Upcoming: AE vs. PG – Comparing the Attitude Era to the Modern Era

This is something that I’ll be starting up soon: a series of essays/editorials/those long posts I write about a single topic.  This is going to be a special one that I’ve wanted to write for awhile.  I always hear about how this era sucks and how it’s not as good as the Attitude Era and all that jazz.  However, this era that we’re currently in is in fact good, and in many ways better than the Attitude Era that many of us grew up on.  In (maybe) a series of posts, I’m going to take a look at various aspects of both eras and explain the good and the bad of both.  This is not going to be a totally pro PG argument because it’s far from perfect, but I’m going to explain quite a few things.  Look for that in about a week.



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  1. Muffin Top Merkley says:

    I’m looking forward to this comparison between the two eras in modern day wrestling. As much as I enjoyed the Attitude Era, which I was a HUGE fan of at the time, I prefer the wrestling product that is produced today.

    It’s interesting to see the two mind-sets that people have when discussing this topic. I’ve consistently watched WWE since 96 (maybe a little earlier), with the exception of a year and a half. One of my best friends was like me & a huge fan during the attitude era but he eventually gave up on watching WWE.

    For eleven years we’ve been getting together to watch WrestleMania & always have the same conversation with me supporting today’s wrestling & him choosing the Attitude Era.

    Keep up the good work.