Cole won. Cole won. Cole….won.

And I thought Starrcade 97 stood alone as the dumbest ending of all time.  The GM reversed the decision because Austin overstepped his boundaries as referee or something like that.  I’m stunned here.


  1. Stormtrooper says:

    the feud isn’t ending.

    That’s really all that was about. Everyone and their mother knows how the match went down, but Cole will be able to “brag” about winning, yet we all know what really happened. Cole will end up ultimately getting his ass kicked.

    On another note, the forum going down during Mania has to be a terrible terrible thing. No worse time for it, especially during Taker/HHH ending, which was awesome.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    It’s Wrestlemania. You don’t do something like this at Wrestlemania. Period. I don’t care if they’ll feud longer than Bobo Brazil and the Sheik. Not now.

    Oh I know. It’s down again now.

  2. TwoEvilEyes says:

    I say that has to be one the most retarded decisions they’ve ever made. Just let King have his good moment. They better reveal who the GM is because of this, if they don’t then I’m going to have to say what the hell was the point of that?

  3. noahconstrictor says:

    Me and my friends watching this were legit stunned by this. How in the hell do you have Lawler whoop Cole’s ass for 5 minutes, and celbrate with Stone Cold, and Booker T, give Booker T a Stunner, and THEN you give Cole the win by a bullshit win from the retarded GM? I HATE THIS COMPANY (at times).

  4. FunKay says:

    I’m iffy on this…I’ll have to reserve judgment for tommorow.

  5. GD says:

    Well I guess the only match I was looking forward to was ruined then. How could something so simple possibly screwed up? Garbage, I tell ya.

  6. TwoEvilEyes says:

    Okay I know what I’m going to do for now (unless this turns into something great later, i’m sure it won’t but you never know). For now those minutes after the match where all the wdf and bullshit happened. That never happened. Jerry won, him and Austin drank some beers and we went to the next segment. That shall be how i see this unless it actually leads to something in the future.

  7. Hoppy says:

    I see this leading to the reveal and then ass kicking of the GM. I think this would lead the GM to reverse the decision and then have this as a Mania DVD extra.

    But I agree that this was stupid, but I think there is a HUGE reason for them to do this. The WWE knew Lawler had to win, so there must be some reason for this.

  8. Muffin Top Merkley says:

    I’m not upset with this decision (yet).

    We all know Lawler won, so if they want to use this to extend the storyline, I won’t call foul. Although, WrestleMania is the PERFECT place for a feud like this to end and for people to move forward.

    I can see this leading to King challenging Cole to a rematch. Cole could keep ducking out of the match, until finally accepting if he can chose the special referee. Lawler would then accept that and Cole would announce that the Raw GM would be the referee.

  9. Muffin Top Merkley says:

    The more I think about it. The special referee thing I layed out in the above post, could easily still have been down with Cole losing last night.

    Cole loses, demands a rematch because the match was fixed with Austin as the ref. Says that next time he gets to decide who the ref is, and then announces that it will be the Raw GM.

    So, while I’m not terribly upset about Cole winning, it shouldn’t have happened.

  10. Jwolf0 says:

    I… don’t know what to think. Was this WWE’s way to let Lawler beat the shit out of Cole and extend the feud? I don’t care if Lawler/Cole is the hottest thing going right now, you don’t do this. Not like this.

    And what makes it even worse for me is that the Rock – the HOST – got to restart the WWE Championship match, even going so far as to say it didn’t matter what the GM thought. The same GM who just reversed Austin’s decision because he overstepped his bounds. What about Rock then, who not only changed the match but directly interfered? Will the GM overturn or order a rematch?

    All I can say is that tonight better have more explaining in it than an episode of Perry Mason.