Orton Injured, Out Of Elimination Chamber

According to WWE.com so this is pretty accurate.  It occurred when Bryan hit him in the head with the belt, giving him a concussion.


Thoughts on this/his replacement?


  1. Macios says:

    One person who came to my kind when I saw that.


  2. Thriller says:

    I read that it wasn’t the belt shot that hurt him, that’s just the storyline explanation.

    Mark Henry would be the likely candidate, in my mind. I would like to see Christian or even ADR, if they are healthy, as a nice surprise, since whomever it is won’t win anyway.

  3. Sully says:

    Well those other guys are still too injured to wrestle so it won’t be them.

    But I’m going with Hunico or DiBiase as the replacement. If this is real then it will be them because they have to think on the fly. I’m going with Barrett to win now and Bryan to face Orton at Mania for revenge (if this is fake).