Wrestlemanie #25: Is Shawn Vs. Taker Better Than Steamboat Vs. Savage?

They’re two of the best matches ever, but which is better?As great as Shawn vs. Taker was in that I was literally almost jumping off my bed with each kickout, I think it’s more exciting than good.  With Savage vs. Steamboat, the match is virtually flawless with no botches or anything resembling one.  They’re both great, but the one from 87 is just better from a qualify standpoint.




  1. Mathix says:

    I honestly just think Taker vs Shawn is pretty overrated. I think people just look at it as such a great match because Mania 25 was so awful. It’s a good match until Taker botches his over the top rope dive, then after that it goes into the same formula that Taker/Triple H followed last year. Kickout, finisher, kickout, finisher etc. Not once in this match did I think the streak would end. Its a great match, but comparing it to Savage/Steamboat? Not even close. Just my two cents man.

  2. Wayne says:

    Both are classics, but I’m going with HBK vs. Taker on this one.