Ring of Honor – October 1, 2011 – It’s An Improvement

Ring of Honor
Date: October 1, 2011
Location: Frontier Fieldhouse, Chicago Ridge, Illinois
Commentators: Kevin Kelly, Nigel McGuinness

It’s week two after the disaster that was their debut episode. Tonight it’s the TV Title on the line as El Generico defends against Jay Lethal who apparently wasn’t a fan of being Macho Lethal, even though it’s the only time anyone actually cared about him. Let’s see if they can break that streak of 30 minutes with no wrestling this time. Let’s get to it.

After a quick recap of last week, here’s the intro video.

It only took them a week to tell us that Nigel is a former world champion.

We open the show with an interview. Yeah because nothing says wrestling like TALKING. It’s Haas/Benjamin to talk about how they’re the best team in the company but especially want the Briscoes, a legendary ROH tag team. They’re the team that beat down the champions after the four team elimination match, a beatdown we now see for the third time in two weeks. Haas and Benjamin have no problem putting the titles on the line RIGHT NOW. Cornette says he doesn’t want to reward the Briscoes for what they did. Haas and Benjamin say they’ll fight them one way or another.

Here’s a video on The Prodigy Mike Bennett. Cornette talks about how great he is but Bennett is a joke. He looks a bit like Mike Sanders from WCW. Bennett wants to be a movie star and has a trainer named Bob Evans who looks like a young Mickey from Rocky. Yeah he’s just a cocky heel that apparently has talent.

Mike Bennett vs. Jimmy Jacobs

Jacobs’ manager is Steve Corino and they’re trying to repent for past sins in ROH. Here’s the opening bell for the first match, 18 minutes into the show. And now we have an opening focused on the idea that Jacobs won’t hit him. Bennett takes over with really basic stuff and we have a Tweet of the Week which says “You should watch ROH because I’m Batman and Batman says so.” Seriously? I mean seriously?

Jacobs sends him to the floor and misses a dive to shift the little momentum he had going. Bennett pounds away with some of the most generic offense I’ve ever seen. Jacobs no sells a kick to the face and takes over with a clothesline and a neckbreaker. He sets for a tornado DDT but instead lands on his feet and hits a top suplex for two. Bennett grabs a spinebuster for two. Sliced Bread gets two for Jacobs. A senton backsplash eats knees and a sitout Rock Bottom called the Box Office Smash ends this at 5:56.

Rating: D+. Boring match here as Bennett is nothing interesting in the slightest. He’s as generic of a heel as you could ask for and easily could be one of the FCW guys that the IWC thinks is killing wrestling. Nothing to see here and I thought Jacobs was supposed to be something important in this company.

A fan thinks El Generico will win tonight.

Eddie Edwards talks about how he got the name Die Hard. He hurt his elbow and fought the next day so it was a huge deal.

Richards talks about facing Roderick Strong next week. I like Roderick but can’t stand Richards so maybe it’ll be better. Richards sums the match up well: “We’re fighting because we don’t like each other and we never have.” I can live with that.

Roderick says he’ll beat Richards.

TV Title: Jay Lethal vs. El Generico

Well they have a lot of time for this one at least with over 20 minutes to go. And never mind as Kelly tells us there’s a 15 minute time limit. McGuinness wants to know why he’s more tanned than Generico who is from Mexico. Generico speeds things up to take over early. Lethal is like “I can do moves that are flashy but don’t really hurt that much either!” Backbreaker gets two for Lethal but Lethal hooks on some weird surfboard variation with a Texas Cloverleaf leg grip.

Dropkick gets two for Lethal. Generico speeds things up with arm drags and hits a huge swan dive over the top to take Lethal out as we go to a break. Back with Lethal in control after Generico hit a moonsault off the guardrail. Ok scratch that as Generico gets two off something we missed while watching a replay. Lethal gets a sunset flip for two. This isn’t much of a match but indy fans would love it.

They slug it out and Lethal is sent to the top for a missile dropkick. With three minutes remaining in a 15 minute time limit we’re heading for a time limit draw (at the 12 minute mark that is). Lethal Injection gets two. Generico walks the corner and hits most of a tornado DDT for two. There’s a minute left. Blue Thunder Bomb (go play No Mercy for a description) gets two and we have thirty seconds left. Time expires at 12:40 which is including the commercial time.

Rating: C+. I couldn’t get into this one as well as I was supposed to I don’t think. There wasn’t much of a story to it other than two not very high fliers doing their thing. It wasn’t bad or anything but it wasn’t this epic confrontation that they were shooting for. Still though, pretty good although the ending is kind of stupid. Oh of course that isn’t the finish.

At 2:54 Jim Cornette comes out and says we have three minutes left in the show so put three minutes on the clock and get to it.

They slug it out like crazy after being all respectful. Generico hits the Yakuza kick and a half nelson suplex for two. Generico loads up the Brainbuster but Lethal escapes and goes up for a top rope elbow but Generico moves and the Brainbuster is blocked again. There’s the elbow for two. A snap suplex sets up a second Yakuza kick but Lethal counters with a superkick and the Lethal Combination (called the Injection here) for the pin and the title at 2:24 of overtime. The overtime was better than the regular match.

And again we go off the air at 2:58. What’s up with that?

Overall Rating: C-. Well it was a little better than last week but it still was better than nothing. They need to get this fascination about pointless promos and talking out of the way. ROH’s philosophy seems to be why should we show you how tough Eddie Edwards is when we can just tell you how tough he is? I could get into this show more if these promos and talks actually lead to something but this is approaching Superstars from the 80s levels of random matches. Not impressed but it was better than last week for sure.

Mike Bennett b. Jimmy Jacobs – Box Office Smash
Jay Lethal b. El Generico – Lethal Injection


  1. Mando>Eddie says:

    Since you review all the national TV wrestling shows why haven’t you started tackling Lucha Libre USA: Masked Warriors on MTV2 on Sat. mornings?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I really don’t want to. Plus I didn’t know it existed.

  2. Mando>Eddie says:

    This week’s episode had the debut of Petey Williams and a Tatanka cameo during a midgets poker game! What’s not to love?

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I can think of a few things based off that.