Victory Road 2012 Preview

I’m fairly optimistic about this show.The good thing about this show is that it has no pressure on it because it’s just a stop on the way to Lockdown.  On the other hand, the bad thing about this show is that nothing on it really matters because it’s just a stop on the road to Lockdown.  What that means is that it has the potential to be something fun in the moment but that it’s probably not going to mean anything past tomorrow night.  That’s probably a good thing though, given that they’ll start the build to Lockdown soon after this.


Roode should and probably will beat Sting.  Roode has been feuding with Sting since winning the title and they need to put this behind them.  A decisive victory over Sting with a clean (as clean as you can get in a no holds barred match that is) pin would do a lot for Roode and would make him look like a bigger deal than he is right now.  Should be fun.


Storm over Ray, duh.  This doesn’t need much of an explanation.


Tag champs to retain as the Morgan vs. Crimson feud goes to Lockdown, hopefully with a turn in there somewhere.


Aries to retain, just due to me not wanting Ion on my TV screen anymore than he has to be.


Hardy over Angle but this is going to Lethal Lockdown.


Uh….Gail and AJ/Anderson win via coin flip.


The TV Title…..nobody cares.



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