EOTY Awards – Worst Show of the Year

By that I mean PPV.  There are too many Impacts to name.I’ll go with Victory Road I guess.  The show wasn’t any good before whatever Hardy vs. Sting was and that caps it as well as anything could.  For WWE, I guess I’ll go with Capital Punishment, but I didn’t really think about it all that hard.


Your picks/thoughts?


  1. dude_d_dude says:

    I thought Wrestlemania 27 was just lacklustre to say the least.
    I mean for a Wrestlemania that show was just not up to snuff.

    The Kid Reply:

    I wouldn’t call that the worst show of the year. It was a good show but it just wasn’t good enough to be a Wrestlemania.

    I also would go with Victory Road. That show was pathetic.

  2. Victory Road really do I need to give a reason why.

  3. SuperSteve16 says:

    For the WWE, I say Over the Limit. The only match that was good was Orton Vs Christian, the rest of the show was barely watchable