Wrestlemania #28: Team Teddy vs. Team Johnny

Thuggin N Buggin vs. REALLY FREAKING BORINGIn case you can’t remember, it’s Teddy with Santino (Captain)/Kofi/R-Truth/Booker T/Ryder/Khali vs. Johnny with Otunga (Captain)/Christian/McIntyre/Henry/Swagger/Miz.

This has basically been the fun team vs. the serious team.  The winner gets to control both shows and for the life of me I can’t imagine that Johnny’s boys go down here.  The talk on the shows would imply that Eve costs Ryder’s team the match.  On the other hand there’s a possibility that someone is going to turn (no idea who) and cost his team the match.  I’m surprised Alberto isn’t involved in this match but maybe he’ll interfere or something.  Either way though, I can’t imagine Teddy wins because Raw isn’t made for tag matches.



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  1. Jay says:

    I have just been feeling Team Teddy here and I just can’t see him going away. If Team Johnny loses I do see him sticking around in some capacity being annoying & begging for his job back.