The Vince Situation

What do you all think about it?

My thoughts:

As you all know, last night the WWE board of directors gave Vince a vote of no confidence, resulting in Vince being relieved of his duties to allow HHH to take over said job.  In short, this should be a very interesting story especially with the wild card aspect of Punk being out there somewhere as world champion.  I could see Punk coming back to aide a humbled Vince as a hired gun to help Vince come back into the leadership position.

As for HHH, that’s a very interesting aspect as well.  HHH as an on screen authority figure is a great touch, especially considering he can have a quick physical fight with someone if he has to.  Unlike Vince, it wouldn’t have to be a street fight every time so we could get some longer stuff.  I can live with that, especially since HHH can probably still bring it.  He’s also a very old school mind for the business, which is possibly what the company needs.  Should be very interesting indeed.

Your thoughts?


  1. noahconstrictor says:

    The only flaw I see with what you think will happen is this: Why would Punk want to help Vince? Vince tried to hire him back, but as far as we’ve seen on RAW, Punk HATES Vince.

  2. FunKay says:

    It would make more sense fro Triple H to get Punk back into the company. Very interesting month coming up. Where does Cena fit in with a long term foe in HHH in charge?