Monday Night Raw – September 26, 2011 – HIAC: Heading Into A Crap Show

Monday Night Raw
Date: September 26, 2011
Location: Sprint Center, Kansas City, Missouri
Commentators: Jim Ross, Michael Cole, Booker T

Since we’re 8 days removed from Night of Champions and the WWE is stupid, this is the last Raw before Hell in a Cell. The main event is already set so I’d expect a lot of stuff being added in to fill up the midcard tonight. Also we should probably get some more on the firings of R-Truth and Miz tonight as we got some advancement in the whole big story last week. Let’s get to it.

Booker is in on commentary instead of Jerry due to Henry’s attack last week.

The Cell is hanging above the ring.

Alberto vs. Punk in the main event tonight.

Here’s HHH to open things up to a big ovation. He wants to explain the firings last week. The firings were due to this, and we throw it to a video about Truth and Miz freaking out post Night of Champions and about the events of the PPV and last week. After the video HHH says he didn’t buy the apology but he used them for one more main event then fired them. The fine however will still be paid but by Mark Henry for his attacks last week.

HHH says no one is bigger than the WWE and he’ll always do what is right for the company…and here are Vickie and Dolph. Dolph complains about getting his jaw broken by Hugh Jackman and the headlines on news sites because of it. He wants to know what HHH plans to do about it. HHH takes some not so subtle shots at Dolph and offers Dolph security for when the Muppets are here next month.

Cue Cody Rhodes who complains about Orton hitting him with the bell in the head and needing 9 staples to close it. Why wasn’t Orton fired or fined? HHH talks about how a few years ago Orton attacked his wife while HHH was handcuffed (nice touch by pointing out that Rhodes was there helping) and then he beat up Orton on Orton’s front line. Rhodes needs to man up. This draws out Christian who says HE was wronged the most by Sheamus for throwing him back into the ring against Henry. “It was a lumberjack match idiot.”

Christian threatens a huge lawsuit but won’t do it for the sake of one more match. That’s what Christian will get. At HIAC he’s getting one more match, but it’s against Sheamus. This Friday Christian gets one more match against Randy Orton. Tonight Christian gets one more match against John Cena. “Is it for the title?” “No.” Christian freaks out and leaves.

Ziggler yells some more and is told he has to defend the US Title tonight against Ryder. HHH says WOO WOO WOO You Know It. Cody is the last one in the ring and HHH gives him the night off. Cody says give yourself the night off. HHH doesn’t like this and says Cody is defending tonight. Every time Cody complains the match is upgraded. It goes from a triple threat to a fatal fourway to a ten man battle royal in about 15 seconds. The battle royal is up next. Cool.

Intercontinental Title: Battle Royal

Cody Rhodes, John Morrison, Ezekiel Jackson, Drew McIntyre, Sin Cara, Ted DiBiase, Alex Riley, Daniel Bryan, Sheamus, Justin Gabriel

Cara gets an entrance and it’s the original blonde. Good pop for Sheamus and those are the only two who get entrances. Cody hits the floor quickly and Drew is beaten down and tossed in about 15 seconds. The other Sin Car comes in and takes the original’s place. Bryan tosses him a second later so we’re down to 8 in less than a minute. The original hits a rana off the steps to the fake one but isn’t allowed to go back in.

Cody is back in the ring now and Ted is all over him. Gabriel skins the cat and pulls Riley to the apron with him. Sheamus misses the Brogue Kick but takes Riley out anyway. A double axe puts Gabriel out and we’re down to six. Make that four as Jackson throws out Bryan and Morrison in a double backdrop. Sheamus and Jackson (Legacy are the other two remaining guys) go at it in the big brawl and Jackson is beaten down quickly.

Ted tries to sneak in with Dream Street but gets put on the top rope and knocked out. Beautiful Disaster puts down Sheamus but Jackson throws Rhodes….to the apron. Jackson charges like an idiot and is tossed to get us down to Rhodes vs. Sheamus. Sheamus gets ready for the Cross but Christian comes out for the distraction. Cody can’t toss Sheamus in the distraction though so Sheamus tries a Brogue Kick and gets caught on the apron. Cody takes the mask off but Sheamus gets a shot in to block it. Christian distracts him though and a mask shot ends Sheamus at 4:34 for Cody to retain.

Rating: D+. Battle royals are hard to grade but this was pretty weak. They had some drama at the end which helped but people went out so fast that it was hard to get into it. With a person going out about every 30 seconds there’s only so much you can do as far as getting into this. Not a very good match and not very interesting.

Christian rams Sheamus’ arm into the post and yells a lot.

We get a clip of Henry beating Jerry down last week.

David Otunga says that he’s got a law degree (and he has the bowtie to prove it) and Johnny Ace says maybe he should do something about the safety of people.

Video on Kelly Kelly.

