NXT – February 22, 2012 – Major Announcement Next Week?

Date: February 22, 2012
Location: BMO Harris Bank Center, Rockford, Illinois
Commentators: Josh Matthews, William Regal

This show still isn’t up on WWE.com and I had to find it on Youtube. Apparently if you watch it on here, they cut out all the commercials and the show is about 12 minutes shorter. I think I could get used to this. Anyway this is the 51st episode of this season, making next week a milestone in its own right. Let’s get to it.

We open with Striker in the ring but he’s quickly cut off by Hawkins and Reks. Let me guess: they want more time. Hawkins has the Obama shirt on still and complains about being put in an impromptu match last week. Tyson Kidd comes out to interrupt and talks about how the fans want to see high impact fast paced offense. Reks and Hawkins can’t even get into the main event properly. Reks says the two of them are the future. Striker has authority back apparently and here’s a match.

Tyson Kidd vs. Tyler Reks

Reks takes him to the mat and grabs the wrist. Hawkins tries to cheat and is thrown out. Kidd dives on both of them and we take a break. Back with Kidd missing a charge into the corner and off to a double underhook. The match just dies with Reks in control. He ducks his head and Kidd gets a kick to the face to get some momentum. He loads up a sunset flip but winds up backdropping Reks to the floor. A running knee from the apron puts Reks down again. Springboard missile dropkick gets two.

Reks comes back and hits a reverse fallaway slam for two. Tyler goes up top but Kidd runs up to try a superplex. Kidd gets knocked off but he hits a kick to slow Reks down. Tyson goes up again but gets caught in a fireman’s carry while Reks is on the ropes. He drops Kidd ribs first onto the buckle for two. In another homage to Bret, Reks drops a leg between Kidd’s legs but Tyson grabs the foot ala Summerslam 1991. He pulls Reks into the Sharpshooter for the tap out at 8:36 shown.

Rating: C+. Quick summary of this match: Reks boring, Kidd good. The problem is that Kidd isn’t going to get a serious push on either show because he’s too small and there isn’t room for him on Raw or Smackdown. I’m all for him getting a push though, especially if he’s getting time like he has for the last two weeks. Reks is just bad though.

Maxine yells at Bateman who is wearing an American Psycho t-shirt. She’s going to find a way off this show. Maxine walks off and Bateman runs into Kaitlyn. Bateman wants to have fun and go win the Intercontinental Title. Please, give me another Godfather reign before that. They have an awkward moment where they’re friends that accidentally flirt. Bateman leaves and Curtis comes in to be creepy. She knees him in the groin and leaves. Good grief get some better actors please.

Striker is playing the guitar when Kaitlyn comes in. She thinks he’s doing a great job and would like a rematch with Maxine. Maxine comes in and they act all catty with each other. Maxine wants to get out of NXT because she can’t be around Kaitlyn anymore. I think the end result is the rematch Kaitlyn wanted.

We get hopefully the only Raw recap video on here: Eve’s saga with Cena.

Kidd is on the phone with someone that needs to get back on NXT. Apparently it’s Barretta. McGillicutty comes in and says he drove six hours to get here and he doesn’t have a match. He talks to Kidd and says that Kidd will never be one of them because he’s not a second generation guy. A match is made for next week.

Titus O’Neil vs. Alex Riley

Young is on commentary here. Titus clotheslines him down and starts a Let’s Go A-Ri chant. Riley gets up and O’Neil bails for a bit. He ducks his head though and Riley is sent to the floor. Percy comes out to stop Young from interfering. Riley is rammed into the table and we take a break. Back with Riley in a chinlock as Watson and Young get in an argument. Riley makes his comeback but when he tries ten punches in the corner, Titus powerbombs him out and puts his feet on the ropes for the pin at 4:56 shown.

Rating: C-. Better match here for the most part and I’m starting to buy O’Neil as a heel. However, I’d like to see him use his power more. I’m not saying make him the bald Mark Henry, but use it some. Being the guy who acts the same way but cheats to win instead of doing it through sheer skill is a nice change of pace though.

Striker pops up on screen and says next week is the one year anniversary of NXT. Actually it’s the 52nd episode so the anniversary would be the next week but WWE has never been good at complicated things like calendars. Next week there’s going to be a huge announcement that will effect everyone on NXT. I won’t hold my breath on that.

Don’t be a bully! That ends the show.

Overall Rating: C. Well despite Regal not having power anymore, I’m somewhat intrigued by what might be coming from this announcement. There are a bunch of things that could make NXT a lot more interesting, from an NXT Championship to some new faces to someone actually being eliminated to ANYTHING to fight for other than pride. Good show this week as things seem to be shaking up a little bit.

Tyson Kidd b. Tyler Reks – Sharpshooter
Titus O’Neil b. Alex Riley – Pinned Riley after a powerbomb with his feet on the ropes

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  1. Kotre says:

    When Daniel Bryan is WHC, there’s no such thing as “too small for a push”. Too uncharismatic, perhaps but not too small.

    I’m hoping for the announcement to be “none of you guys have earned redemption, you’re all fired. Next week: NEW ROOKIES!”