Ryder Out Indefinitely With A Broken Back

Is there any reason for this? My take:

If you’ve read my review of the show, the answer seems to be that Ryder is the guy that got over on his own and that’s not what the company wants.  Unless this is a real injury, I don’t see any need for it.  He got put in the horrible storyline with Eve who does nothing but complain to Cena and look good in shorts.  Ryder has gone from the hottest thing in wrestling to a pawn in a Cena storyline to tide him over until Mania.  Think about that for a minute.




  1. WWTNA says:

    I think its legit. He took a pretty bad looking bump when Kane hit him in the throat and Ryder landed awkwardly. If he isn’t injured, I wanna see where they go with this because its really confusing.

  2. Eric says:

    It’s not legit but I think what it does do is set up for Ryder to return big and get a singles match an Mania. They are trying to add a little bit more depth to him and taking him off tv for a month might be their solution. He wasn’t going to win the Rumble and he wasn’t going to be in the Chamber so it’s not like he’d be featured anyway. Let’s reassess this after he returns to see if it’s worth it (and this coming from a guy from LI!)

  3. FunKay says:

    Fairly certain he won’t be out nearly as long as some are predicting. I’m fairly certain he’ll be back for Mania. It’s probably going to be similar to what happened with Cody last year: Relativley sheesy character dissapears after serious incident for an extended period. Returns with new fire and determination. Ryder vs. Kane will probably be a feud heading into Mania.