Favorite Stable

What is your favorite group of horses that attracts flies as Bobby Heenan so eloquently put it?

My pick:

Honestly no one stands out for me.  There are a bunch I’ve liked but nothing is really coming to my mind.  I guess I’d go with the Horsemen due to the originality of them and them having the revolving door of awesome.  That pick would probably change at any given time though.


Your picks?


  1. D-Generation X.

    They were edgy, rebellious, and everyone could deliver some pretty entertaining promos, especially Road Dogg and Billy Gunn. Also, Chyna’s presence was refreshing. She brought something new to the table, because she was the bad ass muscular chick, who could kick your ass. I also enjoyed the McMahon-Helmsley era version of DX.

    And yes, I did enjoy DX 2006 and DX 2009-2010. I know a lot of people weren’t too crazy about these versions of DX, because seeing two men who were in their 40’s and late 30’s act like a couple of wild college frat boys seemed ridiculous, but this stuff didn’t bother me. Why? Because HHH and Shawn STILL managed to entertain me. The stuff with the Spirit Squad was hilarious, and I loved the feud with Vince and Shane. The feud was done so well, and the Hell In A Cell match at Unforgiven 2006 was very good. This match was very brutal and violent, and the stuff with Rated RKO wasn’t bad either. DX 2009-2010 had a series of great matches with Leagcy, JeriShow, and the match with The Hart Dynasty (on Smackdown for the tag titles) was pretty good. I also enjoyed the stuff leading up to Shawn VS Taker II (Shawn’s desperation to have one more match with the Deadman). This was one was of this lengthy and well thought out storylines, and the build felt so epic.

    Shawn and Triple H delivered with the DX reformations, and I loved every second of it. Sure, they weren’t as raunchy and vulgar as before, but their reunions still provided some great nostalgia for me.

    I would probably pick the NWO as my second favorite stable. I was still a kid when the original NWO formed, and they were the main reason why I watched WCW. The NWO provided some great childhood memories for me, and this stable always makes me think of the Monday Night Wars. I enjoyed the core group of the NWO (Hall, Nash, and Hogan) but this stable started to go down hill, when they decided to add soooo many members. There were way too many people in the NWO, and that stable became a gigantic clusterfuck as time went on.

  2. Anton82 says:

    I’d be lying if I didn’t say the NWO was my favorite. A stable never seemed as important to me as the NWO did, until it got diluted and repetitive.

  3. BJ says:

    Diamonds r 4eva and so r The Four Horsemen Wooooo!!!!

    Greg Reply:

    English please.