NXT – April 12, 2011 – Just let us look at Maryse

Date: April 12, 2011
Location: Times Union Center, Albany, New York
Commentators: William Regal, Todd Grisham

Another week here in NXT Land as hopefully we get the announcement of the first elimination.  This season has gone on for a long time already and thankfully they’ve shifted away from the whole obsession with challenges.  I can live with boring wrestling as that’s at least not harming my intelligence.  Also tonight we get Maryse’s decision and reply to DiBiase’s ultimatum last week.  Let’s get to it.

We recap last week’s stuff with Maryse and DiBiase.

Striker brings out Maryse who says she can find other millionaires besides Ted.  She picks NXT.  Well that was abrupt.  So she’s single now?  Anyway here are the Rookies.  The hosts go over the Redemption Points standings which are as follows:

O’Neil 9

Young 7

Saxton 4

Everyone Else 0

The challenge tonight is the Power of the Punch with the punching bag thing.  First up is Saxton who gets 649.  Second is Novak with 465.  Third is 469.  Regal wants royalties from the title of this.  O’Brian gets 770 to give Rat Boy the lead.  O’Neil blasts it to give him 801 and Cannon says he’s here to win championships and is above this so O’Neil wins.  Could they push this guy any stronger?  He gets four Redemption Points.  Cannon gets in Titus’ face and says this is about him rather than everyone else.  He hits on Maryse who more or less says get out of his face.

Cue Yoshi who gets between them.  Lucky gets mad at him and challenges Yoshi for a match and invites Maryse to be at ringside.

O’Neil vs. Young later.

First though: a new WWE trailer!!!  This is called “That’s What I Am” and it has Randy Orton and Ed Harris in it.  It’s set in the 60s and appears to be about bullying.  Orton looks to be in about one scene in it, which might be the best idea possible.

Titus O’Neil vs. Darren Young

Pre match Darren yells at Horny and calls him a bootleg leprechaun.  Chavo warns Darren, saying that Horny is tough.  Darren takes him down with ease and we’re in the chinlock less than a minute in.  After a two count it’s off to a Cravate.  Regal wants to eat Hornswoggle apparently.  Amazingly enough we get the explanation for the arm pose during Titus’ bark: it’s the symbol of his fraternity from college.  As we have that explained to us, Darren yells at Horny and gets rolled up by Titus for the pin at 2:30.  Match was dull while it lasted.

Post match Young beats up Titus with a gutbuster and goes after Horny.  Chavo tells Young to chill and focus so he lets Horny go.

Here’s JTG and we get a recap of his bet with Kozlov.  The idea is JTG can make Novak look more fly than Kozlov could make O’Brian a beast.  Regal talked to someone at Rosetta Stone (a company that helps you learn other languages) and figured out what they were talking about.  Funny stuff.

Here’s Novak, looking kind of like Slam Master J if you remember him.  Novak just says no as JTG hasn’t gotten him a single point.  Aren’t they just tiebreakers?  The guy that Vanilla Ice looks at and says “Dude you look like an idiot” yells at Regal about what Regal has been saying about him.  Whenever Regal is ready, Novak will show him what he can do.  It was meant as a threat.

Jacob Novak vs. Byron Saxton

Novak is in jeans here.  Regal talks about the people he’s helped along in their careers and how they’ve all turned on him.  He’s rather upset over this as Saxton gets a clothesline to put Novak on the floor.  Regal says he always wiped his feet before he got in the ring because that was his temple.  Regal is really ticked off about this actually and it’s kind of cool to hear.

No one is really taking over here until Saxton tries to get some offense going.  Bulldog gets two.  Regal is talking about Japanese wrestling for some reason.  He said wrestlers also so expect the debut of Arn Anderson on commentary next week.  Big boot by Novak ends this abruptly at 3:40.

Rating: D+. Well I think everyone knew that it would be Novak winning here which is fine.  He’s dying for some kind of character and I guess this is better than nothing.  They’re trying at least so points for that.  The problem is that Novak is boring both on the mic and in the ring.  If he was actually entertaining in any possible way this would help but he simply isn’t at all.

We get the Edge retirement speech last night.  It blows my mind that this is real still but if Edge is losing feeling in his arms and is that hurt, by all means he should retire.  There’s no reason for him to risk paralysis or death for the sake of one more run, especially when he’s got perhaps the best resume in WWE history.  I got to watch him earlier this year at a house show and he was awesome there and had probably the match of the night.  I won’t call it a shame though, as like I said if this makes his health last longer, more power to him.  This eats up about 10 minutes.

Lucky Cannon vs. Yoshi Tatsu

Maryse is on commentary here.  Regal doesn’t like the Titantron video of Tatsu because it’s mainly Regal getting kicked in the head.  Apparently Lucky’s nickname, Mr. Delish, is the name of a French dish made of potatoes and cheese.  Ok then.  Cannon says it’s about HIM and Maryse says it’s about her and as long as she has chocolate, credit cards and stilettos she’s happy.  All Cannon for the early part of this until Cannon walks into a kick to the head on the floor.  Yoshi takes over back in the ring and fires off some kicks.  Spin wheel kick off the top ends this clean at 3:08.

Rating: C-. Just a match here but the commentary was funny.  Maryse is wittier than you would give her credit for.  Not terrible but it played off the main story of the show which is the right idea for this show.  They don’t have much to work with so using it well like this is a good sign.  Not bad but just a bookend for the angle.

Maryse kisses Yoshi post match and his eyes are hilarious.

Overall Rating: B-. Amazingly enough this was a pretty entertaining show.  The lack of stupid challenges and the rise of WRESTLING MATCHES on here helps a lot.  I’m more than happy with three matches a night and one quick challenge.  They have small stories here but they really do need to cut some of the fat here.  Probably the best show of the season, which is a good sign.


Titus O’Neil won the Power of the Punch Challenge

Titus O’Neil b. Darren Young – Rollup

Jacob Novak b. Byron Saxton – Big Boot

Yoshi Tatsu b. Lucky Cannon – Top Rope Spinwheel Kick

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