Smackdown – May 13, 2011 – Best Show In A Good While

Date: May 13, 2011
Location: Bridgestone Arena, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: Michael Cole, Booker T, Josh Matthews

It should be interesting to see what happens on Smackdown now that we need to get ready for Over the Limit.  I’d assume we’ll have Randy vs. Christian announced but other than that it’s kind of hard to guess.  We’ll get the fallout from Big Zeke being thrown out of Corre so at least we have that to look forward to.  Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of Christian winning the title and the loss last week.  Both matches were rather good and no one can ever take the time Christian had as champion away.  He got his title, but naturally his fanboys are crying foul over it.  Yes it was a short reign, but he got his title, so be happy for him.

Here’s Christian in the arena to open the show.  He doesn’t have a problem with what Teddy did last week because it was for the fans and he’s cool with that.  If Teddy didn’t do what he did last week then he’s not doing his job.  Christian wants to congratulate the new champion, whose name gets a nice reaction.  The rematch at Over the Limit is confirmed.  Last week he learned that he can beat Orton….and here’s Sheamus.

Sheamus wants to congratulate Teddy for causing Christian to lose what he worked so hard for so quickly.  It’s about what the fans want and according to the Irishman, the fans want to see a match between Sheamus and Christian RIGHT NOW.  And here’s Mark Henry because a match between two guys that could have a rather entertaining match is something we can’t have without a fat tub of goo like Henry right?

Henry says Sheamus isn’t who the people want to see face Christian.  He’s a red headed stepchild that talks funny.  The people are here to see Henry.  A match between the evildoers is teased until Sheamus suggests a handicap match.  Christian jumps Henry but gets beaten down until Orton makes the save.

After a break, Teddy makes the obvious tag team main event.  Christian thanks Randy for the save and Orton says it was to make sure Christian was at 100% for the title match.

Chavo does the ring announcing for the next match.

Sin Cara vs. Daniel Bryan

What a shock that Bryan had a nice run to start and is now in the middle of the midcard with nothing of note going on at all.  Who would have seen that coming?  The lights are all dark again and Chavo talks about how Cara stole his moves again.  Technical stuff to start and it’s a standoff.  Nice armdrag by Cara but Bryan gets him on the mat and works over the arm.

The fans seem into this but you never can tell on Smackdown.  More armdrags take Bryan down and a Tajiri elbow sends him to the floor.  HUGE Swanton Dive to the floor as we take a break.  Bryan gets a missile dropkick for two as we’re back.  Daniel channels his inner Rockette with some kicks as Cara is in more trouble than he’s ever been.  Surfboard by Bryan which never ceases to amaze me.  Chavo is taking credit for all of these moves being his.

Off to the arm by Bryan as he’s controlled the majority of this.  The good thing about WWE bringing in the more indy/internationally seasoned guys is that it gives them a long list of guys like Primo and Kidd and Bryan that can work a different style if they have to and it’s no problem for them.  Nice addition as WWE keeps going international.  Cara gets a victory roll for two and makes his comeback.  Big cross body off the top gets two for the masked dude.

Cara speeds things up again but an attempt at a second handspring elbow gets caught in a LeBell Lock attempt.  Cara avoids it and we hit the floor as Bryan hits another kick.  Back to the ring and Bryan goes up, only to have Chavo grab his leg.  The distraction lets Cara hit an enziguri to set up the C4 from the top which ends things at 7:37 shown of 11:07.  Not sure if Cara saw Chavo or not but I don’t think he did.

Rating: B. Rather entertaining TV match here with Bryan more than being able to keep up with Cara and using his regular stuff to take down the high flier.  The Chavo stuff is a nice touch and I’m kind of curious as to where it leads.  Maybe something with Cara not knowing what Chavo is saying in English and Chavo saying something different to him in Spanish?  Either way, very good match here and fun stuff indeed.

Post match Cara sees what Chavo did on the replay and isn’t pleased.  Cara shoves him down to a face pop.

