Wrestlemania #22: Did This Make Cena?

Is this the match that made Cena legit?I don’t really think so.  I’m not sure if there really is a single match that made Cena.  He was already a big deal at this point and the win didn’t really put him up to a higher level.  He did have to beat HHH at some point though, which makes this match more of a foregone conclusion than anything else.




  1. Evan says:

    No. Simply because HHH did the exact same thing the year before with Batista. He didn’t have as much credibility as a “push killer” and a “spotlight hogger” by that point.

    Many people played a role in making Cena legit. That includes JBL, Jericho, Christian, Angle, Edge, Triple H, Umaga, HBK, ETC. He didn’t really have a “Passing of the torch” moment, because well.. Who was going to pass it to him ? It was a gradual process and it worked better, because we can save the dream matches for later on in his career, such as a week from now.

  2. The Killjoy says:

    I’d say yeah. When the match was made, my thoughts were that Triple H was not gonna lose a 3rd time straight and that Cena had enough time as Champion seeing how there were only 3 weeks with him not being WWE Champion since last WM. I was very surprised that he won and the shot of the crowds disbelief when HHH tapped really told me no one expected Cena to win back then. The sigh of a group of guys standing up, dropping their jaws and grabbing their foreheads when Cena was announced as the winner is one shot I won’t forget about that show. It definably made Cena a guy to take seriously on any level.

    Jay Reply:

    I too still love it when Cena wins and some guys have a shocked look on their face is priceless. King laughing at it too is great.

  3. Mathix says:

    I’d have to say JBL is what kind of made Cena. Problem was I don’t think anyone bought JBL as champion. Everyone looked at him like “well lesnar is gone, so we really dont have anyone else to be top heel”. So Cena basically beat a fluke champion for his 1st title reign. I really think beating The Rock is going to legit MAKE Cena

  4. Wayne says:

    This match is not what made Cena legit in my opinion. I think his match against JBL @ Judgment Day 2005 (the I Quit match) is what made him “legit”. This match with HHH, while very good, was essentially just another match, much like the match(es) with JBL.