Kelly Kelly/Eve Torres vs. Natalya/Beth Phoenix

Eve has changed her hair and it’s not working for me as bangs are never my thing. Beth and Eve get us started but it’s off to Natalya quickly who interlocks her legs with Eve’s and rolls her over so that their legs are both up in the air and it’s torquing her back and neck. That looks awesome. Back to Beth and off to Kelly who does her usual stuff including a spank and the screaming headscissors. Eve misses a charge but Kelly throws Natalya out anyway. Beth gets the Glam Slam and we’re done at 3:17.

Rating: D. Ok so let’s see. It’s taken us two PPVs and two Raw matches to get us to the point where we all knew it was going eventually: Beth beats up Kelly and pins her with the Glam Slam. Is there any reason it took us this long? I’m guessing Kelly somehow blames Eve because Kelly is the special angel that can’t do anything wrong or whatever so Eve has to turn out of it. Bad match but that’s expected.

Mark Henry vs. Great Khali

Khali only weighs 350lbs now. Before the match Henry hits Khali in the head with the world title and hits him with the Slam. Henry yells a lot and leaves while only sweating a few buckets, which is normal for him. No match.

Here’s Cena to get into the Cell which is halfway lowered. The fans pop big for Cena holding up the title. He talks about this Sunday and it’s going to be the first triple threat ever in the Cell. Cena talks about how this Sunday he’s going to use the Cell as a problem solver to prove he’s the best. He plays up the brutality of the match and says he doesn’t lose it Sunday.

This brings out Alberto as well as Punk in a sports coat for commentary on the next match.

John Cena vs. Christian

Yes we have 5 people on commentary tonight. Christian is launched into the ceiling quickly and Punk argues with Alberto almost immediately. Alberto yells and Punk says Alberto is half naked. Christian takes over with high impact stuff but misses a swan dive. Cena fires off the shoulders but the Proto Bomb is countered. Killswitch doesn’t work either and there’s the Bomb. There’s the Shuffle but Christian runs before the AA can hit. They go to the floor and onto the table where Alberto jumps Punk. Christian gets a shot in on Cena but runs into the AA. And here’s Alberto for the DQ at 3:20.

Rating: C-. The stuff we got was ok but this was barely enough to grade. I don’t get how this really pushes forward the match but maybe they should have more than 13 days to promote the thing? That would make sense though so we’ll have to throw that explanation out the window. Not much to see here.

US Title: Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler

If this actually happens….I can’t say I’d really be complaining. Before the match we get a recap of last week’s Jackman stuff. Ziggler goes right at him and Ryder is in trouble. Swagger is at ringside too. A splash in the corner misses for Dolph and his head cracks the buckle. Ryder pounds him down and does the Woo Woo Woo kick in the corner. Vickie is on the apron and the Rough Ryder misses. Swagger clotheslines Ryder on the ropes and the Zig Zag keeps the title on Ziggler at 2:03.

Post match the Vickie Family tries to beat Ryder down but Air Boom’s pyro messes up and they run out for the save. Teddy Long comes out and makes a six man. Vickie has until after the commercial to find a third man. If she can’t, it’s a handicap match.

Air Boom/Zack Ryder vs. Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger

There’s no third man nor Vickie when we come back so it’s 3-2. Swagger vs. Kofi to get us going and Kofi takes over quickly. Off to Bourne who doesn’t do as well because he’s Evan Bourne and it’s his job to be destroyed a lot. Swagger goes way old school and hooks on the Rings of Saturn. Kofi comes in off a hot tag and hits a cross body which isn’t nearly as good as most of his usual ones.

He does the jumping ten punches in the corner to Swagger and Vickie comes back with Mason Ryan with longer hair. Do was have a Vickie Family now? The African escapes a German from the All-American and brings in Ryder. Ryder gets to meet Ryan….who beats up Swagger instead and tags in Ziggler by slamming him into the ring. A spinning release Rock Bottom leaves Ziggler dead and the Rough Ryder pins Ziggler at 6:31.

Rating: C-. Pretty weak match but the ending was a good thing as we have a reason for a third match now, possibly at the PPV. Ryder has a chance to get a big push and this might be the right time to do it. Air Boom is getting some traction and that’s what they need to do at this point. Pretty boring match and it’s pretty clear that they weren’t all that into it out there.

Video on the Cell which we saw last week.

We run down the PPV card and Kelly defends against Beth again. JR: “Beth finally gets her opportunity.” I’m leaving that one alone.

Otunga talks to Christian, Vickie, Dolph and Cody about a lawsuit and says it’s important they’re all together in this.

Alberto Del Rio vs. CM Punk

Cena is out for commentary. CM pounds him down quickly and we head to the floor. Punk throws Del Rio in Cena’s direction and Johnny isn’t thrilled with it. Back inside Alberto takes Punk’s head off with a kick to take over. This is more of a brawl than a match. Punk pounds him down in the corner and then fires off the knee lifts. Del Rio lands an enziguri to send Punk to the floor and we take a break.

