NXT – January 11, 2012 – I’m Burned Out

Date: January 11, 2012
Location: Laredo Energy Arena, Laredo, Texas
Commentators: William Regal, Matt Striker

It’s episode 99, and somehow that’s not just of this season. This is only episode 45 of this one. You would think they would be good and redeemed by this point but I guess not. Titus should be back this week and next week it’s off to the Meadows for the wedding between Maxine and Curtis. Let’s get to it.

There’s a new intro, which looks like any other WWE TV show intro. Well at least they’re admitting it now.

Striker says next week is the 100th episode from Vegas. He brings back another former member of NXT: Alicia Fox. Oh because she used to be a Pro. Apparently it’s impressive that she’s on Raw and Smackdown now, which is what got her a position as a Pro in the first place. The hooded fur thing looks stupid but that’s “fashion” I guess. Maxine was her rookie and Alicia says she tried to sell her on Ebay but it didn’t work.

Cue Maxine who says this is her ring and show now. Alicia is a waste of space and they get into an argument. Striker tries to calm them down and Maxine says shove it Striker. Alicia tries to be nice and asks how…or I mean who, are you doing? Brawl starts and we get a referee for a match.

Alicia Fox vs. Maxine

Regal asks an interesting question: how did Striker get all this power? Alicia tries to do the splits but Maxine drops a knee onto her to take over. There’s no fascinating fact about Maxine this week because all she would talk about was the wedding. As for the match, it’s your usual Divas match. Maxine beats on her for awhile but as she tries an O’Connor Roll, Alicia rolls through it for the pin at 2:10. Nothing else to say here.

Trent Barreta vs. Tyler Reks

Reks pounds him away to start. They’re playing up Barreta as a prankster or something like that. Trent takes it to the floor and hits a big dive. Reks has a bad ankle now. And never mind as he kicks Trent’s head off and was playing possum. A Downward Spiral into the middle buckle gets two and it’s off to the chinlock. They’re using the camera angle that was used in Season One, which is practically eye level with the top rope.

Trent gets two feet up in the corner as the announcers talk about star quality, which Reks says, so says Regal. Trent misses something off the top and Reks puts him in a torture rack. When you’re channeling Lex Luger, there might be something wrong with you. Either way, Barreta rolls through it and gets a backslide, yes a backslide I say, for the pin at 4:20.

Rating: C. I’m a sucker for Trent Barreta as he’s just good at what he does. If you give him a gimmick and some kind of a different look which actually sets him apart, you’ve got something interesting. Still though, fun little match and it worked fine. Reks is in desperate need of a change as well but for NXT he’s ok.

Reks yells at the announcers as Hawkins pounds Trent down. Yoshi comes in for the save.

Gabriel and Bateman are in the back and Gabriel mentions the e-mail that broke up Maxine and Bateman. Derrick has no idea what’s going on and says he never sent it, even pulling out his phone. Now they’re stealing ideas from Raw? Gabriel suggests that Bateman’s e-mail was hacked. He freaks, shouts CURTIS and walks off.

Usos vs. Tyson Kidd/JTG

Great. It’s JTG. No Tamina here. Kidd vs. let’s say Jey to start. The twins double team him and a double back elbow gets two. Off to JTG as the Samoan hits a European Uppercut to the American. The crowd is dead for this. When a Siva Tao can’t fire them up, the show is pretty bad. Kidd is in and there’s some cheating with Jey getting beaten down. Off to the chinlock which Jey breaks pretty quickly. Double tag off to JTG and Jimmy and the corner hip smash gets two. Kidd hits a suicide dive to take Jey out but Jimmy hits a superkick for the pin at 4:16.

Rating: C-. Nothing of note here but anytime someone as annoying as JTG gets kicked in the face it’s a good match. Other than that there was nothing to see here. The Usos have nothing to do because they’re way better than any team on this show but they can’t get a push at all on a main show.

Raw ReBound.

Aksana and Maxine are in the back and Maxine freaks out. Aksana offers any help she can give with the wedding. Bateman comes up and they get in a mini argument. She says she and Curtis are going to the top.

Rumble 94 is the moment this week.

Alex Riley vs. Johnny Curtis

I love Riley’s music. Curtis however couldn’t be more generic if his life depended on it. Striker makes marriage jokes and the fans seem to be into Riley. Riley sends him to the floor where he gets a kiss from Maxine. And scratch that as Curtis takes him down and hooks a chinlock. Regal won’t be bringing a gift to the wedding. Riley gets in a boot but Maxine distracts him, allowing something like a falcon’s arrow brainbuster ends Riley at 2:04.

Bateman comes out and says next week, this ends. OH PLEASE LET HIM BE TELLING THE TRUTH!!!

Here’s Darren Young and we get a recap of their feud. After he says he’s better than Titus he calls the big bald one out. Titus goes off on Young and partially on the idea of the show, saying Striker has given up on the challenges and he doesn’t care about the points. There’s no Watson, no JTG and no Tamina here, so let’s deal with this right now, one on one. Young says he’s beaten him more times than he can count and he’s won all the matches.

Actually from what I can find they’ve had 7 one-on-one matches and Titus leads 5-2. Young yells at Titus and Titus says watch it. Darren insults Titus’ kids a few times and it’s on. Striker breaks it apart and says next week, those two in a No DQ match. That would be better if it hadn’t already happened back in May with Titus winning but whatever. The brawl end the show.

Overall Rating: D. Just awful. The matches were ok, but these stories with the rookies have got to stop. Darren Young is the least interesting person I have seen on a WWE roster this side of Johnny Curtis. Who does the other main story involve? JOHNNY CURTIS OF COURSE. These same stories have been going on for four months now and they’re not interesting, at all. Striker says they both end next week and why should I believe him? Anyway, bad show this week as I’m totally burned out on these stories.

Alicia Fox b. Maxine – Rollup
Trent Barreta b. Tyler Reks – Backslide
Usuo b. JTG/Tyson Kidd – Superkick to JTG
Johnny Curtis b. Alex Riley – Sitout brainbuster

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