Wrestlemania #28: General Thoughts/Predictions

This should be a solid show.WWE has done a good job with this show as the card is very stacked.  The good thing they’ve done here is that they’ve given themselves a lot of matches that could be show stealers and nothing looks really bad at all.  There’s enough middle of the road stuff that you could pretty easily make a card up where you don’t have to cram a bunch of stuff together.  The main event is set in stone and I think it’s pretty clear that we know what the match before it will be, but there needs to be something between them.  Maybe the Hall of Fame guys would be a good idea here.  As for an opener, go with Punk vs. Jericho or Orton vs. Kane.  Save Bryan vs. Sheamus for later so you can make it feel bigger.


For a best match, we’ll go with Punk vs. Jericho I guess, because the pressure won’t be on them as much.  Rock vs. Cena will probably be great as will the Cell, but at the end of the day, you have two guys who live to steal the show in a huge match on a huge stage.  Do you really think they’re going to leave anything in them?  Of course not, and we’ll get a great match with a ton of false finishes and it’ll be awesome.


As for worst, the twelve man tag.  Just WAY too many people out there for the sake of a WM payday.  The match is going to be a mess and it’s going to be almost impossible to keep track of the whole thing.  There’s probably going to be interference on top of that, plus the two GM’s plus Horny running around somewhere.  I’m not looking forward to it and hopefully it only gets about ten minutes instead of the likely 20 or so.


As for a sleeper, I’ll go with Bryan vs. Sheamus.  I like Sheamus’ work and this has very little hype for it.  Bryan puts on good matches and the power vs. speed thing should work well here.  Sheamus powering out of the LeBell Lock into the White Noise for two would be a great spot and would likely get a great reaction from the crowd.  It’s probably going to be good stuff though and that’s all that matters.


I think this is going to be a successful show and with anything under a million buys, it has to be considered a disappointment.  They’ve put A LOT into this show and there’s something there for everyone.  It’s Wrestlemania and that’s all you need to draw in people, but with the card they’ve presented with everything at least having a story and some of them being good stories, the show should be a blast.  I can’t wait for it and you shouldn’t either.  It’s officially tomorrow and I for one can’t wait.  Let’s get to it.




  1. Little Jerry Lawler says:

    I wonder how long the matches are going to go. Rock/Cena and HHH/Taker will probably go 40 minutes including entrances. I feel that Bryan/Sheamus will be the match that will go shorter than it actually should and be hurt as a result. I don’t see why every match except the Divas and the IC match can’t go at least 15 minutes.

  2. Jay says:

    KB as you said let’s get to it. I am pumped for Wrestlemania 28 tomorrow night in Miami. Rock/Cena,Punk/Jericho,HIAC,Bryan/Sheamus,the 12-Man Tag,Orton/Kane,Big Show/Cody,etc. Even the possible Return of Brock Lesnar as has just re-signed a 1-year deal. Should be an Awesome night.