Survivor Series Preview

It’s that time of the month again.  Make your own jokes.I’ll take Rock/Cena but if there’s no violence there, it’s going to be viewed as boring.  I’m thinking there’s a big essay length post about the build to Mania whenever I have the chance to write it.


I think Team Barrett wins because the Barrage has been going too strong to have him lose his first big match as a top heel on the show.


Henry to retain.  It wouldn’t make sense for Show to win and I’d expect a possible match to blow it off at TLC before Kane returns.


The show is looking good from a build perspective and somehow, Rock/Cena vs. Awesome Truth is looking like the weakest main event.  The biggest problem is that there’s no reason to have the match as nothing is going to happen if Awesome Truth wins because they’ve been right: they’re an afterthought.




  1. Your Eternal Reward says:

    I’ve got it in my head that Morrison will beat Ziggles for the US title (Maybe with Ryan and Ryder interfering to counter Swagger/Vickie and just to make sure Ziggles loses the belt). Made up scenario. The survival tag will end up as Ziggles, Rhodes and Barret vs Orton & Sheamus. Christian will probably trip Sheamus over at one point leading to his elimination. Then Orton just will not be able to take down these three upper mid card heels and will eventually fall to a roll up or something, maybe even eliminating two of the three with quick RKO’s but walk into a wasteland to end it.

    Henry hopefully retains, Del rio will probably get some cheap DQ to win. Cena and Rock are pretty much wrestling air for 20 minutes as Truth/Miz truly are a afterthought in this match.

    It appears I’m mostly excited for the survival tag as besides Hunico/Sin Cara the other 4 members on each teams have at least had some sort of rivalry with each other over the past couple of months and this will be the big conclusion to
    Heels that started the walk out on HHH vs Faces that are Faces.

  2. Jay says:

    The Rock/John Cena Defeat Awesome Truth,after the Match one drops the other.

    CM Punk wins the WWE Title

    The Big Show wins the World Heavyweight Title,if not I could Daniel Bryan Cashing in MITB on Mark Henry.

    Team Barrett Defeats Team Orton,Wade Barrett is the Sole Survivor for his Squad.

    John Morrison wins the US Title

    Beth Phoenix Retains the Divas Title

    I will be watching on PPV.