Monday Night Raw – May 14, 2001 – Run Taker Run

Monday Night Raw
Date: May 14, 2001
Location: US Bank Arena, Cincinnati, Ohio
Attendance: 12,022
Commentators: Jim Ross, Paul Heyman

We’re just one week away from the big tag match but first we have one more show to get through. It’s the go home show for Judgment Day which is pretty much the end of the Two Man Power Trip vs. the Brothers so we’re going to be through that. There isn’t much else here to talk about so let’s get to it.

We open with a video from Smackdown of Taker waiting on Austin all night, including chilling in his locker room and stealing the vest. This includes a clip of Vince hitting Taker in the back with a chair that was in the Smackdown intro for awhile. Kane made his return to make the save.

Here’s Austin to open the show and he gets a solid reaction. They just didn’t want to boo him. Here’s the Game as well. Steph gives her husband a big introduction and isn’t quite that big herself yet. HHH says Kane should have just stayed away, but Kane couldn’t just stay away. For some reason, HHH offers Kane an IC Title match at the PPV in a chain match. HHH wants Kane here now but it’s Austin’s turn to talk.

He says he’ll keep the title and he doesn’t need to jump people from behind like Taker did to him. Austin demands more respect. For some reason, he wants to defend the tag titles against the Brothers. What’s up with the brave heels tonight? Austin says the tall ones won’t do it because they can’t and that draws out Taker.

Taker doesn’t approve of being called a coward and says he’s looking for someone brave enough to fight him. On behalf of Kane, Taker accepts HHH’s challenge which Kane would win. The tag title match is on too. Taker says that Austin said he doesn’t like traps. That means he’s not going to like this then and cue Kane’s fire. Kane pops up out of nowhere and they chase off the champs.

Kurt comes in to see Regal and it’s Kurt vs. Rikishi tonight. If Kurt wins, he gets to pick the kind of match he and Benoit have on Sunday.

Kurt Angle vs. Rikishi

Kurt tries to get behind him and suplex Rikishi and after about two seconds he goes over and hammers away instead. A clothesline puts Angle on the floor and we slug it out on the outside for a bit. Kurt avoids a drop and tries to hammer away but Rikishi is too big. They go into the corner and Rikishi loads up the Stinkface but here’s Regal for the DQ. Angle hits the Slam post match. Regal would beat Rikishi on Sunday where Rikishi would hurt I believe his shoulder and would be out until December. This match was nothing and pretty short.

There are cops on the way to find Taker.

Crash comes up to talk to Molly and he doesn’t like her talking to Spike. These two aren’t good talkers at all. Crash has a Hardcore Title match tonight. He’s only a 12 time champion here and says you can’t trust a Dudley.

Malenko wants to know what’s up with Eddie and Lita/Matt/Jeff. Saturn says Eddie is either with them or against them in the tag match tonight.

Here’s Trish who has music now. She says Vince won’t approve of this. The fans want to see more of her. Maybe they’d like to see more of all the Divas. There’s a new Diva video and here’s a clip of it. Lita and Trish in bikinis is never a bad thing.

The cops are talking to Taker in the locker room. The cop comes out and Taker bolts out the door. After a break the cop says Taker’s wife had a car accident and Taker is being escorted there. And you know that no one has ever lied about something like that in wrestling.

Hardy Boys vs. Perry Saturn/Dean Malenko

Lita is getting ready for a match later so the Hardys are on their own. Jeff and Perry start us off. Whisper in the Wind gets two and it’s off to Dean who cheats a bit. Dean works on the leg for a bit as JR gets the upcoming show announcements in. Everything breaks down and Perry has a chair from somewhere. Eddie steals it from him and the Twist of Fate ends Saturn. This was even shorter than the other match.

Post match Eddie clocks Saturn with the chair and officially turns face. Eddie would be gone from the company by the end of the month and wouldn’t be back for almost a year due to going to rehab and then getting released for a drunk driving arrest.

Austin talks to the cop and asks how Taker took the news. He’s a bit too happy about Taker being gone.

Hardcore Title: Crash vs. Rhyno

Crash speeds things up to start and hits a dive on the floor for two. A top rope trashcan lid shot to the head gets two. Rhyno takes over with a big shot and covers but Spike pops up out of nowhere to put Crash’s foot on the rope. Rhyno gets up and Gores Crash for the quick pin anyway. Crash beats up Spike post match. That was kind of odd.

Kane arrives in gear and Regal says it’s a handicap main event. If Kane doesn’t fight, both he and Taker are fired.

Edge/Christian vs. Chris Benoit/Chris Jericho

Benoit still has Angle’s medals. Jericho vs. Christian to start but it’s off to the Canadian quickly. Oh wait that needs some more doesn’t it? It’s Benoit who beats on Christian for awhile, mainly with chops. Edge comes in and walks into a German from The Canadian. Edge breaks up a Crossface attempt and Christian takes over for a bit. The reverse DDT is countered into another Crossface attempt and another Edge save. I know he carried the team for awhile but this is ridiculous.

