Florida Championship Wrestling, WWE’s Developmental Company, Closing


This came out of nowhere. I haven’t heard anything about things going badly down there, but maybe this is a sign of something huge changing in WWE.

Thoughts on this?


  1. Stormy says:

    Has anyone good ever come out of FCW?
    *still silence*
    Exactly. Good riddance.

    Move the training to 2 separate places. Houston (Booker T has a school if I recall correctly) and Calgary…Alberta Canada (Where Lance Storm has a school). Booker is a WWE Employee, and Storm is a former employee in good standing (who said that if they offered to do that he wouldn’t necessarily decline). Cycle the students/talent between the 2 places. Maybe it would create a hybrid territory-system/Minor League thing.

    SamualDude Reply:

    Ummm Sheamus?

  2. Evan says:


    Yeah… Let’s just say a FEW stars came out of FCW.

    Stormy Reply:

    That list is the saddest, most wrong thing in the history of things.

    The majority of those guys didn’t “come” from FCW. FCW was a stop on their journey to WWE, not where they learned anything.

    Evan Bourne? No. Evan Bourne was an ROH/TNA guy.
    Dolph Ziggler? Not really, he was trained in OVW by Lance Storm.
    Alberto Del Rio? Try Mexico, where Dos Caras was a huge star.
    Curt Hawkins? Deep South Wrestling. He went to FCW on his own because WWE wasn’t using him after he and Ryder split.
    Jack Swagger? University of Oklahoma and Deep South. Had a cup of coffee in FCW before his callup.

    FCW claims all these stars, yet they didn’t create them, they just used them after they were created. I’m surprised they don’t have Daniel Bryan on there either, he had a match or 2 in FCW.

    Evan Reply:

    They all learned the WWE style of wrestling in FCW. If it wasn’t for FCW, Alberto Del Rio would still be wrestling a lucha-style in the WWE, instead of telling a story in the ring. Same goes with the rest of them.

    Stormy Reply:

    So FCW made Alberto Del Rio a bland, worthless wrestler? Yeah, FCW is great all right. Lets ruin a guy that has talent.

    FCW never made anybody. They’ve ruined tons.

  3. Eric says:

    This could end up being GREAT news. We’ve been hearing that HHH has wanted to revamp WWE’s training. Making minor alterations wasn’t enough so this is going to be major. Hopefully a new place starts that is a program completely designed by Hunter. If that’s the case, this is the best news from WWE in a while. Grooming tomorrow’s superstars is important and if this means WWE will do it better, this is great. I think we’ll look back at this as a majorly positive move.

  4. Don says:

    Who cares? Why is this even on here, Hall?

    This is a sign of something huge? Like what? Maybe they are just moving in to Connecticut, fat boy!

  5. Nick Nasty says:

    According to 411wrestling.com, FCW is not closing down.

    Looks like you dorks at rspwfaq need to do a better job of reporting facts.