Monday Night Raw – March 26, 2012: I Have To See Rock Vs. Cena. I Have To.

Monday Night Raw
Date: March 26, 2012
Location: Philips Arena, Atlanta, Georgia
Commentators: Michael Cole, Jerry Lawler

It’s the final show before Wrestlemania so I wouldn’t expect much in ring action tonight. They’re probably worried about potential injuries and that’s completely understandable. This is usually the least interesting show of the year and that’s ok because they have the biggest show of the year in less than a week. Let’s get to it.

Rock and Cena square off face to face tonight.

Booker T is here for commentary as well. They’re taping some matches for Smackdown tonight as well so that’s why he’s in the house.

Randy Orton/Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan/Kane

Now there’s a different kind of heel team. Bryan kisses AJ before the match, making me very jealous of him. He starts with Orton who takes him down quickly for the circle stomp. Bryan comes back with some kicks and the moonsault out of the corner. Not that it matters as Orton takes him down with a clothesline for two. Off to Sheamus so Bryan bails out to Kane. This would be a pretty awesome pairing if it was 13 years ago for Kane.

They slug it out with Sheamus hitting a knee lift but Kane hits an elbow. Sheamus goes up for the top rope shoulder for two. Sheamus loads up the Celtic Cross but goes after Bryan instead. Kane knocks him to the floor and Bryan hits the knee from the apron to take Sheamus down. We take a break and come back with Bryan holding Sheamus in a headlock. Everything breaks down quickly with Orton coming in and cleaning house. Kane gets rammed into the post but Bryan hits a baseball slide to take Orton out. Back in and Kane pounds on the now hurt Orton.

He hooks on a chinlock and then adds his side slam for two. Kane goes up and hits his clothesline before calling for the chokeslam. Orton snaps off a dropkick to block it and it’s a double tag to bring in Sheamus and Bryan. Sheamous pounds him down and hits the Irish Curse. The good guys knock Kane to the floor and Orton follows. RKO on the floor is countered and Orton goes into the post. AJ gets in the way of the Brogue Kick and Sheamus gets crotched. Kane chokeslams Sheamus and Bryan pins him at 11:40.

Rating: C. Just a standard main event tag here, but I’m not sure on Bryan getting the pin. Why have Sheamus look weak going into the title match when he hasn’t gotten a one up yet on Bryan? I think I get what they’re going for here but I would have had Sheamus get the pin on Bryan, if nothing else to give him some more momentum.

We get a clip from last year’s Mania with Rock hitting the Rock Bottom on Cena. I have a feeling we’ll be seeing about a thousand of these tonight.

Jerry talks about the Battle of the GM’s and Cole is in the ring in a Team Johnny shirt. He’s the official announcer of Johnny’s team. Here’s the team namesake who announces Vickie as the official flag bearer. Booker introduces Teddy who introduces

David Otunga vs. Santino Marella

Santino grabs a headlock to start but Otunga runs him over with a shoulder. Otunga runs him over again and grabs the Team Ace flag. Horny comes in and it’s a battle of the flags. This lets Santino load up the Cobra after Otunga hits himself in the head with the flag pole. Cobra ends this at 1:30. Tully Blanchard, Magnum TA, Chris Benoit, Santino Marella ladies and gentlemen.

Teddy and Santino abuse Ace post match, but Miz runs in to break up the Cobra, officially joining Team Ace. Johnny calls it Team Teddy but then corrects himself, because expecting him to remember his own name is too much for him in one take. No word on who the sixth man on Team Teddy is yet.

Rock and Cena challenge each other the night after Mania. I still don’t get why the Corre interfered.

Long video on HHH vs. Undertaker with Shawn on the side. Again I have to ask: they do know that HHH lost last year right?

Eve Torres vs. Kelly Kelly

Eve controls to start but ducks her head so Kelly can do her screaming headscissors. Moonsault misses and Kelly rolls her up for the pin at 2:31. Yes they gave it that much time.

Rock and Cena teamed together at Survivor Series. Still so stupid.

Christian vs. CM Punk

Before the match, Jericho pops up on screen and says he has some new information. Punk’s mom has no vices, but Punk was born before his parents were married, making him the definition of a bastard. Christian jumps Punk and lays him out, sending him to the floor. I never heard a bell so I don’t know if this is the match or not.

Punk goes off on Christian, ramming his head into the table and hitting the high kick followed by a TON of elbows to the side of his head. There’s a GTS onto the steps followed by an Anaconda Vice. Psycho Punk is working for me. Referees come outt o break it up but Punk jumps over them and puts the hold on again. No match obviously.

Video on Axxess.

Christian may have reinjured his neck so there’s a chance he won’t be at Mania.

Brodus Clay vs. Curt Hawkins

I really hope Brodus is the last member of Team Teddy. He needs something to do. Hawkins takes Brodus down at the knee and hits a bulldog for one. Jerry keeps calling him Curtis. Headbutt to the stomach and a right hand to the same place set up a knee lift, the t-bone suplex and What The Funk ends this at 1:08.

Rock and Cena have had a war of words. This is confined to the last month or so.

Big Show vs. Primo

Christian is officially out of the GM match on Sunday. Chokeslam ends this in 47 seconds. This is my big complaint with WWE lately: why did this need to be one of the tag champions? Why in the world could this not be say, JTG?

Cody comes out and makes fun of Big Show post match. You know the drill here I’m sure.

Lord Tensai is coming.

The Bellas argue about Johnny vs. Teddy. Ryder comes up and gets on their nerves. They leave and Eve comes up. She sweet talks him again and asks what hotel Ryder will be at. She invites him for a visit after Wrestlemania.

