Monday Night Raw – November 1, 2004: Maven The Main Eventer?

Monday Night Raw
Date: November 1, 2004
Location: Peoria Civic Center, Peoria, Illinois
Attendance: 4,600
Commentators: Jim Ross, Jerry Lawler

Based on what I can find, this is the 600th episode of Raw (again remembering that WWE has issues with numbers at times). I figured I’d do this, #700 and #800 straight through just to get them out of the way. This is part of the buildup to Survivor Series 2004 which was Team HHH vs. Team Orton, so some of the matches tonight are about that feud. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of last week where Evolution named themselves as the hosts of the show in Bischoff’s absence. The guys that would become Team Orton stood up to him which he didn’t like. This resulted in Orton vs. Flair which Orton had to win to be able to ever challenge HHH again. HHH interfered to give Flair the win, even though Orton, Maven and Jericho all interfered. A big HHH beatdown ensued.

Theme song.

Gene Snitsky vs. Eugene

Snitsky is the evil monster of the month, having Pillmanized Kane’s neck at Taboo Tuesday. This is a hardcore match and we see Regal in the back and Regal says that he’ll be there with Eugene tonight in this evil match. Eugene says no he has to stand on his own two feet.
Snitsky brought his weapons out in a baby carriage which is pretty awesome. Eugene grabs a kendo stick to control early but Snitsky comes back with a few chain shots.

Here’s the majority of the match: Snitsky beats on Eugene, Eugene gets in a single shot to get a breather, Snitsky beats him down even more. Eugene is about to have his throat Pillmanized so he makes his brief comeback, only to walk into a pumphandle powerslam for the pin.

Rating: D+. Nothing much to see here, but that was the point with Snitsky. The problem with that was once the Kane feud was over, there wasn’t much left for him to do and he went the way of most monsters. That’s fine though as at least he got his run in the company and that’s all people like him can ask for.

Snitsky sets to Pillmanize Eugene’s neck but Regal with the brass knuckles makes the save.

HhH criticizes everyone that attacked him, as well as the people that threw him into the ring for the beating, because he’s the guy that brings the people into the arena. He’s putting the food on their families’ table. You just know he believes everything he’s saying too. HHH won’t be here in the arena tonight so let’s see how the show does tonight. He’s great and without him, Raw is nothing.

Tajiri of all people is asked what he thinks of HHH so he quotes Network and hits on the very hot Maria. Flair and Batista pop up to massacre him.

Flair and Batista keep walking and head out to the ring. Think they might want to talk about The Game a little? Flair says what happened last week was unacceptable and what happened to Tajiri just now will happen to everyone unless something changes. Bischoff, either fix it or face the consequences. Bischoff comes out and announces the Raw matches for Survivor Series, including Christian vs. Shelton for the IC Title, Lita vs. Trish for the Women’s Title, and Team Orton (Orton, Maven, Benoit, Jericho) vs. Team HHH (HHH, Batista, Edge and Snitsky).

Flair is annoyed about not being on the team but Bischoff says he doesn’t really care. He’s mad at Evolution for not helping him when he got his head shaved at Taboo Tuesday. Eric has gotten nothing out of sucking up to Evolution for two and a half years, so after Survivor Series, Eric is taking a month long vacation. Batista says that’s stupid and threatens Eric, so Eric says get over it, because without the world title HHH is nothing. The winning team gets to control Raw for that month. This was almost a face turn for Bischoff but nothing would come of that.

Hurricane vs. Christian

This is a result of some sneak attack by Christian recently. About five seconds into the match, here’s Edge (I believe debuting Metalingus (the Alter Bridge song)) to promote his book as the match is going on. Hurricane has a headlock on Christian as Edge talks about how he doesn’t like Peoria. It wasn’t nice of those people to not vote him in at Taboo Tuesday but he’ll write an epilogue for that later. JR seems annoyed so Edge offers him a signed copy. The match is nothing and the camera is mostly on Edge during this.

Edge leaves and Hurricane comes back with a clothesline. Neckbreaker gets two as does a top rope cross body. Hurricane is sent into the post and the Unprettier ends this. I’m not going to review this due to the length and the majority of it being about Edge talking about the book and the match being background noise.

Shelton chases Christian off so Christian says he has a new problem solver because Tomko is hurt. Cue Viscera for a double beatdown and a World’s Strongest Slam.

Here’s Edge who says he’s here to defend the titles with Benoit, despite walking out on him at Taboo Tuesday. Benoit pops up and Edge takes one of the belts from him. Edge warns Benoit he might be defending on his own tonight and Benoit is ok with that.

Maven goes into Evolution’s locker room, probably due to those eyebrows weighing down his brain. For the life of me I don’t get why they picked Maven for this spot. He tells Dave and Ric that something is going to happen to Evolution. Flair gets defensive but Orton and Jericho pop up behind them and Evolution backs down.

Here’s Simon Dean in the ring for a promo about his Simon System. Be glad this isn’t in Philly because even though Dean is an ECW guy, he’d get murdered by the crowd. He insults some fans, calls them fat, calls in a “fan”, makes fun of him, fan goes nuts and Simon beats him up. That took about seven minutes.

Raw Tag Titles: La Resistance vs. Chris Benoit/Edge

Conway and Grenier this time. Edge isn’t here to start so the French Canadians pound on the Canadian whose Canadian partner isn’t here yet, prompting a USA chant. Or are they cheering for Conway? Either way he starts with Benoit who has to fight off both of them. Neckbreaker by Conway puts Benoit down and the challengers take over. Benoit goes off on both of them with release Germans and here’s Edge.