Off to Edge legally and they chop it out for a bit. The only one of these four that is still active comes in and chokes away. Edge and Christian didn’t really have any big kind of offensive repertoire at this point so them winning in a way other than cheating or a rollup or the occasional spear was rare. Benoit dives for a tag but Christian makes another save.

Benoit finally gets a hot tag a few seconds later and things speed up a lot. Jericho hooks the Walls on Edge but now Christian makes the save. It’s Conchairto time but they miss, sending the chairs together. Benoit dropkicks the chairs into their faces and here’s Angle to steal his medals back. Jericho hits a Lionsault on Edge for the pin.

Rating: C. Not bad here and it’s really a tuneup for Benoit/Jericho taking the tag titles next Monday. They would be in a tag team turmoil match on Sunday to get the shot. Edge and Christian were on their final legs as a team here because they’ve outgrown the division and have nothing left to prove. It would take Christian years to get over as a singles guy though.

Angle celebrates on the ramp with his medals but Benoit says he hopes Angle finds them sweet, because they’re made of candy. He pulls the real medals out of his tights and says come get them on Sunday.

Post break Angle is still ticked and doesn’t know what he’s going to pick for the stipulations on Sunday.

Jericho talks about how he and Benoit beat Edge and Christian but the evil Canadians jump him and give him a Conchairto.

Here’s Regal who makes it a handicap match later tonight. Didn’t he already do that? Also the chain match is confirmed. Regal vs. Rikishi on Sunday as well. He gets ready to leave and here’s….Grandmaster Sexay? He says Regal needs to chill because Rikishi is cool now. Sexay is very annoying. Regal says he has no idea what Sexay just said and I’m not sure I did either. Sexay wants Regal to dance. He brings in four decent looking girls from ringside to dance with them. The look on Regal’s face is hysterical. Sexay suggests Regal doesn’t like women so Sexay dances with the girls. Regal finally beats him and Rikishi doesn’t save.

Debra is with Austin and is sad about Taker’s wife’s car crash. Austin says it won’t ever happen to her.

We recap the Canadian tag match and Jericho taking the Concharito.

I don’t know why or how, but that transitions into Rock on NBC Dateline.

Lita/Chyna vs. Molly Holly/Ivory

I don’t get that transition either. Ivory is the only heel in this match. Ivory vs. Lita to start us off. Lita does fine for a bit but Chyna won’t tag in. Molly comes in and Lita is kind of in a handicap match here. Molly hits the Molly Go Round but Chyna makes the save. A sloppy Twist of Fate sets up the moonsault for the pin on Molly. More or less a handicap squash.

Austin comes in to see Regal to make sure he understands the main event. He asks Regal if he thinks it’s fair to Kane. Austin demands that it be for the tag titles. Ok then.

Lita says she doesn’t know what Chyna was doing out there but she’ll get her Sunday. Chyna pops up to say that Lita needed to prove something to her. This didn’t mean anything as Chyna destroyed her in like 5 minutes Sunday and wouldn’t be seen again. She also says don’t trust Eddie.

We get a clip from earlier with Taker bolting from the arena.

The Austin racecar is at WWF New York. The driver is there too and doesn’t have much to say.

Stephanie talks to HHH who has a racecar debuting soon. She can’t get excited about it because she can’t stop thinking about the car wreck. HHH and Austin talk about how bad Taker’s wife might be after the wreck.

APA/Test vs. Big Show/Bull Buchanan/Goodfather

Show got a Stinkface on Smackdown at Test’s instruction so there’s your backstory. The good guys beat down Big Show before the RTC gets here. Oh never mind they’re here now. After a brawl we start with Goodfather vs. Faarooq but it’s off to Buchanan quickly. Big Show vs. Test at the PPV. Bradshaw comes in for a bad swinging neckbreaker. This is a rather sloppy match. Lukewarm tag brings in Test who hits a full nelson slam on Goodfather. Big Show comes in and botches a low bridge spot to send himself to the floor. Not that it matters as he hits Test with the steps and Buchanan steals the pin. Another short match.

Kane says this is for Sarah and Taker. He has a chain with them and says it’s for Austin and HHH.

Austin says he feels no remorse.

Tag Titles: Kane vs. Steve Austin/HHH

Kane has the chain with him. He also has a broken arm. They head to the floor quickly and Austin starts in on the arm. It doesn’t look like the champions have to tag. A double clothesline puts the champs down and Austin takes a powerslam. There’s a chokeslam but HHH jumps off the top with a chain shot and it gets thrown out.

Rating: C. No idea what to call this otherwise as it’s barely over three minutes long. The idea here was to get the guys out there and set up the post match beatdown which is kind of pointless since Kane already has a broken arm in the first place but whatever. Either way, not much of a match here but it could have been a lot worse which is the bright spot I guess.

Austin and HHH beat down Kane and Austin says Taker’s wife will be fine. I think the accident was faked by them to beat down Kane.

Overall Rating: B-. This was a pretty weak show but it was a very solid go home show for the PPV. Everything got at least some time which is the right idea for a show such as this. The PPV wound up pretty decent if I remember correctly. We’re still a few months away from entering the Alliance Era so we have that on the horizon. Anyway, good go home show here.

Here’s Judgment Day if you’re interested:


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