Smackdown – January 6, 2012 – Make Mark Henry A Commentator!

Date: January 6, 2012
Location: Verizon Arena, Little Rock, Arkansas
Commentators: Michael Cole, Josh Matthews

I’m presuming Booker will be on commentary here. Anyway tonight we have a double main event with two title matches. First of all we have Booker challenging Cody for the IC Title in their rubber match in what should be good. We also get Bryan defending the world title against Big Show in what should be an interesting match as I’m really not sure how well Bryan will be able to manage against a monster. He’s a great seller though which should help. Let’s get to it.

We open with a video of Orton vs. Barrett last week.

Booker isn’t on commentary.

Intercontinental Title: Booker T vs. Cody Rhodes

Feeling out process to start and Booker has a very mild advantage. Cody takes over and works on the arm. They chop it out with Booker winning. They’re starting slowly here which implies they’ll have a lot of time to work with. Booker sends him to the floor where he gets dropped onto the railing. We take a break with Rhodes in control. Back with the same circumstances, just in the ring this time.

Backslide gets two for the challenger as does a big kick. Rhodes blocks a shot into the corner and tries the top rope standing moonsault, which only partially hits. Cody seemed to have hurt his leg coming down. He isn’t limping so maybe it was just a quick flash of pain. Off to a double arm hold, as in imagine if Booker is sitting down and Cody has Booker’s arms like he’s trying a double arm DDT or butterfly suplex.

Spinebuster takes Cody down but Booker can’t hit the scissors kick or the Book End. The second attempt at the kick gets two. Big reaction on the kickout too. Cody gets up and sends Booker into the corner where he sets for the Jack Brisco sunset flip but Cody stays in the middle of the ring. Booker tries a side kick but Cody ducks and hits the Beautiful Disaster for the pin at 9:12 shown of 12:42.

Rating: C+. Pretty good match and they made Booker look good here as it came off like he got caught rather than he got beat. I’ve heard rumors he might have something else like this and I wouldn’t be all that opposed to it. There’s nothing wrong with a guy that still gets a reaction from the crowd being used to put someone over like he did for Rhodes here.

Cody is walking in the back and Dustin pops up to congratulate him on a big victory. Cody yells at him, saying this is why they don’t talk. He’s already more of a success than his brother and he might be a better one than his dad. If Dustin considers putting on the gold paint for one more run, think twice because he’s a joke but not a laughing stock. Cody can change that though, so don’t try it.

Ryder is with Teddy and says he’s stepping down as assistant to the GM. Drew pops in but Ryder offers up Santino to be the new assistant, which is accepted. Zack leaves and Santino mentions some of the things he can do for Teddy, including syncing his iPod. As for Drew, he’s got Santino tonight and if he loses, he’s on very thin ice. If Santino wins, he’s officially the assistant. Drew leaves and here’s Aksana. Santino leaves while the two of them make dinner plans.

Royal Rumble moment: Cena returns. Screw’s list. That’s the #1 moment in the history of the Rumble…..maybe. It’s probably either that or Hogan vs. Warrior. Either way it’s better than their’s: Shawn survives from #1.

Alicia is talking to AJ and AJ is really happy with Daniel. She’s worried about his match though. Bryan pops up to a pop which I don’t buy. He brags about beating Big Show and Alicia leaves. AJ is nervous about the match and Bryan is very confident. Sex is implied for later.

Hornswoggle vs. Heath Slater

This is an over the top rope challenge, so basically a two man battle royal. Horny looks at something in the lights and when Slater looks, Horny stomps on his foot. Slater chokes in the corner as we’re certainly in a comedy match. Horny tries a middle rope cross body but gets caught. Slater tries to dump him but Horny uses leverage and hair for the win at 1:37. This was just for the kids.

Slater beats him down post match but Gabriel makes the save. He hits the 450 and we cut to a very closeup shot on Slater, as in it looked like it was about a foot from his body on the mat and pointed at the corner.

Don’t be a bully.

Ted DiBiase vs. Hunico

Camacho, the bodyguard, has a mic. Oh wait it’s Hunico with the mic and Camacho is riding the bike. Both of them talk and aren’t happy that they didn’t get invited to join the DiBiase Posse. That Lowrider bike just isn’t working for me. Hunico tries to speed things up to start and hooks a headscissors which DiBiase countered into kind of a reverse sitout powerbomb. That could be a solid finisher if used by some power guy.

