EOTY Awards – Title Reign Of The Year

Title reigns have been longer lately, so maybe there are better options here.I’m going to take Miz as WWE Champion.  In short, he beat John Cena in the main event of Wrestlemania.







Literally, that’s the first time he’s ever lost in the main event of Mania.  He lost in a triple threat at Mania 24 but Miz beat Cena in a one on one match at Mania.  That’s the only time it’s ever happened and it’s hard to top that.  Also, it was the longest reign with that title in like 3 years.  Not bad at all.


Your thoughts/picks?


  1. DiscipleofWrestling says:

    Agreed. Miz’s WWE Championship reign was, pun intended, awesome with several great matches. He even got a couple good matches out of Jerry Lawler. Miz had a lot of great matches, title and non-title, during that run and made the championship look important as a result. The only other title run that was anywhere close to that was Mark Henry’s recent run as World Champion. Henry played the dominant champion card well, and if it had not have been for the injury he has, I think Henry would have gotten a couple more months out of this monster heel champion run. Miz wins this award for me as well. Mark Henry as runner-up.

  2. Steve says:

    Too bad Cody’s IC reign started to pick up steam so late in the year, and Henry got injured. I think If Henry’s reign was allowed to follow the original plan whatever that was It would be better, and Im fairly sure when Cody drops the IC strap his reign will be better but this one may be becasue of him bringing back the old IC belt.

    The only thing that holds back Miz’s reign to me is the awful Wrestlemania main event match and the realativly boring and predicable way he dropped it back to Cena at the next PPV.