Continental Wrestling Federation TV – October 15, 1988 – With Yokozuna. Yes That Yokozuna.

Continental Championship Wrestling TV
Date: October 15, 1988
Location: Montgomery Civic Center, Montgomery, Alabama
Commentators: Charlie Platt, Dutch Mantel

Back to this one again with the final two shows that I have of this time period. I’ve done the shows from October 1st and 8th so if you’re curious as to what’s going on with this company, take a look at those two. I’ll be doing the 22nd after this so we’ll be able to get a good look at this period for this company. I don’t know anything about this show so let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of last week’s show where the Dirty White Girl caused the Bullet to be choked out by the Dirty White Boy. She wound up getting spanked but Bullet got beaten down anyway.

The announcers run down the card for a bit.

Detroit Demolition vs. Keith Steinborn

Demolition is dressed exactly like Axe or Smash. Powerslam ends this in about 40 seconds. Total squash and guess who won.

Tom Pritchard brags about winning the CWF Title. He’s a wanted man and that’s fine with him.

House show ads.

Ken Wayne vs. Willie B. Hert

Wayne is the US Junior Heavyweight Champion. Hert is your standard jolly dancing black man. Mantel won’t say who his mystery man is at the Night of Champions. Hert uses his power game to take over early and sends Wayne to the floor. I forgot how much the camera jumps in this company. Back in and Wayne hooks on a headlock to take over. I also forgot how boring the in ring stuff was in this company.

Hert counters some corner punches with an atomic drop. Wayne uses some of the worst choking I’ve ever seen so Hert throws him around with ease. This is so boring. Hert dances around and a headbutt gets two. This has been going about six minutes so far and they’ve had about a minute of “action”. Hert rams him into the buckle a bunch and then takes him to the floor, beats on him even more and after about 4 seconds it’s a double countout.

Rating: D-. Terribly dull match here but that’s par for the course for this company. Hert is a guy that’s there more for his gimmick and the dancing stuff rather than the wrestling itself. It gets annoying to see these matches go on this long (seven minutes or so) though with a weak ending like that.

More house show ads, and by that I mean the same ones as earlier.

Grappler #2 vs. Lee Peak

Grappler is the guy that went to a draw with Pritchard last week. Peak gets in some slams and a cross body gets two. Grappler comes back and drops a leg for two. Peak walks into something like a fisherman’s suplex for the pin. This was nothing.

House show ads again.

Austin Idol vs. Mark Pyle

That’s a bit too rhymy for me. Idol is the Universal Heartthrob and is very handsome I guess. Pyle is a military guy I think and stalls early on. Idol heads to the floor and Pyle grabs something in his tights. A shot to the ribs with that gives Pyle a quick advantage. And never mind as Idol pounds him down and wins with a figure four. Another squash.

Do we really need to hear these same ads four times?

Dirty White Boy and Ken Stubbs say they’ll be tag champions soon. Oh wait they already are. The lack of belts kind of threw me off. They had broken up for awhile but now they’re back together and the best.

Dirty White Boy/Jerry Stubbs vs. Party Patrol

I was hoping to avoid the Rich Cousins today. Stubbs vs. let’s say Johnny starts us off. Rich throws him around with arm drags and hooks a bar. That goes on for awhile until it’s off to Tony Anthony (Dirty White Boy) who walks into arm work as well. Has Davey been in at all yet? I don’t think he has. To the shock of no one paying attention, this is another very boring match.

The Dirty White Girl is named Mystic. Ok then. The Rich’s keep up control and everything breaks down. This is non-title I’d assume. The champs are sent to the floor and I don’t think they’ve had control at all during this match. Actually I don’t think they’ve even been on offense yet. The champs cheat to take over and Johnny is sent to the floor. Johnny gets beaten down for awhile and I sound like I’m writing a book for three year olds. Johnny rolls through for the hot tag, everything breaks down, and a foreign objects knocks Davey out for the pin.

Rating: D. Somewhat better match than earlier but that’s not really saying much. This was terribly boring and I’m not sure why I keep trying to get my hopes up for these matches anymore. The champions would keep the titles for a little while before losing them to the Bullet and his real life son Brad Armstrong.

The champions keep beating them down post match until Bullet makes the save.

House show ads #5.

The tag champs say they’ll take Bullet out.

Tim Horner vs. Mr. Martin

Who Martin is I’m not sure but who cares? His first name is Allen apparently. There’s a Samoan with Martin whose name is Kokina the Samoan Warrior. If my memory is right, he would be on the first episode of Monday Night Raw and be called Yokozuna. He hits Horner in the throat and then does it again. Yoko has long hair here which is a weird look for him. Horner takes over and stomps on Kokina’s fingers. He rams Martin into the Samoan and rolls him up for the pin. Too short to rate but it’s always cool to see future superstars like this.

The announcers wrap things up and we see the double DDT on the tag champs again to end the show. They’re really making a big deal out of that.

Overall Rating: D-. Another terribly boring show. I think there’s a reason you never hear anything about this company: IT SUCKED. I know it’s a different era and a very southern style, but at least in Memphis you had some characters that were interesting and could get the crowd into things. This is just bare bones wrestling and nothing of interest at all. Maybe they’re still resetting after the Road To Birmingham or whatever, but that was a long time ago now. Bad show.

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  1. JakeInOKC says:

    Detroit Demolition(Randy Colley) was actually the original Smash.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    That was Colley? I knew he was Smash but I didn’t know that was him on this show.

    JakeInOKC Reply:

    Yeah, it’s pretty weird. The only fake Demolition guys I’ve seen have been on the indies by the name of Demolition Sledge and a weird team called Atomic Demolition. They’re both on youtube.

    There’s another Colley match as Detroit Demolition on youtube against Brickhouse Brown from CWF. It’s awful as well.

    klunderbunker Reply:

    I’ve heard of Sledge. I’ve also heard of one called Blast or Nitro and he teamed up with Ax to reform Demolition on the indies. It didn’t go anywhere.

  2. Rocko says:

    “We open with a recap of last week’s show where the Dirty White Girl caused the Bullet to be choked out by the Dirty White Boy. She wound up getting spanked but Bullet got beaten down anyway.”

    If this is taken out of context, it sounds really dirty.