No Surrender Predictions

The show is tomorrow and I forgot to put this up until now.


There are only two things that matter so here are my picks for them:Given how they’ve changed the finals of the tournament from a fourway at the beginning to a tournament (I might have imagined that one since it makes the most sense) to whoever has the most points, I have no idea who is winning it.  I mean it’s not like TNA did anything on Impact to make us care about the matches or tell us who needs to do what to win for people that were being sold on the PPV at the last show, but that would have made sense and is why TNA never grows its audience.  I’ll take Roode for lack of anyone better.


As for the main event I’ll take Angle I guess but I’m not caring about the match or the show much at all.


Your picks?  You can predict any of the matches of course.

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  1. Your Eternal Reward says:

    Purely because I don’t think TNA likes their world champions holding the title for more then a month I’m going to guess Bully Ray and Anderson will win their respective matches so we can get the grand fight of Anderson vs Bully Ray at Bound for Glory. Just on a pure whim I’m also guessing the finals of the tournament will be Roode vs Ray with Storm shockingly turn on Roode starting a feud between BMi for BFG followed by Storm probably ending up in a tag team with Gunner as Roode forms a tag team with EY again only for them to join up once more within a month as heels to fight the new tag champions Devon and Dinero.

    Bully Ray for World Champion at BFG!