kid you not.

He even looks like Kennedy. This is kind of weird. Blanchard is in and we’re immediately at it. Yeah Lane is definitely heel here. Screw the Horsemen. Lane was a FABULOUS ONE. He definitely knows how to be the heel better than Tully. Mantel calls the ring the crib. I want to shoot myself even harder now. Surprisingly they both look decent considering how old they are.

They clearly stay in at least decent shape. Tully has a bit of a gut but that’s more than understandable. Also, let it be made clear: Tully Blanchard, a guy that has broken all kinds of arms and legs and more or less tried to murder both Dusty Rhodes and Magnum TA is a HERO of wrestling.

We get a figure four on the floor for no apparent reason as this match is slow and lumbering but it could be much worse. We get a belly to back suplex and both guys’ arms are down but Blanchard gets it up just in time. I guess he called his doctor about Cialis.

Rating: D-. This is likely your match of the night. It was far from great or even good but it could have been far worse. Both guys kept things in the 80s but that’s what they’re best at so I can’t argue that. It was watchable and at seven minutes it’s the second shortest match of the night so that’s all fine and not very good but somehow that’s high praise for this show.

We see Anvil and Bundy (again). Anvil does his usual insane interview and I already feel sorry for what he’s going to have to deal with later on.

One Man Gang vs. Abdullah the Butcher

Oh this isn’t going to be easy. Gang has issues getting into the ring. We have an interview with him where he shouts the whole time. I would have preferred Akeem but whatever. Abdullah’s manager is named Honest John Cheatum. We’re a minute in and Abdullah is bleeding.

That man should have a blood bank named after him. I think this is a hardcore match but I’m not sure as it’s never actually told, but we’re told this should be a treat for hardcore fans. We have chairs and chains used so I’d assume it is one. Butcher is bleeding badly to the shock of no one at all.

It can’t be a good idea to have One Man Gang run the match. This just isn’t going to go well but somehow Gang has won a more prestigious title: he actually held the US Title for a few months in 1995. Abdullah’s manager gets on commentary for no apparent reason. I guess he just wandered over there and got bored with the match. He’s from Paducah, Kentucky of all places and talks like a southern preacher. And believe me, as I’ve heard a lot of southern preachers.

He likes saying where he’s from. Apparently Butcher is here to destroy the idols. This is just odd indeed. And he’s gone now. So Butcher is the favorite here, and therefore the man that’s being cheered, but he’s not the idol? Either that or he’s going to destroy himself. Gang is bleeding too due to the fork shots.

The elbow hits, although you wouldn’t know it because the cameras were elsewhere. Have we seen a single finisher tonight??? We get a double countout. Really? Really? These guys were afraid to lay down here? REALLY??? The brawl goes on forever as they fix/clean the ring.

Rating: F-. It was a hardcore brawl, but just not a very good one. They went with the smart thing here of the brawling but it just wasn’t that good, although this was the best they could do. It was a freak show match, but still, this is hardly a kid friendly show like they seem to be marketing it as.

We have replays forever from this match.

We see a clip from a poker game between Snuka, Orton, Albano and some guy we don’t know. Orton is apparently cheating. This sets up the match for tonight. This makes great sense because, you know, in a CASINO they clearly couldn’t find a card game to play in and it’s perfectly common to play poker with a guy you’re having a GRUDGE MATCH with. Also, WHO FILMS A POKER GAME???

Albano says nothing of note. He’s managing Snuka, even though he’s Commissioner.

Orton says nothing of note.

Bob Orton vs. Jimmy Snuka

They say Orton is from Kansas City, Kansas even though it’s been Missouri his whole career. They say they’ve been excited for this match since the video of the poker game, meaning all of 3 minutes. Albano is stepping down as Commissioner after tonight. Good to know I guess.

