Best of the WWF Volume 16 – This Might Be The Worst Tape I’ve Ever Seen

Best of the WWF Volume 16
Host: Gene Okerlund, Outback Jack, Frenchy Martin
Commentator: Gorilla Monsoon

This one has a theme tying it together: we’re going Around The World. I don’t see this ending well. The tape would be from the late 80s, I’d be 87-88 from the looks of things. Well, I certainly like that era so I could think of worst things that we could be looking at. Let’s get to it.

The hosts say nothing of note at all.

Giant Machine vs. Tatsumi Fujinami

This is from Japan (duh) and Tatsumi is the face (duh part 2). We have Japanese commentary here so I have no idea what’s going on. The information I can find says this is from 1985. Oh and Giant Mask is Andre the Giant of course. Tatsumi goes for the leg to start so Andre punches him in the face and suplexes him. Fujinami was the father of a lot of what we would call Cruiserweight stuff so this is a lopsided pairing.

Andre grabs an armpit claw so Fujinami goes for the mask, getting locked in an armbar for his efforts. Tatsumi manages to get him down and tries a Boston Crab but Andre shrugs it off with relative ease. A big boot misses and Tatsumi gets an enziguri to take Andre down to one knee. He pounds away but Andre is like boy please. Tatsumi hits a sunset flip but the referee is distracted by Andre’s manager, so Fujinami slams the referee for the lame DQ.

Rating: D. There’s only so much Fujinami can do here due to the size but Andre sold like I’ve rarely seen him do which was a nice thing to see. This was a style and size clash which really became a problem. Not a horrible match, but this was only going to be able to be so good all things considered. Fujinami is usually awesome.

The hosts talk about Gene going to Japan. Sure why not. He annoys some people and makes Mr. Fuji jokes. Gene goes to a record store and finds the Wrestling Album. He goes into a huge tower and looks at various things, but mainly spies on women at a swimming pool.

Jumping Bomb Angels vs. Bull Nakano/Condor Saito

Nakano is a little famous but isn’t as crazy looking here. I don’t know the Angels’ names so we’ll go with white and black since those are the colors of their outfits. No idea if there’s a story here or not. Big brawl to start and it’s white vs. Saito to get us going. I don’t know if she’s related to Mr. Saito or not. Nakano has some trouble so it’s back to Saito again. She hooks a leglock on black angel as these girls are LOUD.

Condor works over black angel for a good while and this is hard hitting stuff. These aren’t the Divas out there with cute outfits and three pounds of makeup either. They’re fighting hard and having good matches, which you never see anymore. Condor beats the tar out of white and it’s back to Nakano. I don’t think there’s been three straight seconds with no screaming in this.

White does the bridge out of the pin attempt that she used at Survivor Series 87 and messed up the timekeeper with. The Angels double team a lot to take over as this is pure power vs. speed. White vs. Condor now and White hooks a Figure Four. Now Condor bridges out of a pin. Is that just a Japanese thing? The heels (?) double team Black now with Nakano having a nunchuck or something like one. Black takes over with a cross body and everything breaks down again. They spill outside and it’s a double countout.

Rating: C+. Fun match here as joshi is something that is always fired up and intense beyond belief which is was here. The heels would be less famous than their opponents and I’ve never heard of Condor before but she’s pretty and this was a solid performance from here. Knowing what was going on would have helped a lot here.

Gene insults his third culture by having a head scarf on now.

Mr. Fuji vs. ???

This is in Kuwait and we’re not getting any English commentary on this whole tape are we? This is joined in progress with Fuji in control. Allegedly the guy is from the Kuwaiti royal family. He’s blonde and looks like a cross between Flair and Tommy Rich. I think this is outside. We’re told that this is about 5 minutes in. Ok then. Out to the floor quickly and I have no idea who thought this tape was a good idea. This is a squash and the Cobra Clutch ends it. I have no idea why this is on here.

Barry O/Mike Sharpe vs. Killer Bees

Now let’s get to something STUPID. We’re in Puerto Rico for this and it’s outside. The catch: it’s POURING rain. I mean there are puddles in the ring. The ring looks like something you would see at an elementary school based indy company. Thankfully Gorilla is on commentary here (he was the owner/promoter of a Puerto Rican company and sold interest to Vince in exchange for lifetime employment. There’s your trivia for the review) so I know what’s going on.

Sharpe vs. Blair with Sharpe accidentally hitting Barry O (as in Orton, Randy’s uncle) for some heel miscommunication. Off to Brunzell (I think, it’s that hard to see) and this is ridiculous. They can’t take a single step without water going everywhere. This is clearly a safe working environment right? Barry gets beaten down for awhile until the heels cheat or maybe Brunzell slipped. The referee falls down as everyone is slipping. Brunzell rolls up Sharpe out of mercy to end this.

Rating: N/A. It wouldn’t be fair to rate this match as they couldn’t perform like they’re supposed to due to the water. The match was nothing to see but the weather was, which isn’t something you often can say.

Ultimate Warrior vs. Hercules

From Italy, likely around 88. The commentary is in Italian but at least I know who everyone is. They walk around a lot before much contact is made. Mania 4 is mentioned so I’d bet this is post that show, which was on 3/27/88. Very basic power match here with Warrior in control for the most part. Warrior drops him with the press slam but misses a splash to put both guys down. Full nelson goes on but Warrior easily breaks it. Herc is no Masterpiece I guess. They fight to the floor for a weak double countout. This was nothing.

