Vengeance Preview

I figured that’s a better title than PPV Predictions as I’ll have some general thoughts in this as well.


As I’ve made very clear, this is a show that doesn’t need to exist.  The HIAC show should be moved to this date, or in a perfect world HIAC wouldn’t exist as a PPV but we’re splitting hairs here.  This show seems like a cutting off point as just after Sunday we start the build for Survivor Series and ultimately, Wrestlemania.  It seems like they’re just in a holding pattern until then, which isn’t a good thing for the most part.


As for the matches, I’m going to take Henry, Alberto and HHH/Punk.  My guess would be Kane returns around the end of the year and fights Henry at the Rumble.  Cena doesn’t have anything to do if he wins the title again and if they’re smart, they’ll let the title and Cena be apart for awhile as you can have two draws for the Mania build period.  Cena vs. Rock is bigger than the title anyway.  You need to have a face win in there so there’s the tag match stuff.




  1. noahconstrictor says:

    I personally think that Big Show will win, simply because Henry hasn’t been built up enough for me to think that he has a chance.

    Del Rio will win, simply because they need to get Cena out of the title picture.

    HHH/Punk will win, but I’m not sure if they will get a clean win, or a DQ win.

  2. newc868 says:

    The only match I feel certain on being the end result is Del Rio vs Cena, just ’cause of all the reports I’ve read and The Rock being back at Survivor Series makes it pointless in Cena winning.

    In all the other matches I can’t see much happening. Air Boom’s push has tailed off a bit as they’re the only accomplished team or team in general that WWE seem to care to put out there on TV. Swagger and Ziggler have their own problems, while Reks/Hawkins and The Usos are relegated to NXT.

    Rhodes v Orton looks to be a good match but if Rhodes wins, it won’t be clean as Orton can’t seem to lose clean…

    Henry vs Big Show – Show has been made to look very strong since his return and the monster in Henry seems to have died down a little bit, which I don’t like as his run as champion has been good. I hope Henry wins but I don’t think he will.

    Ziggler v Ryder. I see Ryder winning but it’ll be after the Tag match when he’s worn down and it’ll be another quick win for Ryder – which I think is the right move but not atm. We need to see more of Ryder in the ring.

    Sheamus v Christian – potential showstealer. I’ll back Christian to win here and then the blow off comes in a traditional Survivor Series match.

    HHH/Punk v Awesome Truth – Awesome Truth to win but it’ll be an unclean win if they do get it.

  3. Jay says:

    ADR vs John Cena-ADR Retains and Cena can start building towards Survivor Series with The Rock.

    Mark Henry vs Big Show-I think Mark Henry Retains but Id like to see Big Show get a Short run again.

    Randy Orton vs Cody Rhodes-Randy Orton,could be MOTN

    HHH/CM Punk vs Awesome Truth-HHH & CM Punk,I do see all four here being involved somehow at Survivor Series with Cena & Rock.

    Sheamus vs Christian-Sheamus

    Air Boom vs Dolph Ziggler/Jack Swagger-Air Boom Retains which leads to,

    Dolph Ziggler vs Zack Ryder-Woo Woo Woo You Know It,New US Champion.

    Beth Phoenix vs Eve-Glamazon Retains