They do a long mat sequence which is the highlight of the match but gets an Orton is gay chant. Yeah because good wrestling is such a terrible thing to have on the card. Ok to be fair he does work the arm way too long, as in he does it nearly 5 minutes. Nothing at all of note happens in this match, but it’s by far the least sloppy of them all.

Snuka wins with a crossbody from the top. Why? You have one of the most famous finishers of all time and you use a freaking high cross body that they act like is the same thing as the splash. I don’t know what to even say to this.

Rating: F+. Somehow this was 11 minutes long. I think nearly half of that was arm work by Orton. Did any of that actually mean anything? Not at all of course as that would have been psychology and a good thing and we can’t have our HEROES do that.

And here it is. The moment that makes this show so infamous. Jake Roberts cuts a promo before his match with Neidhart, and he can’t even look straight. He’s babbling, he’s slurring his words, he’s playing with his hair. Think about Roberts messing with his hair. Think about all of his promos and have you ever seen him do that?

He says he cheats at cards, making me wonder if he coached Orton earlier. He rambles on and on and on about playing cards and gambling and the snake and none of this makes any sense whatsoever. Jake is being loud and ridiculous. Think about who I’m saying is doing this. Jake Roberts is being loud. He staggers around to show the snake to Anvil and then starts saying DDT over and over again. Jake has to lean on the interviewer to stand up and the poor guy is clearly not comfortable with this. That takes us to ringside.

Jake Roberts vs. Jim Neidhart

Now the person that I feel sorry for here is Anvil. He’s a 44 year old man that was a decent wrestler but his time has gone. He was in WCW about a year before this doing nothing at all and he hasn’t meant anything in wrestling since. He gets a phone call one day offering him to come to Mississippi to wrestle in front of a few thousand people for more or less a legends show.

Say for argument’s sake he’s getting a thousand dollars for a ten minute match. That’s not bad really. He gets his gear together and shows up ready to work for the pay promised. Based on who he’s fighting, it’s fairly safe to think that Anvil is going to lose to a DDT. The match is about to begin, and he gets this. Jake can barely talk yet he’s supposed to be able to wrestle a coherent match?

Oh and the announcer says Jake is accompanied by his little friend Damien. We’ll ignore that Damien is about 12 feet long and that he died back in 1991 thanks to Earthquake but whatever. The announcer that earlier made fun of the guy that called it Biloxi, you guessed it, calls it Biloxi. Jake can barely walk to the ring and then puts the snake down and walks back up the ramp. His boots aren’t even laced up. Think about that for a minute.

Again, Anvil is playing to the referee about the snake being there and is stretching a bit before the match. In other words, he’s doing exactly what he’s supposed to be doing. And now Jake goes back through the curtain for a bit. Sadly enough, the first thing that came into my mind was he needed a hit to keep going.

Anvil again is left to make something of this but people didn’t pay to see him stand in the ring and throw his arms up. To be fair to him though, he signed up to wrestle Jake Roberts, not do a one man show. I can easily see why this is considered a bad show. Imagine paying for this and watching it live. Ah there’s Jake, sans shirt.

Jake grabs a fan’s hands and rubs them on his chest. She doesn’t seem to mind, but what if she did. Keep in mind, the match hasn’t actually started yet. Hey he made it into the ring!

The snake has gotten partially out of the bag, so Jake, likely having no clue what country he’s in at this point, takes it out and puts part of it between his legs and, you guessed it, jerks it off, thankfully on a wide shot. He lays down on the mat, which more than likely wasn’t his intention, and licks the stupid thing while Anvil just walks around. What in the world did he ever do to deserve this?

They mention Jake’s Intercontinental Title reign. For those of you racking your brain to remember it, it aired on the same tape that the Rockers won the tag titles on and that Hogan beat Flair in MSG for the world title aired on. (For those of you that don’t get it, Jake never won the IC Title. Those other things happened, but they never aired on TV or tape but they both happened.)

