Wrestlemania #14: Best Passing Of The Torch Ever?

This was a really hard one to come up with a question for.The show is a lot better than I remember it being and it was hard to find anything for debate.  The best I can do here is ask if there’s ever been a better example of passing the torch to someone else than here with Austin.  if there is, I can’t think of it.  Austin takes over as champion and is immediately the official top man in the company, which everyone knew already.  Is this the best example of that moment ever?  I’d certainly think so.




  1. Evan says:

    As a feud and not one match in general, I’d consider HHH putting over Batista. HHH dominated the title scene for years, and then Batista comes along and pins him 3 times on PPV. IN A ROW.

    HHH never even kicked out of the Batista bomb ONCE. Batista kicked out of the pedigree numerous times and beat HHH in his match(that was the storyline), the HIAC.

  2. Wayne says:

    I think this was possibly the best example of passing the torch, considering everything else that came after it regarding Steve Austin’s run at the top. I’m a little biased with that because he’s my #2 favorite of all time, and Shawn is my #1!