The HHH/Nash/Punk/Del Rio Stuff

What are your thoughts on it?  I haven’t really thought it through yet so what are your ideas so I can steal them and make myself look smarter?


  1. newc868 says:

    I would’ve liked for Cena to not be involved now with Del Rio in the main event but I guess it does open Punk to feud with others before going back for the title at a later point.

    I think they could spin it off to someone like the Raw GM – I mean the Raw GM was in charge for so long and now Triple H becomes COO and the GM does effectively nothing now. Teddy Long still remains mostly in control of Smackdown and Triple H appears on that so I think the Raw GM could be a good idea. That said you’d need someone to be the Mystery Raw GM and so that’s where it could spin back to being Vince who was the Mystery GM all this time.

    He could’ve sensed a coup d’etait (sp) coming and gave himself an ‘insurance policy’ to remain in the company. Vince still has millions and millions so clearly he could’ve paid for Nash and he could also have had someone else send the text for him so he’s almost got a little stable forming – maybe Del Rio, Vince and Nash. Vince and Del Rio bring the money, Nash brings insurance. Just a thought (long one at that as well).

  2. Muffin Top Merkley says:

    The best things about all of this is that it leaves it open for a number of possibilities. The WWE has a number of options in how they want this to play out. HHH, Steph, Vince, John Laurinaitis, Del Rio etc.

    Lately, I’ve found the WWE to be very exciting and entertaining to watch, which is something that it wasn’t a couple of years ago, my only fear with this is that once its all said and done, the reveal would have been someone expected and not special.