USWA Championship Wrestling – January 2, 1993: Let Me Get This Straight…….What?

USWA Championship Wrestling
Date: January 2, 1993
Location: USWA Television Studios, Memphis, Tennessee
Commentator: Dave Brown

So I came across this today and having liked what I’ve seen from the USWA I figured this would be worth checking out. I did a show from February of this year already so I have an idea of what to expect. That show wasn’t all that great but it’s very hard to tell much off one show. Let’s get to it.

Bill Dundee is going to WCW so we get a highlight reel of his career. Dundee comes out and says this is his last week so he’ll be going to all the cities this week and today is his last TV match.

Mike Miller vs. Bill Dundee

Miller pounds him into the corner to start but Dundee pounds him down. Miller comes back but Master of Terror and someone else run in for the DQ.

Master of Terror piledrives Dundee on the floor and the other guy is named Mike Samples. Lawler and Danny Davis (the wrestler, not the referee) run in for the save. Samples manages to get a third piledriver on the concrete on Dundee though.

Lawler talks about how great this crowd is and then talks about how the competition the last few years has been between organizations, not the wrestlers. I believe this is the start of the USWA vs. WWF feud which was actually pretty awesome, as even back in 1993, the USWA acknowledged Vince as the owner of the WWF and had him as the evil Mr. McMahon, leading the war against the USWA. This was never mentioned on WWF TV of course but it was a huge feud. Lawler implies some WWF guys are coming to the USWA and that we’ll get some interpromotional stuff.

As for Mike Samples, he cost Lawler a battle royal win and $10,000. We get a clip of it and Lawler was knocked out by a foreign object and pinned. Different kind of battle royal I guess. Mike Miller (not Mike Samples) jumps Lawler with a chair and they get in a brawl.

Jeff Jarrett plugs a house show.

Brown tells us that Lawler and Miller had been at a party and Miller had gotten drunk. The host had asked Lawler to take care of it so Lawler punched him out. That’s why Miller jumped him. Simple but effective.

Danny Davis says Dundee is like a brother to him but right now he’s got an ice pack on his neck in the back. Davis wants both Samples and Master of Terror in one on one matches tonight.

Jerry Lawler vs. Mr. Paradise

Total squash until Miller runs in for the DQ at about a minute.

It takes awhile to break up. Miller says that he’s not a bad person. He was at a New Year’s Eve party having a good time when he looked up and saw Lawler having milk and cookies. Lawler came over and asked him to leave. Miller wasn’t ready to leave so he kept talking to the girl he was talking to. Lawler spun him around and knocked him out. Miller is going to come after Lawler every time he sees him, no matter where it is. See how easy it is to have a program you could have running for awhile?

We get a clip from a Jarrett vs. Brian Christopher title match. I’m not sure who the champion is here but Christopher hits him with a chain for two. Then someone throws powder in Jeff’s eyes but that only gets two. Jeff rolls him up for two. It’s clipped between each of these things happening. The ref gets bumped and Christopher misses his top rope legdrop.

Jeff hits his cross body off the top but Brian’s manager hit him with a cane for two. Brian got the chain again but Jeff steals it and hits him from the middle rope with it. THAT gets two and these kickouts are getting ridiculous. The manager trips Jeff with his cane but Jeff rolls through and hooks the tights (giving me more of a shot of Christopher in a thong than I ever wanted to see) for the pin. The manager gets shaved post match as I guess a stipulation. Apparently Jarrett won the Southern Heavyweight Title there. This would have been just before Christmas and Jeff’s sixth title reign.

Bounty Hunter vs. Jeff Jarrett

This is non-title. Bounty Hunter is your generic masked man. Jeff pounds him into the corner to start and after a back elbow, a jumping DDT gets the quick pin.

Brian Christopher in a shirt and tie comes out with something to say. Christopher says his manager hasn’t deserted him and he has a guy named Mr. Clyde with him now too. If Jarrett puts the title up, Clyde’s hair will be on the line. Jeff wants Brian’s hair on the line. Christopher says Clyde’s hair plus $1000. Jeff declines again and does the same with $2000. During a commercial, Christopher says he’ll put it on the line in two weeks. Oh ok next week. This week it’s Clyde’s and $2000. Those matches happen on the next two Tuesdays in Memphis. Ok then.

House show rundown. Lawler vs. Samples in a boxing match. To clarify Brian vs. Jeff, both matches will be Jeff vs. Brian. However, Jeff won’t defend the title unless Christopher’s hair is on the line. In the first one, Jeff gets $2000 and to shave Clyde’s hair if he wins. I think the second match happens no matter what. This is overly complicated.

Lawler talks about the fight with Miller and says Miller was too drunk. Lawler is a legit non-drinker so the line about him drinking milk might have been accurate. We hear about Lawler beating him up at the party and it’s the same stuff we heard earlier.

Mike Samples talks about a mixed tag coming up. Oh and Lawler is full of hot air. He knows how to box so he’ll beat up Lawler on Monday.

Ben Jordan/Man Mountain Miller vs. Bruise Brothers

It’s the Harris Brothers. Powerbomb and we’re done in 20 seconds.

The Harris Brothers keep beating on them until the Moondogs make the save with chairs.

Some guy comes out to yell about Mike Samples. Samples manages the Harris Brothers and I think this guy manages the Moondogs. The two teams meet on Monday for the titles. His name is Richard Lee.

The matchmaker talks about how women and men shouldn’t be fighting and Miss Texas (Jackie Moore) is involved in this feud somehow. Apparently the matchmakes is in the match and threatens to spank Samples’ chick. I’m confused about this story but if Jackie isn’t on my screen it’s good.

The Masters of Terror come out for a tag match but Danny Davis and Bill Dundee run in and jump the Masters for earlier. There are two Masters? That makes more sense….I guess. The brawl goes on for a few minutes.

Post break Dundee says he’ll be in a tag match on Monday. He’s in a tag match here. Apparently he’ll be “an executive” in WCW, which means a manager for William Regal.

We run down the Memphis card again to end the show.

Overall Rating: D. I don’t know how well it came off here but this was a mess. Ok so let me make sure I have this straight: Samples is the manager of pretty much every heel on the roster, Lawler is fighting him on Monday after spending the whole show brawling with and talking about some guy named Mike Miller, and Jarrett has to beat Christopher in a non-title match to be able to defend the title against him?

This was somehow even more confusing on TV because they assume everyone knows who these people are so we have no idea what the history here is or what name goes with what face. Really confusing show and the very limited wrestling we got was bad as well. I likely won’t be doing more USWA from this era.

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