Wrestlemania #10: Which Is The Better Match?

I’ll have to take Adam Bomb vs. Ear……oh you mean the other matches.This show has two masterpieces on it and the question is simple: which is better?


I think I’m going to have to go with the opener.  It’s got a built in story and it still holds up to this day as a great match.  The ladder match is still great and I don’t buy the argument of “it’s been topped since.”  The future ladder matches have no bearing on this one because they had history to look back on.  This was, for al intents and purposes, the first ladder match.  Maybe it’s that I’ve seen the ladder match too many times, but I like Bret vs. Owen a little better.


Your pick?


  1. Wayne says:

    Bret vs. Owen is a classic, but I’m going with the Shawn vs. Razor match, by a hair.

  2. DiscipleofWrestling says:

    Bret vs. Owen for me too. I have both matches in my top ten of all time at WrestleMania, but Bret vs. Owen is just a couple places ahead.