Back with Del Rio escaping the GTS and getting two on a DDT. A kick to the head gets two and it’s time for arm work. Punk’s arm goes into the post and a dropkick gets two. Del Rio is sent to the floor and Ricardo freaks. Back in a big kick misses for Punk and Del Rio stuns the arm. It’s good that he’s showing psychology here which is something you rarely miss with Del Rio. That’s such a nice breath of air.

They slug it out and Punk sells the arm by shaking it a bit. A leg lariat/kick to the face takes Del Rio down and there’s the knee/bulldog combination but the bulldog is countered. A Codebreaker to the arm gets two and Alberto is fired up. Punk fires off some kicks and that’s enough for the pin (yes, a non-finisher got a pin) at 12:02.

Rating: C. Not bad here and the ending is a nice touch here but I’m not entirely sure what the point of it was. I mean…Del Rio looks totally weak here which means he’s probably going to win the title back on Sunday because that’s how WWE rolls. Nothing impressive here but it could have been a lot worse I guess.

The Cell lowers and Ricardo is trapped inside with all three of them. He takes both finishers and the Super Best Friends escape finishers before Del Rio smacks them both with a chair and lays them out.

Overall Rating: D+. I wasn’t feeling this one at all. Two weeks is not enough time to set up a PPV and that’s all there is to it. I mean there’s nothing else to say about it and the build for this Sunday’s show proves it. The show doesn’t feel developed at all and it’s like “hey let’s just throw everyone into the Cell and hope for the best.” The match should be ok but there’s no reason for this to be in the cage. Tonight’s show felt like it was trying to piece together a PPV using glue and paperclips and that’s not something I’d ever pay $45 to see. Weak Raw and a horrible buildup show.

Cody Rhodes won a battle royal last eliminating Sheamus
Natlya/Beth Phoenix b. Kelly Kelly/Eve Torres – Glam Slam to Kelly Kelly
John Cena b. Christian via disqualification when Alberto Del Rio interfered
Dolph Ziggler b. Zach Ryder – Zig Zag
Air Boom/Zack Ryder b. Jack Swagger/Dolph Ziggler/Mason Ryan – Rough Ryder to Ziggler
CM Punk b. Alberto Del Rio – High Kick


  1. Anton82 says:

    I can’t believe they expect people to spend hard earned money to order this ppv. I mean, they’re kidding me right? Looks like I’ll be taking my usual fall hiatus now and come out of hibernation around royal rumble time. I hate Cena, I hate del rio, punk has lost major steam, HHH is crap. When Mark freaking Henry is my favorite thing about wrestling, it’s time to take a break. Keep up the good work on the retro reviews kb, I’ll be reading

  2. Muffin Top Merkley says:

    I enjoyed this week’s Raw, as a stand-alone episode of Raw. As a go-home to a PPV, it failed. If there was at least one more week before the PPV, it would’ve been more of a success.

    The biggest fault here, is the lack of time between the Night of Champions PPV and the Hell in a Cell PPV. How can anything develop to the point where someone could invest actual emotion or interest in the matches, nonetheless invest time and money.

    I just finished Raw, and aside from the two main events, I can’t think of another match that is on the card.

  3. noahconstrictor says:

    Completely agree MTM. Looking at Raw as a normal Raw, I enjoyed it. I personally enjoy battle royals, so I was happy with the short one, and all the matches were short and decent, and the beginning of Raw was pretty good.

    As for Hell in a Cell, WHY?!?!?!? Why ruin the most brutal match next to Elimination Chamber by making it a gimmick PPV TWO WEEKS after the last one? Hell in a Cell is supposed to be the match that 2 guys who HATED each other had. Now, we get Orton vs. Henry in a barely started feud in a HiaC? Complete and utter stupidity, and I can’t wait to see the horrendous buy-rate for this dumbass PPV.

  4. Jay says:

    Well I thought RAW did a good job of building up the PPV with the limited time between it and Night Of Champions. I plan to get HIAC since I watched NOC on the Internet a couple weeks ago.

  5. newc868 says:

    It’s nice to see that they’re actually going to do something with Otunga on his own – specifically his Law degree. That looks promising and atm there’s quite an anti-HHH faction being built up which I think could lead to something down the line at Survivor Series – possibly Team Lauranitis vs Team HHH?

    I have to agree with MTM – as a Raw on it’s own, this is fine but as a lead-in show, it scraps to do as much as it can. I think next year it’ll likely be scrapped (as should one or two more) to possibly give SSeries a 6 week build which this year, it seems perfect for.

    Mason Ryan is an interesting development with an apparent face turn. Although I’m also wondering about Joe Henning/Michael McStupidname, will he return later as Perfect Jr?