Hardcore Justice Predictions

The show is tomorrow but I was really busy last night so I didn’t get this up.

TNA’s latest PPV offering is tomorrow with the main event being Angle vs. Sting.  With not much else going on, here are my thoughts:

I think Sting will hold onto the title, likely through some form of shenanigans.  They’ll try to have an epic match which will probably be a step beneath what they had intended.  Other than that, Daniels to join Immortal and new tag champions.  With nothing else of note on the show, any thoughts on it?

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  1. Jay says:

    Yeah im kinda with you on this one. Only Match I really care to see is Sting/Kurt Angle though I don’t think it will be the “epic” Match they trying to make it out to be. Im sure something will happen since TNA can’t have a Main Event without something or someone interfering in it.

    Other than that New Tag Team Champions,Daniels Heel turn,and the rest will be just there. Saving my money for Summerslam.