We recap the Corre stuff from last week which saw Jackson beat Show with Corre’s help despite him not wanting it.  They beat him up later in the night.

Trace Adkins is here.  He sang at Tribute to the Troops so we’re supposed to care I guess.

Here’s Layla not in wrestling gear.  She hurt her knee in the match at Extreme Rules but it was worth it to get rid of McCool.  And Cole cuts her off.  No one wants to hear about any of the Divas apparently so let’s talk about Jerry Lawler.  Cole rants about the whole HOF thing and says that his mom will love the HOF ring he’s getting from Lawler.  Layla is still in the ring and tells him to shut up.

Cole keeps running his mouth about the Divas, saying they shouldn’t be in the WWE.  And here’s Kharma as this should be interesting.  Cole laughs at Layla while Booker says she’s coming for Cole.  Layla tries to run but gets tripped by Cole.  Implant Buster to Layla as Cole runs his mouth.  Kharma isn’t pleased and Cole backpedals, running into the Colemine.  Kharma laughs at him and leaves.  Cole’s face is great.

Wade Barrett vs. Kane

Non-title I think.  Show is in Mexico this week apparently.  I wonder if he’ll get to buy one of Tito Santana’s enchiladas in Tijuana.  Kane actually grabs a headlock to take Barrett to the mat.  Surprisingly technical stuff here as Kane hits his seated dropkick for two.  Cole makes fun of Booker for mentioning a manager’s license which is rather true actually.  Kane fires off on Barrett who runs.  Cole was a cheerleader in college apparently as we take a break.

Back with Barrett choking in the corner but Kane counters a suplex to take over.  And scratch that as Barrett grabs the arm to take over again.  Back and forth match here to say the least.  Boss Man Slam gets two and it’s back to the arm.  Kane has apparently shrunk down to 6’8 now.  The shrinking monster gets a Samoan Drop to break it up.  So the Spaniard hit a Samoan on the Englishman?

Clothesline in the corner sets up a sideslam for no cover as Slater jumps up for a distraction.  Wasteland doesn’t work as Kane takes Barrett down.  There goes the tag team also thanks to Kane.  Top rope clothesline gets a big reaction surprisingly enough.  Chokeslam is loaded up but Slater and Gabriel run in for the DQ at 6:03 shown of 9:33.

Rating: C+. Not bad here again as Barrett’s in ring work is still something that I like.  Kane is a guy you’re going to get a passable match out of and he works well with other big men so this was a good choice for a match here.  Good little TV match as the first half of this show has been rather entertaining indeed.

Corre beats Kane down post match, including Wasteland and the setup for the 450 but here’s Zeke to his old music for the save.  He destroys Corre for a bit until Barrett gets a big boot in.  And never mind as Jackson spears him into the corner and destroys him.  Jackson gets caught by the tag team again and the beatdown is on again.  450 to Jackson and he’s done.

Here are Singh and Khali, in cowboy hats.  It’s time for a country music edition of the Khali Kiss Cam.  He’s a fan of country music apparently.  This is less of a Kiss Cam and more of looking for a chick for Khali to kiss.  It stops on some chick in the front row (shocking) who bears a striking resemblance to Rhonda Sing.  Just a quick kiss here from the chick named Joy and here’s Jinder Mahal.  He’s taller than he looks, probably about 6’4.  Mahla slaps the hat off Khali and yells in Hindi.  There’s another slap to Khali and Mahal leaves all ticked off.

DON’T BULLY PEOPLE!  And pay no attention to all the bullies we employ!

Ted DiBiase vs. Cody Rhodes

Who would have thought a year ago that Cody would be so far and away ahead of DiBiase?  No entrance for Ted either.  The bag people come out with Cody.  Cody says this is the part where he’s supposed to entertain the people right?  Let’s entertain the fact that he’s not the freak, but rather the people are the freaks.  Cody hands Ted a bag and calls him a Priceless Friend.  Ted throws it down and there’s the bell.

