EOTY Awards – Surprise of the Year

More options than I thought here.I’ll take Rock’s return.  The rumor for the guest host was Justin Bieber and then they had the legs get out.  I was skeptical when I saw them because I thought it would still be someone else, but I didn’t predict Rock.  That was awesome and a great thing to see.  And for those of you that still think it, no he didn’t abandon us in the first place.


Your picks/thoughts?


  1. Steve says:

    How bout Nash at Summerslam, I know we saw him at the Rumble as Diesel, but nobody expected him to come out of the crowd and cost punk the title. A lot of people I know were guessing the Rock to come back for Wrestlemania.

    To bad the entire Nash/HHH/Punk angle went to complete shit within weeks.

  2. newc868 says:

    For me it’s still Edge’s retirement. I mean that came completely out of left field. The Rock’s return I felt was foreshadowed a little bit and while’s Punk shoot was surprising (as well as Daniel Bryan being the freaking World ‘Heavyweight’ Champion), Edge’s retirement is still just “wow I can’t believe that just happened”.

    Think back to Raw that night. 8 days after Wrestlemania, nobody and I mean nobody for a second thought that Edge would retire on this show. It was just a pure holy shit, wtf is happening moment.