MITB Predictions

I’ll get used to putting these up eventually.

Anyway we have four major matches tomorrow night:



Christian vs. Orton

Punk vs. Cena

Your thoughts?

As for mine:

I’m going to go with Cena retaining by pin, Rey as a total in the dark pick, Orton to retain and I guess Cody to win MITB.  I have very little confidence there though so that is what it is.



  1. noahconstrictor says:

    I think Punk will win by pinfall or perhaps a screwy finish/ref like Breaking Point 2009, Del Rio will win RAW’s MITB, Orton will win, but Christian will use the bad ref clause, and either Cody or Barrett for Smackdown’s MITB.

  2. Rocko says:

    Orton will probably win to end the feud because who would challenge Christian if he won. I could also see Christian winning and a face cashing in the MITB to start Christian’s complaining that he was screwed again. I will go with Orton winning.

    Unless a new contract is in place, Punk has zero% (even if he does, I still don’t see him beating Cena) chance of walking out as WWE champion. Cena will probably win.

    I think Barrett should win (he needs the momentum) but I think Sheamus will win. I don’t think Rhodes needs it, he already has things going for him.

    Rio needs to either win this or be in the title picture soon. He has been drifting around for a while and needs something to do badly. Truth is my dark horse.