Bound For Glory 2011 Predcitions and Thoughts

It’s the biggest TNA show of the year so I probably should have a thread about it.

My thoughts:I’m cautiously optimistic about the double main event because it should lead to the downfall of Immortal which has been needed for the last few months.  However, this is TNA we’re talking about so do you really expect them to get something this simple right?  I’m hoping for Roode over Angle, but that really does nothing for me.  It’ll be a good match, but it’s not something that brings to mind a classic when I think of it.  Roode feels like a tag wrestler who is hot right now.  This feels like it should be at Against All Odds, not BFG.

As for Hogan vs. Sting…..I’m not getting any hopes up.  It feels like it will be a total disaster.  Hogan has said he’s not taking any bumps in this and in this situation I think he’s telling the truth.  Other than that, I don’t know what to hope for here other than hopefully it’s VERY short.  This is going to be in Philadelphia and the fans are either going to love this or it’ll be as popular as a “no beer” sign on a Saturday night in the south.

Oh and the “no interference” thing in both mains is laughable.

Your thoughts/predictions for any part of the card?

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  1. Jay says:

    Im about the same mind set as you KB about this PPV. Up until before Hogan said Roode wasn’t ready to be Champion I thought he was going to win it but now I dunno what will happen. Im really dreading Sting/Hogan since Hulk said he won’t take any bumps in the Match. Id like to think BFG will be TNA’s 1st decent PPV in forever but this is them we are talking about.

    RVD/Jerry Lynn & AJ/Daniels should be decent but again nothing we haven’t seen out of them before. Anderson/Bubba Ray Im a little meh on and really don’t have a preference as to who will/should win because it won’t matter in the end on that one.

    The good part is its in Philadelphia so that Crowd should be into it I would think. They are a good Wrestling City whether its WWE or whoever.