Punk says ask Christian how he’s feeling. What Jericho said about his father is true, but the stuff about his sister and mom isn’t. He’s not a bastard. He’s the best wrestler in the world. Big pop for that.

Great Khali vs. Mark Henry

Drew McIntyre is replacing Christian. Both GM’s distract their opponents. Khali chops him a lot but the World’s Strongest Slam ends this in 50 seconds.

Post match Ace throws Teddy in to Henry and waves out Team Johnny to block the entrance. Henry takes forever to do anything until Kofi breaks through, using part of Team Teddy for a springboard….and he jumps right into the World’s Strongest Slam to take him out. World’s Strongest Slam to Teddy is loaded up but Booker makes the save. So he’s the last member of Team Teddy? Seriously? With EVERYONE they could pick, Booker T is the last member? He accepts the spot and we get a Spinarooni.

Here’s Rock for the final sell for Wrestlemania. Rock talks about how ever since Wrestlemania XX, everyone has asked him when he’s coming back. He was told to drop his pants, turn his head and cough, then asked when he’s coming back. Then he told his dentist that he wasn’t dropping his pants. His dentist is freaky that way. Betty White offered him pie for the answer and he declined.

It was last year at Wrestlemania in Georgia (pop) when he decided. The next night he knew he had to do it and it was because of the people. There’s only one man that the millions want to see Rock face and that’s John Cena. Mostly heat on Cena after the name drop there. Rock talks about how Rock’s last Wrestlemania match was the same night as Cena’s first, and since then Cena has become a huge star. However, he’s never faced anyone like the Rock.

Cue Cena who says that Rock is half right: Rock is never going to face someone like Cena. Rock may be the best trash talker ever, because he brought Cena’s mom into things. He may be a great trash talker, but he’s not the first. There was a ten year gap in which everyone has talked trash about John Cena. The fans start the dueling chant (Rock isn’t mentioned) and Cena says the words of the chant. Everyone has turned their back on the WWE Universe, except Cena, who rises above and wins.

That right there is what gets to the fans that hate Cena: they give him their best and he keeps coming. As much as they hate him, they know he’s going to win at Wrestlemania. He knows they hate it, but they know it’s true. Cena has some stats for Rock. Cena has been in the WWE longer than Rock. Rock was here during the Attitude Era when things were awesome, but Cena was here when it wasn’t cool to be a WWE Superstar. He’s the one that beats the WWE drum and says he loves to be here. No matter how much you hear it, everyone knows he means it.

That’s why Cena has to win on Sunday. No matter what happens, Rock is staring in G.I. Joe this summer. It’s going to make him an even bigger star. But after Wrestlemania, the WWE is still Cena’s life. Rock is just standing there taking all this. Cena says he’s not going to let a visitor come in here and take his life from him. Cena has to win because no one remembers second place. This is all he’s got and he has to win it.

Now Rock says that it’s important to Cena. Cena was talking about the people. Rock isn’t a visitor to WWE. He built this house that Cena lives in now. Rock says the fans know that there’s never been an opponent Cena can’t overcome….until now. The fans know that Rock has come back to beat Cena. No one has ever been able to say that he’s walked into Wrestlemania and beaten Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin and John Cena. Rock needs to beat Cena to become the best of all time. That’s on a professional level.

On a personal level, Rock just doesn’t like him. In six days, Rock is going to give Cena the beating of a lifetime and everyone knows it. Cena says that’s a fine speech, but it doesn’t matter what the Rock thinks. He’s going to put this in terms Rock can understand. On April 1, Rock will be able to see Cena, because he’ll be the one standing over Rock with his hand raised. And that’s it.

Overall Rating: C+. Here’s the thing: if you came into this show expecting ANYTHING but a big commercial for Wrestlemania, I have no idea what’s wrong with you but you missed the point. This was all about hyping the show and the wrestling was there as an afterthought. However, this was much more entertaining than most of the Raws like this over the last few years, because there was ONE match to point towards. Even HHH vs. Taker (where were they anyway?) pales in comparison to Rock vs. Cena. I could see how people would find this boring, and I’d say they have no idea what they’re talking about.

Daniel Bryan/Kane b. Sheamus/Randy Orton – Bryan pinned Sheamus after a chokeslam from Kane
Santino Marella b. David Otunga – Cobra
Kelly Kelly b. Eve Torres – Rolling Cradle
Brodus Clay b. Curt Hawkins – What The Funk
Big Show b. Primo – Chokeslam
Mark Henry b. Great Khali – World’s Strongest Slam

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  1. asdappa says:

    I find it really interesting that the 3 big matches of this are Rock v Cena, Jericho v Punk and Triple H v Undertaker. What I find funny is 4 of these names are all old. The only 2 names out of modern era Cena and Punk. So judging by how big a draw the old stars are compared to todays superstars, the future looks rubbish, unless guys like Kofi Kingston and Dolph Ziggler really step up their game.

    Sully Reply:

    Or maybe past established stars are already established. While the current stars are still in development (hence them being current). It takes time to make new stars, just for Wrestlemania, the WWE will pull out any draw they can even if that means putting old established stars over new becoming stars.

    asdappa Reply:

    Yes, but what would concern me the most if I was Vince is the lack of charisma amongst the younger stars. Being a wrestling fan for over 20 years, I have to say the modern crop as least charismatic I have seen. They have got a lot tlented wrestlers like Ziggler, Bryan and Kofi etc, but you can have as many 5 star matches you want but if you can not cut a decent promo you are never going to reach that level, Shelton Benjamin and John Morrison are proof of that.

  2. Jay says:

    I was at the RAW/Smackdown Supershow with my friend and had a great time. They did a good final push to Sunday and I am looking forward to Wrestlemania.

  3. Jay says:

    Also already got Tickets for Hell In A Cell here in Atlanta on October 28th.