Jim Duggan vs. Andre the Giant

I think this is from the same show as the Warrior match. Stalling to start as Duggan won’t put the board down. Remember that this is in Italian so it’s hard to tell what’s going on. The referees like talking about the referee’s name (Tim White) for some reason. We finally get going and Duggan charges right into a punch and let the fat man offense begin. Andre sends him to the floor and does the Duggan thumb up. Ok point for a funny idea.

Andre hammers him with the basic offense that he was known for….well that he was always known for. He sits on Duggan in the corner and we hear about Hulk a bit. Duggan fires away and Andre has a headache. Off to a choke and this is going nowhere fast. Andre chokes with his strap as he is known to do and they talk about White again. What is up with that?

I think I’m learning Italian from this. Referee is publico and Duggan is translated to Hacksaw Jim. Duggan fights back and gets Andre tied up in the ropes as is his custom where he pounds away. Andre’s strap is down which is a weird look for him. He escapes and pounds away as we get a Hogan chant. Andre covers his ears, allowing Duggan to get in a shot. Andre misses a kneeling headbutt but a boot/splash ends this.

Rating: D-. Andre was in horrible shape here but the Hogan chant and Andre covering his ears made me chuckle a bit. This feud went on forever and never went anywhere, other than Duggan knocking him out with the board to the head once. The match was bad, but it was due to Andre’s horrible condition (not his fault).

Duggan fights back with the board post match.

Gene is now in Australian Outback gear. We go to the Outback where Gene is with a koala bear. He talks to some Australian guy and asks about the WWF and fish. And here’s Ricky Steamboat. Well he’s more entertaining than anything else so far. He has a koala as well and now let’s go look at some kangaroos. Steamboat’s shorts leave very little to the imagination. SD Jones and Paul Roma are in the background for some reason. Steamboat names the kangaroo Henry. Jones and Roma come in and praise the fans a bit and Australia is awesome!

Jack and Frenchy argue for no apparent reason.

Now it’s time to hear about where Outback Jack is from. He’s from Humpty-Doo. I kid you not. We see what I believe were all the skits and promos about him coming. First up we see him looking at a crocodile and he says if you can take it here, you can take it anywhere. Now he’s in a jeep and goes to a bar for a beer. Now he beats someone armwrestling with a bunch of empty beer cans next to him. Now a cow is drinking beer. Now Aborigines are painting his face around a fire. Now he’s wrestling some big animal. Now he’s walking in the woods. Now we’re done. WHAT WAS THAT???

Harley Race vs. Junkyard Dog

This is in Paris from 87 and Race is the King. Andre the Giant is referee and is a member of the Heenan Family with Race so guess what happens here. Dog takes over to start and Race sells like crazy for him. Andre cheats as a referee as French commentary gets on my nerves. Race takes over because he’s awesome and this is really needing to end soon. Chinlock time which doesn’t last long at least. Dog suplexes him for a cover but Andre won’t count.

Race clotheslines him down and it’s back to the chinlock. Uh Dog, you can move you know. Out to the floor for nothing of note. GET TO THE ENDING PEOPLE! Dog Barks Up and pounds away but Andre gets in his face. Powerslam gets no count because Andre is evil you see. A belly to belly and a headbutt set up another headbutt but Race hurts his head this time. The on all fours headbutts put Race down again but Race hits him in the throat. Race wins for some reason off that.

Rating: F. This. Got. Ten. Minutes. I can’t imagine what could be left on here, but I’m almost done.

The hosts argue even more.

Fabulous Rougeau Brothers vs. New Dream Team

In France still and the New Dream Team is Bravo/Valentine. We have 11 minutes in the tape to go. I can get through this. I know I can. Joined in progress for no apparent reason. Ray is in trouble and the fans cheer for the French boys. Valentine gets caught with a knee to the balls so Bravo comes in again. Time for a bearhug to keep the high level of this tape going. A piledriver is countered but Jacques can’t get a tag in.

Valentine mocks wanting to box Jacques for no apparent reason. The beating goes on like six minutes and Bravo hits his side suplex finisher on Ray but it’s not a finisher yet I don’t guess as Ray pops up and takes Bravo down. There’s the hot tag and everything breaks down. Sleeper to Valentine but Bravo breaks it up. A figure four is attempted but Ray sunset flips Valentine for the pin.

Rating: D. It’s a bit better, but good night would it have killed them to give us ANY bigger named team? Horribly dull match and I don’t even want to think about how much longer this could have been. Weak match but given how weak the teams were in there (bad time for the Rougeaus at this point) and a perfect ending to an AWFUL tape.

Overall Rating: Who. As in WHO THOUGHT THIS WAS A GOOD IDEA????? I mean MAN this was horrible. Out of like 8 matches, one has English commentary. The biggest star on the tape is I guess Duggan, and if this was from 88 he’s probably the third or fourth biggest face in the company. No Hogan, no Savage, no DiBiase, no one interesting in other words. I have no idea what the thinking here was, but this somehow has taken the spot of worst Coliseum Video ever, and if you’re familiar with that series, you get what that means. Get me ANYTHING else to watch please.


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