Anvil tries to work the arm and run the match, I think as the heel. After a LONG sequence with Anvil being in control on the mat since I don’t think Jake is capable of walking more than thirty seconds at a time. Jake loses his boots and is now in his socks as this is continuing to somehow get even worse than it already was. I didn’t think that was possible but somehow I’m wrong again.

Bundy comes out for no adequately explained reason. He breaks up the DDT for no apparent reason either and gets flipped off by Jake, again with kids in the audience. We get a 2-1 beatdown until “The Former” Yokozuna come out. Yeah that’s what they call him. It turns into a tag match with Yoko and Jake vs. Neidhart and Bundy.

They say we have 650 of Yoko and Bundy and 450 and Neidhart at over 300, even though he was announced at 256. Now we have a problem. Yoko is SO freaking fat that he can’t do anything in the ring longer than about 8 seconds. Our other option is Jake and even though they were sent out to prevent him from looking terrible, they pick him to work the majority of the match.

Oh good night this is almost too much. So it’s a standard tag match, or at least standard when one guy can’t stand up. Yoko and Bundy, the main event, interact for about 8 seconds if that. Eventually we hit the floor for no reason and Anvil hits Jake twice with a chair. I wonder if there were some extra hard shots there.

See Jake if you’re interested in shots I guess. Other than that, this is a mess. We go back into the ring and Jake makes the clear tag but Bundy splashes him and pins him anyway. Jake and Yoko beat up Bundy’s manager who didn’t appear until the end. The fans chant DDT and Yoko says give it to him but Jake won’t do it so Yoko has to give him a Samoan Drop instead. Jake puts the snake on him and it just ends without anything other than that.

Rating: Agoobwa. I have no idea what that means, but there was no rating around that I could think of to adequately describe this. It was an embarrassment to wrestling to allow this to happen and an embarrassment to Jake to allow himself to do this in front of both fans and especially children.

I get that he has demons, but he needs to get rid of them before he climbs in a ring again. If he wants to wrestle then fine, but if I was the promoter and saw him in that condition, there would be no way I would send him out there, period.

Make the main event a triple threat or something, but no way do you send him out there. This show goes WAY up if he doesn’t appear. This wasn’t funny or entertaining. It was very sad and very disturbing. Grow up Jake. You need to.

Overall Rating: S. As in I am speechless about how bad this was. The intention was there. The idea itself isn’t completely terrible but it wasn’t thought out at all. The matches were bad, the commentary was awful, nothing made sense, the stories kept changing and it just was a disgrace.

This actually cost $20. You should be given that back and a sincere apology if you bought this show. This was a complete train wreck where Tully Blanchard, who hadn’t wrestled in a mainstream company in nearly ten years had the best match. I have no idea what they were thinking backstage, but I don’t want to know.

This was just flat out bad and as Norcal put it, it’s infamous for all the wrong reasons. Avoid completely, as usually I would say to watch it for the comedy, but it’s not funny in the slightest. This could actually be the worst show ever.


  1. noahconstrictor says:

    This has to be the funniest review I have ever read. It’s quite sad that Jake was this messed up. What was he doing that made him that messed up though?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I think the better question would be what wasn’t he on. Likely coke.

    noahconstrictor Reply:

    Huh. Never knew that. Also, you should use the Agoobwa rating more often.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    It takes a lot to get that one. I think the Doomsday Cage would have gotten it.

  2. b says:

    deserved a razzie

  3. Sagar says:

    Just watched the main event from this show once again after many years and then came straight back to your review. What a terrible, sad moment in wrestling history this was. Having Jake Roberts back healthy and sober in present day and making it to the HOF is perhaps the biggest miracle/turn around story in wrestling history.

  4. RJAY63 says:

    During the 2 Cold Scorpio vs. Julio Fantastico match, when Fantastico did the backdrop over the railing, he knocks down a kid in the audience!

    Also right at the very end of the PPV, when the “Fosstone” Productions” CGI logo appeared, they turned the live sound feed back on and you can hear Randy saying something like “don’t know that the **** is going on”!

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