Who Should Sheamus Choose?

Assuming that the titles stay on the current champions, who do you want him to pick?Bryan if I had to choose.  Sheamus vs. Punk doesn’t sound like much, but Bryan’s selling could be great.


Your picks/thoughts?


  1. Your Eternal Reward says:

    Probably DB so they can do the match that should of taken place on the actual card a year ago.

  2. Muffin Top Merkley says:

    Out of the current champions, I’d prefer Sheamus vs Byran on the basis that I really enjoyed the previous matches between the two, and I can’t imagine that a Sheamus vs Bryan match at WrestleMania would disappoint.

    That being said, I’d much prefer Sheamus using his Rumble spot to challenge The Undertaker. All Sheamus would have to do is cut a promo saying something like “I have already been a champion & I am young enough that I will have plenty of opportunity to be a champion again. But there is one thing that time is running out on & that is the career of The Undertaker. I want a chance to break the streak before the Deadman is unable to compete at WrestleMania.”