Hunico takes it to the mat and hooks a Fujiwara Armbar. DiBiase comes back and hits some dropkicks but Dream Street is countered. The arm goes into the buckle and Hunico locks in one of the weirdest pinning combinations I’ve ever seen. Basically DiBiase looked like he was in a backslide but Hunico was on one knee with DiBiase’s legs on his shoulders and was looking the other way. No idea what that’s called but it gets the pin at 3:06.

Rating: C. I liked this a lot as there was some basic psychology in it. Hunico worked on the arm which weakened DiBiase’s finisher, then DiBiase couldn’t hit Dream Street, Hunico went back to the arm and it led straight to the finish. Now why can’t we see something that simple a lot more often?

At the end of the day though, they’re riding away on a bicycle. Not working for me.

Here’s Barret and apparently this is supposed to be an update on Orton. Barrett says he’ll be handling this update instead of the doctors. We see a clip of the end of the show last week. As for the medical update, he has a herniated disc. As for his career update, he’s done. Oh sure he might try to come back someday but his mental edge is gone.

That brings us to the Royal Rumble in Orton’s hometown, where Orton will have to sit in the crowd and watch him win. There isn’t a single superstar that can stop him from winning. Cue Sheamus with a rebuttal. I like the idea of this feud as Sheamus needs something to do until the Rumble and Barrett can’t get to Bryan yet while the monsters are still after him. Sheamus says Barrett is like his uncle: a big talker, but just a sheepherder. Well at least he’s not a bushwhacker. However the uncle had been kicked in the head as a child so he wasn’t all there. Now what’s Barrett’s excuse?

They’re about to fight when they’re interrupted by…..Jinder Mahal? He doesn’t say anything but slaps Sheamus in the face. Sheamus fights them off but sets for a Celtic Cross on Barrett. Mahal gets in a shot but Sheamus destroys him again. Sheamus walks into Winds of Change and Barrett leaves. Sheamus gets put in a camel clutch and Jinder stands tall. Why are they going with this match again? Sheamus has destroyed him every time they’ve been together and they’re doing it again? Why? Hopefully so it’ll lead to Barrett vs. Sheamus, which is what it probably is.

We recap the Show/Bryan/Henry ordeal at TLC.

Santino Marella vs. Drew McIntyre

If Santino wins he’s the assistant to the GM and Drew is on very thin ice. Santino does his splits and hammers away. Drew comes back with a suplex, getting two. Futureshock is countered but Drew keeps control. Drew sets up a superplex but Santino slips off the top (intentionally) and sends Drew into the post. Cobra ends this at 2:28. Cole: “We’re going to go the way of WCW with these two running the show.” I’m fine with Santino here as it’s going to be played for comedy and it gives him something to do. No harm no foul here as Drew isn’t doing anything anyway.

In the back, Drew is freaking out when Teddy comes in. Drew says that can’t count because of a greased rope or something. Teddy says that’s strike two and next week, if it’s strike three he very well may be out.

Epico/Primo vs. Air Boom

Non-title here. Rosa is rather enjoying to watch. We haven’t seen the champs in awhile. I think that’s Epico starting with Bourne. Bourne lands on his feet out of a snapmare attempt and it’s off to Kofi. The champs combine to do AJ Styles’ dropdown to the dropkick spot. Rosa: “Ay caramba!” Off to Primo as we hear about Epico playing baseball at Western Michigan University. Kofi gets in a shot and double tags bring in Bourne and Primo. Bourne speeds things up and everything breaks down. Kofi sets to dive but Rosa blocks I think Primo. Bourne tries Air Bourne but Epico pulls Primo out and Bourne crashes, getting pinned at 3:50.

Rating: C-. The match was ok with a little change of pace since it’s usually Kofi that plays cleanup. I’m really not wild on the way Epico and Primo seem to be getting their push towards the title here because they’ve already lost to the champs a few times so now why should they be getting more shots? It’s FAR too common of a way of building to a title match and I’ve never been a fan of it.

Big Show says that tonight he’ll be conscious and he’ll get the title back. Bryan may be a good wrestler….and here he is. Bryan comes off like a total jerk here, talking about how Show is all natural and Bryan had to work to get where he is. If Bryan had been born as big as Show is, it wouldn’t have been 9 years between his title reigns. Show puts his hand on his shoulder and says don’t make me hurt you out there. Bryan doesn’t like being touched and is very defensive about it. Pretty heelish promo by Bryan here.

Sheamus vs. Jinder next week.