Edge is walking around the ring for awhile. And never mind as he’s on the apron now. Grenier pounds on Benoit but Chris breaks through, only to have Edge walk out on him. Back with no Edge in the ring because he’s on commentary now. This is when the commentary desk was near the entrance. Edge and Jerry are talking about the book at Benoit gets worked over even more.

Benoit hits a clothesline but there’s no Edge to make the tag to. Back to Grenier who stomps away. Benoit comes back and suplexes both of them with ease. He snaps off the Rolling Germans as Jerry talks about a picture of Edge’s puppy. Edge goes down to ringside because he thinks Benoit needs a hand. There’s the Swan Dive and Crossface to Grenier but Edge distracts the referee and Au Revoir (suplex/side slam combo) gives us new champions.

Rating: D+. This was a handicap match and on that front, it was pretty boring. That being said, this was all about the angle instead of a match, which is fine. This was around the time that the tag titles were rapidly dying in importance, and a lot of that is for stuff like this. Edge basically said “here you take this, it doesn’t mean anything to me.”

Edge lays out Benoit with a belt and busts him open. A spear puts him Chris down as well. Edge puts Benoit in the Crossface to complete the psycho heel turn. Benoit taps.

Flair rants to Bischoff because that’s all he knows how to do. Bischoff isn’t going to punish Team Orton so tonight it’s Maven/Orton/Jericho vs. Flair/Batista/HHH if HHH shows up. Otherwise it’s a handicap match.

Here are the debuting Muhammad Hassan and Daivari. Hassan says he’s an Arab-American and a Muslim but since 9/11, he’s been branded a terrorist. This had potential…I think, but when you bring in the idea of terrorism you’re asking for trouble.

We run down the rest of the Survivor Series card, including JBL vs. Booker and Taker vs. Heidenreich. Oh…

Shelton Benjamin vs. Viscera

Shelton has bad ribs here. Viscera hits him in the ribs and takes the tape off. This goes very slowly because that’s as fast as Viscera can go. Shelton rams him into the middle buckle and splashes him, but the T-Bone isn’t going to work. Choke bomb is countered and Shelton wins with the Dragon Whip.

Rating: F. What in the world was the point of this? Was it supposed to make us want to see Shelton vs. Christian? There’s no history between Viscera and Christian but apparently just saying they work together now means something. The match sucked on top of that and Viscera was gone soon thereafter.

Smackdown ReBound is about Tough Enough, which only resulted in Miz coming in second. He was somehow even goofier looking back then. They had to call out Big Show and then he slammed all of them. Oh and Ryan Reeves was in this too. You know him better as Skip Sheffield.

Here’s Trish who is much hotter when she’s evil. She’s been getting wishes from her family for safety because her career and life might be in danger. We get a video on Lita called the Kiss of Death. Essa Rios disappeared, as did the Hardys and the show Dark Angel. She comes back to be with Matt and Matt gets injured. She marries Kane and starts to like him so Snitsky hurts him. Then after all that, Lita lost her baby. She’s fat too. Cue Lita who is MAD. Lita takes her down and beats the tar out of her but Gail Kim runs in for a 2-1 beatdown. Trish hit a level as top heel Diva around this point that hasn’t been topped since.

Smack Down Your Vote!

Chris Jericho/Randy Orton/Maven vs. Evolution

No HHH so it’s 3-2. Orton and Batista start things off with Batista not quite being his awesome self yet. It was coming very soon though. Batista uses pure power to take Orton down and it’s off to Flair for a slugout, won by Orton. Powerslam puts Flair down and it’s off to Y2J. Jericho takes him down with the usual stuff and sets for the Walls but Batista comes in for the save. Team Orton all stares him down and Big Dave backs off.

Orton suplexes Flair back and Maven adds a missile dropkick. We go back in to Jericho for the sake of talent and it’s a big beatdown. Maven chokes Flair ala Flair as the referee has his back turned in a nice touch. The referee looks at Batista so Jericho hits Flair low. Flair avoids the Walls by kicking him into the corner where Batista can get in a shot. Off to Big Dave who hits a spinebuster for two.

Off to Flair who hammers on Jericho with his usual punches and chops. Jericho comes back with the running enziguri to give us a Flair Flop. Double tag brings in Orton and Batista with Orton cleaning house. Powerslam gets two on Batista. Flair and Batista try to walk and…IT’S TIME TO PLAY THE GAME. And never mind because it’s Tajiri doing a HHH impression. The match breaks down and everyone hits their finishers on Batista, ending with the RKO for the pin.

Rating: C-. This was pretty dull and I really don’t get what Tajiri added to it. HHH being imitated is always good and Tajiri is usually funny but it didn’t click here. Anyway, decent match with the Flair stuff being great as he got his own tricks used on him, but the rest was pretty dull.

Team Orton and Tajiri celebrate to end the show.

Overall Rating: C-. This was a very odd show. The show itself worked well but if you’re not into the stories, which a lot of people weren’t in 2004, this didn’t do much for you. The Trish vs. Lita stuff was great and Bischoff’s face turn was promising, but without it ever meaning anything, it’s just a promise that doesn’t mean much. Decent show but nothing memorable.

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