We actually hear about Legacy as Ted takes over as the default face.  There’s that dropkick by Cody but he gets caught in a small package for two.  They exchange some nice rollups and pinning combinations but Ted charges and hits the post to stop the speed dead.  Cody fires off some headbutts with the mask but Ted is fine from them apparently.  Following clothesline by Ted but he can’t hit Dream Street.  Beautiful Disaster sets up Cross Rhodes to end this at 3:15.

Rating: C+. Far better than I was expecting here as Ted is a far better face than a heel.  Cody is one of the coolest heels in a long time because he is into his character.  I’d bet a lot that his papa taught him how to do that, which goes to show what old school can do.  Cody comes off as a guy that actually is tormented and insane rather than playing someone who is tormented and insane which makes a world of difference.

Striker is with Corre who says they want Jackson to come back later.  Barrett challenges Zeke for an IC Title match at Over the Limit.  Didn’t see that one coming.

Randy Orton/Christian vs. Mark Henry/Sheamus

I think Christian’s pop might have been slightly bigger than Orton.  And never mind as Orton’s more or less doubled when he came through the curtain.  Oddly enough the good guys come out first.  Christian vs. Sheamus to start us off.  Booker talks about how Sheamus and Henry have no chemistry yet somehow Christian and Orton would have more.  Why?  Well no one ever accused Booker of making sense.

After some basic stuff with the starters, Henry comes in and runs…..he runs…..ok he waddles over Christian and takes him down but it’s off to Orton who has better luck.  Booker bashes Teddy for making Christian defend last week which is bogus but who cares about that.  We almost get a beatdown on the floor on Orton but Christian makes the save as we take a break.

Back with Henry working over Orton again but Orton gets a shot in to break that up.  Off to Christian who takes Henry down with a dropkick but gets caught ala Flair off the top.  Off to the pale one who hooks on the crossface chickenwing.  Back to Henry who stands on Christian’s chest for a bit.  Christian starts his comeback against Sheamus, hitting the reverse DDT and it’s hot tag time.

Elevated DDT is countered into the Irish Curse for two though and our hero is in trouble.  Brogue Kick misses and there’s the DDT.  Christian gets a blind tag and hits the Killswitch on Sheamus as Orton gets an RKO to Henry.  Christian pins Sheamus at 7:40 shown of 11:10.  They shake hands to end the show.

Rating: C. This was your run of the mill main event tag match.  Not a bad match or anything but at the same time there wasn’t much they were going to be able to do.  I’m not really sure what this accomplished as Henry and Sheamus I guess just want title shots but that’s only implied at the moment.  Either way, not bad but nothing of note at all.

Overall Rating: A-. This was an awesome show and the whole thing worked.  When the worst match is a passable tag match, it’s hard to complain about anything.  You had a bunch of stuff get advanced, a pair of title matches added to the PPV, advancement of some storylines and a new development with Kong going after Cole.  This was a very good show that did a lot in a hurry, which is always a good thing.


Sin Cara b. Daniel Bryan – Top Rope C4

Kane b. Wade Barrett via DQ when Corre interfered

Cody Rhodes b. Ted DiBiase – Cross Rhodes

Christian/Randy Orton b. Mark Henry/Sheamus – Killswitch to Sheamus


  1. Nate says:

    What do you mean you never know about the crowd reactions on Smackdown?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Canned noise.

  2. Jay says:

    Loved Smackdown again this week,I think its been better than RAW since the Draft a little bit. The Tag Match did its job setting up Orton/Christian for OTL. Sin Cara/Daniel Bryan was fantastic and the Chavo stuff is interesting. Barrett/Kane was pretty good,looking forward to the IC Title Match with Wade/Zeke for the PPV. Kharma nearly getting Cole was funny as hell and his face was priceless. Cody Rhodes/Ted Dibiase was good as well,really funny to see them go at it.