Natalya vs. Tamina

We get a quick highlight package of both of their papas before the match. Natalya takes her down quickly and pounds away at Tamina, shouting about family. Tamina tries a cross body but bounces off Natalya instead of falling on top of her. A Samoan Drop sets up the Superfly Splash and we’re done at 1:42. Standard Divas match anymore.

Raw ReBound.

Still don’t be a bully. If we have to Stand Up For WWE this fall again I’ll pull my hair out.

The same Rumble moment from Raw is shown here: Hacksaw winning it.

Smackdown World Title: Big Show vs. Daniel Bryan

Henry joins us for commentary, probably giving away the ending already. We get big match intros. Cole asks Henry who would win between Bryan and Hornswoggle. Henry GOES OFF, ranting about how that has nothing to do with this match and how it has nothing to do with him not having the title, which is all that matters here. Henry: “If you don’t got nothing intelligent to say, don’t say nothing at all.”

Show charges right at Bryan so the champ has to use speed maneuvers. Josh asks Henry if he thinks it’s fair that Show gets the first shot. Henry says no so Josh points out that Show was the champion that Bryan beat. He gets cut off by Henry who tells Josh to shut up. I’m LOVING Henry on commentary here. He’s all ticked off and tells people what he thinks. Show grabs him by the throat and throws him to the floor as we take a break.

Back with Bryan firing away kicks to no effect. He goes to the floor and after a quick switch, Bryan hits a baseball slide to send Show back to the table. Henry: “Why you all jumping?” Cole: “It might have something to do with a 500lb man coming at us.” A plancha is caught but Show’s knees go into the post. His head does the same and Bryan tries to win via countout. Back in and Show is mad.

Bryan manages to get his to his knees and fires off the kicks which have no effect. Cole and Henry are cracking me up with Henry refusing to admit he’s wrong on anything, even stuff that makes no sense and scaring Cole into agreeing. That’s what a monster should do. Bryan goes outside again so Show pulls him up by the hair. FREAKING OW MAN! Bryan tries something off the top but jumps into a chop. Show comes out of the corner and spears Bryan down for a very delayed two.

Henry is standing up now. He actually gives Bryan credit for kicking out of that. Show pulls the straps down and calls for the chokeslam but Bryan counters into a guillotine. Why Show doesn’t use his free hand to punch Bryan in the ribs is beyond me but whatever. Bryan is bleeding from the mouth and he shifts to a LeBell Lock. Show breaks it pretty easily and pulls up the big punch but Bryan hits the floor. Bryan gets in Henry’s face and Henry shoves him, so Bryan yells to the referee and it’s a DQ. Total heel move there by Bryan. Match ran 6:17 shown of 9:47.

Rating: C-. Well it wasn’t awful and Bryan made it more believable than I’d expect but the ending is a good thing. Without a ton of cheating or making Show look like an idiot, there aren’t many ways you can conceivably have Bryan win here. Show easily breaking the LeBell Lock was a good example of it. Bryan does know a bunch of holds, but Show is so big and powerful that it’s a stretch to believe he can keep Show in them. I’m interested in this heel turn that Bryan is heavily teasing though.

Bryan does the huge post match celebration as usual.

Overall Rating: B-. Not a great show but I thought this was pretty good. We got some stories advanced tonight and some new stuff like Barrett vs. Sheamus set up. Bryan’s heelish ways are interesting as he can only be interesting as the face champion that escapes with the title for so long. Good show here and a good way to start the new year.

Cody Rhodes b. Booker T – Beautiful Disaster
Hornswoggle b. Heath Slater – Slater hit the floor
Hunico b. Ted DiBiase – Bridging Rollup
Santino Marella b. Drew McIntyre – Cobra
Epico/Primo b. Air Boom – Epico pinned Bourne after a missed Air Bourne
Tamina b. Natalya – Superfly Splash
Daniel Bryan b. Big Show via disqualification when Mark Henry interfered

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  1. TheSDQQKidJoe says:

    “Get your damn hands off me”. DBD can pull this heel thing off. But Shaq vs Big Show means Show turns heel (if the match is to happen). Booker and Cody were pretty solid and if it werent for the commercial, it would be at least B+ in my book. Other than that, Spot on review KB.

  2. Jay says:

    So is Daniel Bryan going to turn Heel? I liked Mark Henry on Commentary and basically telling Cole to shut up. A fun World Title Match and I hope we see a 3-way at the Royal Rumble. IC Title Match was good,kinda thought Booker T was going to win for a second. I also like Santino being Teddy’s assistant and the Sheamus/Barrett/Jindar stuff.

  3. extrnal voice.. says:

    what u don’t like Jay?