What Got You Into Wrestling?

Simple question.  What got you into the grand sport (yes sport) of pro wrestling?

My mom watched for years as we live in an area that let her see such guys as Jerry Lawler.  I remember hearing her talk about him when I was like 3 and she took me to house shows as a baby.  I know I saw Andre the Giant once interfere in a match between Earthquake and Jim Neidhart.  Also the whole Hulk Hogan thing got me more into it than anything else.


Your version?


  1. Hashasheen says:

    Deuce & Domino and Cherry. I used to think they were the most badass trio in the WWE until Cherry got released and then they turned on each other.

  2. The Crock says:

    Well, I remember seeing it a few times as a child and just getting hooked. Yeah, the fact that there were these huge guys duking it out helped, but it was the spectacle of it that caught my eye. There’s nothing else like pro wrestling out there — it’s a sport, it’s entertainment, it’s everything wrapped into one. To me, it was the “perfect” programming to watch and all these years later, I’m still a loyal fan.

  3. noahconstrictor says:

    I just flipped to the channel one day on accident, and I more or less got hooked. The feud that got me truly hooked was the Hardy/Punk feud that started maybe 2 weeks after I started watching.

  4. newc868 says:

    My older brother was a massive fan growing up and got me hooked on it during what was the back end of the Attitude era. Used to watch Smackdown more than Raw as it was on early Saturday mornings which is more appropriate than 2am or 10pm for Raw on a Monday or Thursday.

    I just fell in love with the spectacle of it all. The drama, the excitement, the high flying, the brawls.