Wrestlemania #20: What Do You Do With This Show?

This is a tricky situation.On one hand, it’s a GREAT show with a masterpiece of a main event.  On the other hand, it’s a show focusing on a man who was a crazy murderer who committed suicide.  So what do you do with this show if you’re WWE?


It’s Wrestlemania 20 and a show that you can’t just pretend didn’t happen.  The problem is that you can’t really talk about it because there’s a huge issue with it.  To me, this is the one Benoit show you kind of need to air.  At this point, Benoit wasn’t an evil man and was one of the top guys in the company if not the top guy.  I think it needs to be acknowledged, but there should be a disclaimer of some kind if it’s ever aired somewhere else.




  1. Jay says:

    I do know that on WWE.com and in last year’s Wrestlemania Program that I got they do mention all of Chris Benoit’s WM Matches including his World Title win at 20. So they are mentioning it but not on TV anyway. I guess they are just trying to avoid some potential backlash if they ever decided to mention him. Hopefully there is a day where they can recognize his Career.

    Sully Reply:

    Well does he even deserve praise? His career as a murderer only lasted two days and he only killed two people. That is not a noteworthy murdering career.

    But in all seriousness this mania if ever recapped in the future they should not mention Benoit’s match (they can show it, just not talk about it). I say the less talked/shown about Benoit, the better.

  2. Stormy says:

    This is an extremely difficult situation for me, as I was in Madison Square Garden for the event.

    I loved the event. I found the post-Main-Event celebration to be one of my favorite moments of all time. I have the DVD. I have watched the DVD of the event probably a dozen times, half of which were after the murders. I also turn off the DVD after the Undertaker/Kane match now.

    Since the Murders, I have tried to watch the match once. I turned it off half way through, sick to my stomach. Thinking of the celebration now gives me the creeps. What you didn’t see there was after the show went off the air, the 2 families came down, including Nancy and their son. When I see the celebration, I think back to the entire thing, including Benoit celebrating with the 2 very people the sick sonofabitch murdered 3 years later.

    Also, if you go on WWE.com now, the photo gallery of WMXX has 30 images, ranging from the opening match to the Undertaker/Kane match, with nothing from the Main Event. The full results list the match, but photos of said match are not there. And on the Title History page, he is listed. However, the link attached to his name does not describe his title win like every other title win does.

    WWE will refuse to profit off his matches, refuse to mention his name on-air, but they don’t delete his matches from record. And I don’t think they will ever, ever mention his name again, nor should they really.

  3. Wayne says:

    I’m still not sure where I stand on this issue either.

  4. extrnal voice.. says:

    I really loved Chris Benoit & he used to be my favorite wrestler that time..