Royal Rumble By The Numbers

I love these things! Here are the numbers:

31 Hall of Famers in Rumbles
21 Wrestlemania main events for those Hall of Famers
695 participants in total
39 eliminations for Shawn Michaels, the most everything
35 eliminations for Kane, the second most all time
194,107 pounds total, or 430 Big Shows
421,883 fans have seen the Rumbles
62:12 is the record amount of time in the Rumble, set by Mysterio
3 wins for Austin, the record
2 seconds, as in the record held by Warlord for over 20 years
1 second, Santino’s record breaking mark
2 women in the Rumble
#1 is the entrant that has produced the same amount of entrants as #30
27 is the lucky number, with four winners
55% have gone on to win their Mania match, dating back to 1993


  1. WWTNA says:

    I seriously hope someone beats Shawn Michaels’ record of most eliminations. I like Michaels but he has the record in almost anything in the WWE. The first grand slam champion, the first Elimination Chamber winner, the first Hell in a Cell winner, etc.

  2. Muffin Top Merkley says:

    I would imagine that Kane would surpass Shawn Michael’s record of 39 total eliminations, if not this year, then next.

    Certainly before his retirement.