EOTY Awards – Wrestler of the Year

It’s not CM Punk.I’m going with Randy Orton.  Think about this for a minute.


To open the year, Punk was leading the Nexus.  This time for him, in short, sucked.  He lost feuds to both Cena and Orton and the group fell apart.  Until June when he got on a winning streak, Punk did NOTHING.


Let’s look at Orton.  He starts the year losing title matches to Miz and then starts his program with Punk.  He beats Punk twice on PPV, including in an underrated Mania match.  The key to this feud though: he got rid of Nexus in about a month, totally on his own.  Cena at one point had a team of six other guys and never could do it in 6 months.  Orton did it alone in 1.


Then he goes to Smackdown and has the Feud of the Year with Christian.  Tell me one bad match he had in that period.  I’ll spare you the time: they were all great.


At Night of Champions, dude got a good match out of Mark Henry.  That should seal this for him already.


Hey look: another good feud, this time against Cody Rhodes.


Then he had a good feud with Barrett to end the year.


On top of all this, he high fived me at a Smackdown taping in August.


The guy had an all around great year, winning two world titles in the process.  He had and won two feuds with top level talent, and the guy has zero chance of winning this award in anything major, because the year starts in June when Punk talked a lot and had two great matches instead of Orton, who had at least 3.


Your thoughts/picks?

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