EOTY Awards – Match of the Year

This isn’t much of a surprise.Since everyone knows that this is Cena vs. Punk at MITB, I’ll talk about some of the other commonly named matches.


Orton vs. Christian – Smackdown.  This was by far and away the feud of the year for reasons i’ve already gone into.  This was probably my favorite of them, although you really can’t go wrong anywhere.


HHH vs. Taker.  Why is this on everyone’s list?  It’s not a bad match but for the life of me, I don’t get where everyone gets this idea that it was some masterpiece.  It needed to be about ten minutes shorter and THEN it’s a great match.  Way too much laying around when we’re all just waiting on Taker to win.  There was no drama for me here at all, especially with the HHH Tombstone.  Answer this: when has anyone not named Kane had success tombstoning Undertaker?  It’s a running joke.


Your picks/thoughts?


  1. mathix says:

    i dont get how you give taker vs michaels at mania 25 so much credit though. i didnt think triple h vs taker was a masterpiece in any sense but i dont see thr big deal about hbk/taker either. they were the same match. finisher kickout finisher etc. not once did i think the streak would end at either of these matches nor was i on the edge of my seat. not trying to be a douche kb just stating my opinion

    klunderbunker Reply:

    Don’t apologize for disagreeing with me. That’s why this place exists.

    The difference for me: at Mania 25 I was literally sitting on the edge of my bed and freaking out every time there was a near fall. This year, I was sitting there and never once thinking the Streak was in danger. It felt like it was there to make a classic which doesn’t work. The first Shawn vs. Taker match just kind of was a classic.

  2. Taker’s selling was unreal during this match. There were times, when I seriously believed he was done for. After the match, Taker couldn’t make it to the back without some help, and for the man, who can’t die, this was totally out of character. HHH’s Tombstone worked for me, because at that point in the match, Taker was a beaten man, and it didn’t look like he had anything left. HHH’s shocked reaction after the kickout was excellent, the live crowd really bought into it the possibility of 18-1, and it was just a great moment all around.

    But yeah, this match wasn’t THAT great. It was a good match, and as far as quality and Taker’s Wrestlemania matches go, I would put it on the same level as Flair VS Taker from Mania 18. The matches with Shawn will always deservedly stand out among the rest, and nothing is going to stop that. Also, the main event at Mania 27 gets a lot of flak, and besides Orton/Punk and Rhodes/Mysterio, no other match on the Mania 27 card deserves high praise of any kind. HHH VS Taker was one of the better matches on the entire card, so a lot of people probably give the match some extra praise because of this.

  3. mathix says:

    i wont discredit that it was an amazing match. i just didnt feel the drama i guess. I honestly think it was made out to be better than it was because of how shit wrestlemania 25 was. like hbk and taker was pretty much destined to be a classic. This years mania was no different, not that it was entirely shit but triple h and taker like you said was destined to be a “classic” but because we were told it was.