Today is Wrestlemania Sunday

Ladies and gentlemen, today is Wrestlemania Sunday. This is why we are all here. This is what we wait our entire year to arrive at. Tonight, everything in all of wrestling stops for four hours to watch what has been called the Showcase of the Immortals, the Granddaddy of Them All, the Super Bowl of Wrestling and countless other names. In short, this is Wrestlemania.

Over twenty six years ago at Madison Square Garden held on March 31, 1985. It was the climax of what was known as the Rock N Wrestling Connection as Hulk Hogan teamed up with the star of the A-Team Mr. T to face Roddy Piper and Paul Orndorff. The response was incredible and wrestling hit the mainstream like no one had ever thought possible before.

Two years later in Pontiac, Michigan 93,173 people came into one building to see the main event of Hulk Hogan vs. Andre the Giant for the WWF World Title. The next year we saw the biggest wrestling tournament of all time. After that we saw everything from the Mega Powers Exploding to the Ultimate Challenge to NFL players to Iron Man matches to I Quit matches to Mike Tyson to Austin vs. Rock in a trilogy to a UFC Champion nearly breaking his neck to 80,000 people at Ford Field to Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker in a pair of classics.

Wrestlemania has been all over the map over the years, going from New York to Los Angeles to Seattle to Orlando. It’s a global phenomenon and the wrestling world stops to watch it. This is what we watch wrestling for. This is the one night each year when nothing else matters and all eyes focus on a 20×20 foot ring where the best in the world go at it to entertain us.

This is Wrestlemania. In the words of Vince McMahon, “it only comes once a year”, and tonight it comes again. This is what we’re here for people, so enjoy it while it lasts tonight. Take off your smark goggles and have a flash back to when you were a kid and you couldn’t be happier about this night. It’s the most important night of the year in wrestling. Treat it like it is.

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  1. FunKay says:

    Well said KB. It’s an exciting time. This WrestleMania is going to be very interesting. I think it might be safe to say this is the first of a new era as the youth movement wasn’t in full effect last time.